Fitbit Charge HR Waterproof Test

Paul Akers tests out how waterproof is the Fitbit Charge HR. For more information on the Fitbit Charge HR, visit their website.

Traveling with DJI Phantom 3

Paul Akers demonstrates how he does air travels with DJI’s Phantom 3.

For more information on FastCap’s Inspire 1 Backpack, visit our website.

For more information on DJI’s Phantom 3, visit their website.

Kaizen Foam Cabinet Doors

Andy Glass, of Glass Impressions, shows us how to take back the lost wall space taken up by cabinets. He uses Fastcap’s Kaizen Foam, Long Nose Marker, & TriBlade Utility Knife to get the job done!

For more information on the products used in the video, go to these links:
Kaizen Foam
Long Nose Maker
TriBlade Utility Knife

Making a Guitar?

This video demonstrates a close up of FastCap’s Fret Nippers in action. If you work on guitars, you’re gonna love this tool! For more information on this product, visit our website.

Verne Harnish Interview

Paul Akers sits down with Verne Harnish at FORTUNE Leadership Summit 2015.

The American Innovator – Professor John Compton

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator, travels to Minneapolis, MN for the 2015 Continuous Improvement Conference. While there, he met Professor John Compton, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology and founder of Compton & Associates. Professor Compton had the privilege of working with Dr. Deming and discussed with Paul some of the things he learned from Dr. Deming.

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