Quickly Apply Tape to Edge Banding

Paul Akers demonstrates how to quickly apply FastCap’s SpeedTape to edge banding using FastCap’s new SpeedTape Applicator. This product is not yet available on our website, so if you want it, contact sandi@nullfastcap.com. For more information on the other edge banding tools mentioned in the video, go to the following links:
Flush Cut Trimmers
Fastedge Clamps
Quad Trimmer

Caster Wheel Install

Paul Akers explains how easy it is to install FastCap’s 3″ Locking Caster into a FastPipe. The trick is locking the caster! For more information on this product, and the whole FastPipe family of products (flexible and efficient system to make any cart, desk or workstation to your exact specifications), visit our website.

Tape Measure Improvement

Paul Akers explains how they removed the 32nd of an inch mark from the first 12 inches of FastCap’s Old Standby Standard Tape Measure (PS series). Just one more way to fix what bugs you! For more information on our tape measures, go to this link.

Diopter Safety Glasses Trick

Paul Akers demonstrates how easy it is to have they Diopter at the top of your glasses instead of the bottom (for the occasional need) with FastCap’s CatEyes Safety Glasses. To learn more about this product, visit our website.

The American Innovator – Phantom First Flight

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator, walks us through how to set up and operate the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter along with additional tips and tricks. He also shows great scenery from San Diego and Mexico. It’s so easy, Paul’s Mom gets in on the act (more on that next week.)

For more information on DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+, visit their website.

For more information on The American Innovator, visit our website or Facebook.

For more information on lean, go to 2 Second Lean or Facebook.

For more information on FastCap, visit our website or Facebook.

To sign up to receive news regarding The American Innovator show, go to this link.

2014 New Product Round Up

Paul Akers walks us through FastCap’s New Products in 2014. Innovations like you have never seen because 95% of these product ideas come from you!

To learn more about these products, go to these links:
2P-10 RT (Rubber Toughened)
Shake Light – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
Screw Gun PowerMag – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
Adjustable Knuckle Bender – Available November, 2014
Burn One Tape Measure
3/4 x 2.5 Flush Grommet – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
10 Million Dollar Stick – Available November, 2014
The 11th Finger – Available October, 2014
Flexible Bristle – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
Quick Release Mandrel – Available November, 2014
Hoval – Available November, 2014
GlüBot (with Lanyard)
TracPad (3×3) – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order or go to this link for smaller size
3rd Hand Pipe Adapter – Available November, 2014
3rd Hand Panel Adapter – Available November, 2014
Fastedge Clamp (with 6×6 Foot)
LED SawHood Light – Available November, 2014
ChopShop Saw Hood PRO
Best Fence Systems
Packing Bumper – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
SpeedTape Applicator – contact sandi@nullfastcap.com to order
HD Stealth SpeedBrace
HD Dishwasher SpeedBrace
Zero Clearance Tape
KISS Drill Bit System
Eco-Friendly Paper Fastedge
2 Second Lean (3rd Edition)
2014 FastCap Catalog
Crown Control – Available November, 2014