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Archive for Organization

Just how handy is the MagBand?

Paul Akers uses FastCaps MagBand to keep the dry erase pens handy.

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Keep your trash bags handy!

Tyler reminds us about FastCap’s Trash Bag Holder and how handy it is for storing trash bags right where you need them. He also came up with a creative use for FastCap’s Pocket Peg to keep the bag securely in place.

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For more information on FastCap’s Pocket Peg visit our website.

MagBand to the rescue!

William Bailey fixes what bugs him by using a FastCap MagBand to keep his pen exactly where he needs it!

Box Clip





With the Box Clip you no longer have to worry about using packing tape or box knives. The Box Clip is reusable and easily clips on to any cardboard or paper box to keep box flaps either open or closed.

Reel It In

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords?

Introducing FastCap’s MagBand

Lukas introduces FastCap’s MagBand…a quick magnetic attachment for easily organizing small objects.

For more information on FastCap’s MagBand, visit our website.

Reel-It-In to the rescue!

The FastCap team demonstrates how much easier it is to use the new Reel-It-In from FastCap when reeling in an extension cord.

Reel-It-In Cord Organizer

Lukas Holland explains how to use FastCap’s new Reel-It-In which stops the hassle with jumbled cord reels.

For more information on FastCap’s Reel-It-In, visit our website.

Lean Buffing Cart

Joe Hinkens, of Mainline Autobody, sent us this video show Steve’s before/after of the Buffing Cart. Now that’s lean.

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Flex Backpack de FastCap

Flex Backpack es distinguida por se paneles de Kaizen Foam y numerosas bolsas Estos son los productos mas inovadores de la marca FastCap. Donde algunos artículos tan simples te puede ayudar en una tarea muy grande haciendo este trabajo mas rápido y sencillo. Puedes comprar estos artículos directamente desde nuestra pagina web que es www.fastcap.com donde hacemos envío a cualquier parte del mundo o también puedes encontrarlos con tu distribuidor autorizado en tu localidad. Flex Backpack de FastCap