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Mail Call: Glue Bottle

Did you know FastCap’s GluBot is the only glue bottle Ron Paulk uses in his woodworking business.

Moving granite?

The Clip N Roll was designed to move sheets of #granite in tight quarters and narrow hallways with ease. Heavy duty ball bearing wheels allow you to move up to 500lbs slabs without any struggle.

Want a magnetic latch?

To quote Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, “This mini almost unnoticeable magnetic latch is a miracle. Easy to install and powerful.”

For more information on FastCap’s Miracle Latch visit our website.

Want to fix a door knob hole forever?

Paul Ricalde shows you how…and his talks what he likes about FastCap’s Quick Mandrel

Want the ultimate tool-less countertop connector?

Paul Akers discusses FastCap FlipBolt Countertop Connector and the improved FlipBolt Jig.

For more information on FastCap’s FlipBolt Countertop Connector, visit our website.

How does Toyota do it?

As an entrepreneur, manufacturer, author, speaker, and consultant I love questions? When people ask questions I know what they’re thinking. And if I know what they’re thinking, I have the best opportunity to help them whether it be on the shop floor in my manufacturing plant or consulting with companies around the world. Questions should come fast and furious and with as many as possible because that’s when the real learning occurs. To read more of Paul Akers’ article in the Lean Construction Blog, press here.

Peel & Stick Kanban Introduction

Paul Akers introduces us to FastCap’s Peel & Stick Kanban. Want a fast, simple & foolproof way to keep track of inventory?

For more information on FastCap’s Peel & Stick Kanbann, visit our website.

SafeCut Ruler is Ron Paulk’s Favorite!

Did you know the SafeCut Ruler is one of Ron Paulk’s favorite tools?

Utilizing QR Codes for Standard Processes

Paul Akers demonstrates how FastCap uses QR Codes to help standardize their processes.

SafeCut Ruler, Connector & Mouse

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, discusses FastCap’s SafeCut Ruler, SafeCut Connector & SafeCut Mouse during his “mail call”.