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When Lean Carpentry Meets Plumbing

Paul Akers and Ben help Lyle the plumber change over his tools to FastCap’s Flex Bag and Lyle loves it!

For more information on FastCap’s Flex Square Screw Bag, visit our website.

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

Kaizen Foam in the Kitchen

Patrick Molzahn sent us this video showing how he used Kaizen Foam to help organize his kitchen. Looking good!

Want a downdraft sanding table?

Paul responds to questions from his Home Shop video (https://youtu.be/TG6QMFexLwg) providing more information about how he built his downdraft sanding table.

For information on the FastCap tools discussed in this video:
Blind Nail System
Kaizen Foam

Happy Customers & Happy Feet!

Another 2 Second Lean improvement from Pitt Meadows Plumbing showing a super creative use of FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

Do your tool drawers look like this?

Kaizen Foam is designed to help you achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace! Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for all your tools in drawers. Also available framed (Kaizen Foam Frame System) for walls.

Lean Conference Room

“Jay Ruth applied the principles of 2 second lean in our conference room today by installing our frequently used items into Kaizen Foam.”

No More Uneven Bottoms!


The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife allows you to easily smooth the bottom of your cut out, no longer do you have to deal with any uneven bottoms. Simply turn the dial on the thermostat in between the two yellow colors and gently tap the hot knife down and all your cut outs will be smooth. Need some finger holes? Roll the hot knife at an angle and get the perfect finger hole every time!

Cool Lean Service Truck

Check out Brandon Odom super cool Lean Truck!

FastCap Products used:
Kaizen Foam
Holey PowerMags

Need to cut corners?

kaizen-knife-1200x1200Fastcap’s Kaizen Knife is the little brother to the TriBlade Utility Knife. Its unique design works great for cutting Kaizen Foam, and it includes a box cutter for tape and plastic. Now you will never be without a sharp knife.  Also check out our Kaizen Foam Hot Knife for more precise work.

Organize Your Tool Drawers with FastCap Kaizen Foam

finished-pliers-drawer-kaizen-foam-insert-fullThis cool image is from ToolGuyd. Check out what Tool Guyd has to say about FastCap’s Kaizen Foam