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The Paulk Workbench got a mention in Woodshop News!

“And now for something completely different: the Paulk Workbench from FastCap (fastcap.com). This is basically a torsion box with holes in it — a very lightweight, very strong, beautifully engineered job-site bench that accommodates almost any power tool. It has built-in tool storage, a 20mm bench-dog hole system, and is made from multi-lam birch plywood. It comes with a couple of collapsible sawhorses, so the whole shebang can be toted on site by a single installer or finish carpenter. It works as an outfeed table, an assembly table, a milling and cutting center.”

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Do you use rapid prototyping?

Gary LeClerc, of Renew Furniture, sent us this video showing how they experimented making a drying rack using FastCap’s FastPipe.

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe, visit our website.

Drying Rack Pt 1

Drying Rack Pt 2

Fiat Chrysler Announcement

Fiat Chrysler announced that it will invest 1 billion in modernizing two Midwestern plants, which will create 2,000 new jobs and enable the production of the Dodge Ram pickup truck currently manufactured in Mexico. We discussed this in our Morning Meeting.

Do not settle for doors that won’t shut at the same level

euru-door-stop-1575x1050Don’t settle for doors that won’t shut at the same level. The Euro Door Stop makes your cabinets with inset doors look their best. Simply screw the Euro Door Stop inside your cabinet door and rotate to adjust until the faces are flush.

Patch it and forget it!


Patch it and forget it! The FastPatch is great for repairing rips in virtually any material. It also creates a watertight seal instantly in both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in small or large sizes for any size rip.

The new 2p-10 Mini Activator

Paul Akers discusses the new 2P-10 3.5oz Activator for a great price!

For more information on FastCap’s 2P-10 Activator, visit our website.

Need to stick something in its place?


SpeedTape is FastCap’s high performance ultra-bond adhesive in a peel and stick roll! Apply SpeedTape to almost anything you want to stick in place. Peel off the liner and stick it! If you have a peel and stick application, SpeedTape is the answer.

Need a Rolling Stand for the Best Fence Quickie?

Paul Akers discusses the Rolling Stand he made for FastCap’s Best Fence Quickie using FastCap’s FastPipe.

For more information on FastCap’s Best Fence Quickie, visit our website.

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe, visit our website.

Do you want to mount drawer faces quickly and easily?

The Kolbe Korner is a mounting bracket for shaker style drawer fronts. It allows for the drawer face to be mounted to the box easily, quickly and without hassle. Available in metal and nylon.



Need to pull together hardwood flooring?


The Jack of All Trades is great for lifting base cabinets to install shims or adjust leg levelers. Also use it as a clamp, lifting and installing entry doors, or use it horizontally to pull together hardwood flooring.