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Paul on The Productivity Show


Paul’s interview on The Productivity Show just went live! Check it out to learn what businesses can do to tap into unused employee genius to improve their organization!

Keep your jobsite clean and your customers happy!

dust-barrier-door3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System

Fastcaps….the finishing touch to a professional job!


How to remove new tips from tip pack?

If you can’t figure out how to get the NewTip’s out the the packaging, watch this video. Pay attention, it goes quick 🙂

DIY Drawer Pulls

Johnny Brooke, of Crafted Magazine, sent us this video showing a great way to use up scrap wood in the shop. He used FastCap’s 10 Million Dollar Stick to keep safe!

Introducing FastCap’s MagBand

Lukas introduces FastCap’s MagBand…a quick magnetic attachment for easily organizing small objects.

For more information on FastCap’s MagBand, visit our website.

Kaizen Foam Inserts

Check out Kaizen Foam Inserts! My buddy, Brian Way, has custom fit FastCap’s Kaizen Foam for your toolbox. Paul

2P-10 Colorante de FastCap

Estos son los productos mas inovadores de la marca FastCap.
Donde algunos artículos tan simples te puede ayudar en una tarea muy grande haciendo este trabajo mas rápido y sencillo.

Puedes comprar estos artículos directamente desde nuestra pagina web que es www.fastcap.com donde hacemos envío a cualquier parte del mundo o también puedes encontrarlos con tu distribuidor autorizado en tu localidad.

2P-10 Colorante de FastCap

Kaizen Foam – Incredibly Rewarding

Brian provides an in depth review of FastCap’s Kaizen Foam. “Although time consuming, it is incredibly rewarding once you are done.”

Have you fixed sometime that bugs you today?

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, sent us this video showing how he used FastCap’s Kaizen Foam and SpeedTape to fix what bugs him.