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New Miracle Latch Installation

Paul Akers demonstrated how to install FastCap’s Miracle Latch door catch. It’s a great way to add low profile latches to cabinet doors & drawers.

For more information on FastCap’s Miracle Latch visit our website.

Introducing the Mini Scribe

Paul Akers introduces FastCap’s Mini Scribe (the baby brother of the AccuScribe PRO). The design is amazing.

This product is not yet available, so if you are interested, please contract Sandi (sandi@nullfastcap.com).

Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award Winner!

Shingo-logoGeorge Trachilis, of Lean Leadership Institute Submitted 2 Second Lean for The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award. And it won! “2 Second Lean has joined a distinguished group of recipients that have demonstrated a commitment to promoting Operational Excellence through published works, and we are proud to add this publication to that elite group.”

“By design, the Shingo Awards represent the highest standard of excellence in the world. Not only do your efforts distinguish you as a member of an elite group doing world-class work, you are also changing the world and we are honored to have you with us on the journey.”

We loved their initial feedback!

New & Improved Jack of all Trades

Paul Akers introduces the new and improved Jack of All Trades. Check out the new design. You’re gonna love it!

For more information on FastCap’s Jack of All Trades, visit our website.

How To Build A Metal Lathe Stand

Johnny Brooke, of Crafted Magazine, sent us this video showing how to make build a metal lathe stand. Time to get busy!

For more information on FastCap’s GlüBot, visit our website.

PowerHead Screw Torque Test

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s decision to change the PowerHead Screw to the T20 Torques head and then he preforms a bit touque test (the bit comes with the screws).

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