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3rd Hand Game Changer





I thought you would be interested in seeing how I used your 3rd hand product to hang crown and other trim. Working by myself, I could not have done it any other way. Granted, it is not very elegant, but the plywood jig holds the crown at the EXACT sprint angle. I would have preferred to tap the end of the PVC cap and use a lock nut, but I have limited metric taps. I used an O-ring on the shaft to stabilize the plywood jig. I can immediately think of 5 things to make it more elegant and practical. I left the O-ring on the shaft and it served as a soft stop when releasing the top.

Thanks for your 3rd hand product, it was a game-changer for me!

Gary Peterson, SLO Tech Services

Bob Taylor at FastCap!

Paul Akers talks to the FastCap team about their once in a lifetime opportunity for the FastCap team to meet Bob Taylor!

For more information on Taylor Guitars, visit his website.

30+ 2 Second Lean Improvements

Paul Akers discusses the 30+ Lean improvements he and Robbie made to the garden and trash areas at FastCap.

Lean Backpack Sprayer

Robbie and Paul Akers work together on cleaning up the sprayer prep area and created a really cool Lean Backpack Sprayer. Nothing like fixing what bugs you and leaving it cleaner than you found it.

Kaizan Foam helps keep organized

Jeff Fox, a Machinist, sent us these pictures and said, “Using your foam and loving it. I traced all tools with your pen. I used a router attachment with Dremel tool, set depth for tools and cut away. Cut great and smooth. Recommend it for clean smooth cuts.

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website. For more information on FastCap’s Long Nose Maker, visit our website.





3rd Hands to the rescue!

Andy Gullion sent us this picture and said “Man I love these things…stabilizing a laminate side splash that had a bow.”


Want to expose yourself to others?

Kaizen Foam Hot Knife

Paul Akers demonstrated how to use FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Hot Knife. Now Kazin Foam cuts like butter!

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Hot Knife, visit our website.

FastCap Español YouTube Channel


Martin Chavarria does such a great job on all our Spanish videos. To check them out, go to FastCap Español YouTube Channel.

KPI FastCap’s Smiles?

Chris, while on a tour of FastCap suggested that we KPI our smiles at FastCap! Love that!!!