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When Woodworking Tools meet Gardening Tools

Paul Akers uses creativity and FastCap tools to make hedging fun and easy.

For more information on FastCap’s 3rd Hand HD, visit our website.

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No more struggling with zippers!

No more stopping, struggling or hassling with zippers! The 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System is a hands-free, self-closing door that you can use over and over again. Keep your jobsite clean and your customers happy.

Need your 3rd Hand to be free standing?

The 3rd Hand Tripod makes your 3rd Hand Family of products freestanding. No longer rely on a ceiling as a support! You can also get a Roller Top attachment which gives you everything you need to make a portable, modular roller for your table or chop saw.

Need to pull together hardwood flooring?


The Jack of All Trades is great for lifting base cabinets to install shims or adjust leg levelers. Also use it as a clamp, lifting and installing entry doors, or use it horizontally to pull together hardwood flooring.

Ron Paulk Mail Call

Each week Ron Paulk opens a package from FastCap and reviews what he finds.

For more information on FastCap’s 3rd Hand HD, visit our website.

Disposal Jack Low Profile

disposal-jack-low-profileNeed a hand? The Low Profile Disposal Jack gives you just that! It makes installing your garbage disposal so easy that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. The Low Profile Disposal Jack rests low, giving you much needed clearance in those tighter than usual spaces. It also gives you hands free support under the garbage disposal while you install it. And as a bonus, it stores easier than the Disposal Jack!

Jack of All Trades

Jack-of-all-tradesWith a load capacity of 200 lbs the Jack of All Trades gets the job done!

3rd Hand Game Changer





I thought you would be interested in seeing how I used your 3rd hand product to hang crown and other trim. Working by myself, I could not have done it any other way. Granted, it is not very elegant, but the plywood jig holds the crown at the EXACT sprint angle. I would have preferred to tap the end of the PVC cap and use a lock nut, but I have limited metric taps. I used an O-ring on the shaft to stabilize the plywood jig. I can immediately think of 5 things to make it more elegant and practical. I left the O-ring on the shaft and it served as a soft stop when releasing the top.

Thanks for your 3rd hand product, it was a game-changer for me!

Gary Peterson, SLO Tech Services

3rd Hands to the rescue!

Andy Gullion sent us this picture and said “Man I love these things…stabilizing a laminate side splash that had a bow.”