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The Gift of Lean

Toyota decided against donating money and gave the gift of lean thinking! Check out the article.

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA

We watched this in our morning meeting. A personal all-time pet peeve!!!

5 in 1 Tool

Dave West, of Meadowview Construction, sent us this video showing a different use for FastCap’s Pocket Combo Putty Knife. For more information on this product, visit our website.

Toastmasters Lean

Mark Doyle sent us this video and said, “Last night I gave my first speech about learn to my Toastmasters club. It was tough but could not have been possible without your work. Thanks to you, I’m becoming a lean thinker. For example, in my morning routine, I have been able to shave 20 mins off my prep time thanks to c’leaning’ it up.”

Keep up the great work, Mark!

The American Innovator – Liker Leadership Institute Webinar – Lean Is Simple, Pt 2

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator continues his Liker Leadership Institute Webinar where he talks about how simple lean really is. If you learn to see waste, you have begun the journey.

For more information on Liker Leadership Institute, visit their website.

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Down From the Mountain

With the tragedy that happened in the Himalaya Mountains, we wanted to let you know that Paul is safe and down from the mountain. Our hearts go out to all those affected! To read more, press here.