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Always losing your nails & screws?

Always losing your screws and bits? The ProHold will help you keep everything together! it features nine neodymium high performance magnets attached to a comfortable adjustable wrist strap.

Hold onto screws with ease!

The perfect combination of polarity, strength and shape to make our Tip Magnet the most powerful Tip Magnet you will ever use. Whether at the base of a 1″ tip or a 6″ extended tip, the magnetic transfer picks up and holds onto screws with ease.

MagBand to the rescue!

William Bailey fixes what bugs him by using a FastCap MagBand to keep his pen exactly where he needs it!

Always losing your screws and bits?

The Power Mags for Screw Gun will help you keep everything together! It features one large neodymium high performance magnet with a VHB Foam tape on the back to secure to your Screw Gun.

Fix What Bugs You

Sometime you just need a giant Fastcap & PowerMags to fix what bugs you! Obviously the guys at Renew Furniture have a lot of time on their hands 🙂

Dust Door Magnets

door-mag-1575x1050The Door Mag eliminates the need to buy expensive single use self-adhesive zippers. Our Door Mags easily create in and out access through any dust barrier wall by utilizing high performance neodymium magnets.

Need the ultimate magnet?

super-mag-1024x928The Super Mag is great for anytime you want to hold something to a metal surface. It is powered by 6 high-performance neodymium magnets encased in soft non-marring EVA. An extra long knob allows for quick placement and removal.

Mag Hook

maghookThe Mag Hook is a tool that helps you organize your work, office or home space. A 2″ magnet with an adjustable threaded hook, makes it easy to use and snap into any area you need. Never in your way, and always in place. Holds up to 15lbs!

Setting blade heights & depths

Want a easy way to set your blade height and fence spacing on your table saw or depth on drill press? FastCap’s Mag Shims are the answer!

Lean Hammer

Fernando sent us this video. Now that’s what I call a Lean Hammer!

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