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Rake N’ Hoe

FastCap Team members discuss the English Garden Series Rake N’ Hoe from Kaizen Garden. For more information on FastCap’s Rake N’ Hoe Family, visit our website.

Quick Mandrel

Lukas introduces FastCap’s Quick Mandrel, solving a lot of struggle with other hole saw mandrels.

For more information on FastCap’s Quick Mandrel, visit our website.

FastCap ProCarpenter Tape Measures

Paul Akers discusses the FastCap ProCarpenter Tape Measures. Our Tape Measures are developed with 7 innovative features: Lever action belt clip, Pencil sharpener, Dual locking system, Erasable notepad, Heavy-duty 1-inch blade, High-contrast tape and Rugged compact design. We also have a variety of blade styles.

For more information on FastCap’s PROCarpenter Tape Measures, visit our website.

Lean Conference Room

“Jay Ruth applied the principles of 2 second lean in our conference room today by installing our frequently used items into Kaizen Foam.”

The latest security tool for any roll up truck

tail-lock-1024x800The Tail Lock is a wireless locking system that allows you to simply close it, click it, and lock it. Recessed bolts secure the lock to the bottom of your truck quickly, easily, and are fully enclosed to prevent access when locked. Welded aluminum housing protects the wireless locking cylinder to prevent tampering. Additional safety feature allows you to open the lock even without power in case of emergency using the included custom tooling. Don’t be a statistic – or even risk becoming one!

Tri-Trimmer Overview

Introducing FastCap’s Tri Trimmer…an innovative new design that allows you to get tight into the corners when trimming veneers and edgebanding. Designed by a professional refacer to specifically address resurfacing face frames and awkward inside trimming. Use the single blade to get into small spaces and use the dual blades for long open runs.

For more information on FastCap’s Tri Trimmer, visit our website.

New Green Beam Laser


If you are tired of struggling to see the red beam lasers, those days are over. The new Green Beam Laser is self leveling and has sharp, crisp, and easy to see lines even when there is ambient lighting. Leveling cabinets, chair molding or installing towel rods has never been easier.

No More Uneven Bottoms!


The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife allows you to easily smooth the bottom of your cut out, no longer do you have to deal with any uneven bottoms. Simply turn the dial on the thermostat in between the two yellow colors and gently tap the hot knife down and all your cut outs will be smooth. Need some finger holes? Roll the hot knife at an angle and get the perfect finger hole every time!

Skins Gloves Update

Lukas discusses the new version of the Skins Glove: 13 gram nylon with a sandy Nitril coating…better grip and fully water and oil proof on the palm. This coating is only on our Skins Gloves, not our Skins HD Gloves.

For more information on FastCap’s Skins Gloves, visit our website.

Are you slow or fast?

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, sent us this video showing just how quick you will be with FastCap’s Power Mags for Screw Gun.