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Refacing cabinets?

Refacing cabinets can be a real pain, particularly when it comes to making a perfect seam. The Fastedge Accurate Seaming Tool (FAST) lines up right where you need to make a seam for the perfect cut every time.

Lean at my Home Woodshop

Paul Aker always says the real litmus test for whether you get Lean is whether you do it at home. So he takes us on a tour of his home shop.

Do your tool drawers look like this?

Kaizen Foam is designed to help you achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace! Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for all your tools in drawers. Also available framed (Kaizen Foam Frame System) for walls.

Eye Mount Introduction

Lukas introduces the Eye Mount….an innovative design that holds your safety glasses wherever you need them.

For more information on FastCap’s Eye Mount, visit our website.

Do you love the Torx Drive Screw?

Paul Akers demonstrates the amazing power of the Powerhead Screw with Torx Drive.

For more information on FastCap’s PowerHead Screws, visit our website.

Take a tour of FastCap

Paul Akers provides the requirements for a tour of FastCap and also provides an updated tour of FastCap. Check out all our lean improvements!

Best Fence PRO Miter Saw Stand Review

“So in conclusion, is this stand perfect? I’ve never worked at one that is. However, after two years of use, I can tell you that it’s durable and operates just as well as the first day that I used it. It’s a vast improvement over any stand I’ve used in the past—especially a sawhorse and long planks! The Best Fence is a really nice jobsite stand that can help produce shop-like productivity and precision. I plan to continue using my Best Fence and will be ordering an extra 64-in. extension wing in the near future.” Press here to read the entire article by Scott Wells of This is Carpentry. Also, check out Scott’s video:

Want to save time on shop clean up?

The Remote Control Vacuum (RCV)
makes you more efficient by removing the need to walk back and forth to turn your vacuum on. Simply attach the remote to the end of your vacuum hose via the hook & loop strap and get ready to save time and money.

Got a tight space?

Do you have a small punch list? Do you have a tight staircase on the 3rd floor of a condo project? You need the Best Fence Quickie. All the accuracy of the original Best Fence in a small compact design that sets up in seconds and can negotiate the smallest hallways or tight, small areas with ease.

The Quick Mandrel to the rescue!

The Quick Mandrel, developed by a cabinetmaker, has a new quick release system that allows you to easily lock and quickly release your hole saw. Line up the pins and push into place with a simple twist to lock your hole saw. No screws, no threads, as fast as changing a bit in your screw gun!