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Mail Call: Glue Bottle

Did you know FastCap’s GluBot is the only glue bottle Ron Paulk uses in his woodworking business.

Want to fix a door knob hole forever?

Paul Ricalde shows you how…and his talks what he likes about FastCap’s Quick Mandrel

Utilizing QR Codes for Standard Processes

Paul Akers demonstrates how FastCap uses QR Codes to help standardize their processes.

SafeCut Ruler, Connector & Mouse

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, discusses FastCap’s SafeCut Ruler, SafeCut Connector & SafeCut Mouse during his “mail call”.

Kaizen Foam Tricks

David shows tricks he uses for cutting FastCap’s Kaizen Foam. Nothing like using a blowtorch! Ingenious!

Fix Door Knob Holes Forever

Paul Ricalde, of Paul’s Tool Box, made this video showing how to fix a door knob hole forever.

For more information on FastCap’s Quick Mandrel discussed in this video, visit our website.

FastPipe Assembly Tool

Dennis provides an overview of the FastPipe Assembly Tool. Stop the struggle when assemble FastCap’s FastPipe.

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe Connectors & Accessories, visit our website.

What is FastCap?

Paul Akers discusses what makes FastCap unique.

Fastcap’s 21 Principles – People and Things

Paul Akers discusses one of FastCap’s 21 principles called People and Things. Are you someone who takes responsibilities for more and more people and things?

For more all of FastCap’s morning meeting documents, go to this link and look under Lean Documents.

Get exact cuts every time!

Check out this nifty way to cut Kaizen Foam using Colex Sherpcut flatbed cutter and CNC software.