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Archive for Small Hand Tools

SafeCut Ruler, Connector & Mouse

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, discusses FastCap’s SafeCut Ruler, SafeCut Connector & SafeCut Mouse during his “mail call”.

Need a fine finish on a woodworking project?

Paul Akers discusses how to use Artisan Accents pins from FastCap to finish woodworking projects.

Need razor sharp scissors?


Whether you are cutting wood veneer, laminate or lace, the Power Shears are the most incredible scissors you will ever use. Small and compact, yet razor sharp to cut through the toughest material.

Tools every carpenter uses, only better

Ron Paulk discovered an innovative take on some ordinary but necessary carpentry tools.

For more information on FastCap’s Pocket Chisel, visit our website.

Need a safe way to break blades?

blade-breaker-1050x1050The Blade Breaker is the safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades. Simply insert the dull blade through the steel slot and break it off. The dull blade drops into the Blade Breaker keeping you safe and your jobsite clean.

Need a 1″ wide head on your nippers?

Our End Nippers have a flush 1″ wide head that can be used for cutting fret wires, up to 3mm edge banding and a variety of other applications. Great for brass & copper or try our Fret Nippers for stainless steel or nickel.

Adjustable Knuckle Bender Demo

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Adjustable Knuckle Bender.

For more information on FastCap’s The Knuckle Bender, visit our website.

Need nails that don’t show?

Our Blind Nail Kit allows you to have an invisible mechanical connector. Simply insert the dual head nail into the set tool to set the nail, then tap the molding or wood into place on the other side. The Kit includes the Blind Nail Tool and Blind Nails.

Want to see FastCap’s version of a Utility Knife?

The TriBlade Utility Knife has a unique design allows for additional storage of 2 extra blades. The rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold and the retractable self-locking blade makes the it safe to use.

Works great with wood and PVC edgebanding!

The innovative Flush Cut Trimmer series will help stop the struggle, saving you time and money. They are the first tool you will pull out of your bag every time! The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers work great with wood and PVC edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018″-.025″.