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Keep the screw heads clean on your cement forms


Our amazing MudHead System keeps the screw heads totally clean on your cement forms. The MudHead not only keeps your screw heads clean, but its bright color makes the screw heads easy to find, which saves valuable time in setup and teardown. PLUS, using MudHead in combination with our Powerhead Screws means your forms require less bracing than nails AND you need 30% less fasteners per job!

Got old utility blades?

blade-breaker-1050x1050The Blade Breaker is the safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades. Simply insert the dull blade through the steel slot and break it off. The dull blade drops into the Blade Breaker keeping you safe and your jobsite clean.

Need to brace column forms?

form-disc-775x1024Decrease setup time! Increase productivity! Our Form Discs can easily be altered for a custom fit for various manufacturers of column forms. Makes it simple to brace forms…and it’s reusable!

Quick Mandrel Review

Brian Way, of BP Way, sent us this video showing how he ran the Quick Mandrel through its paces.

Meet the Ballistic Apron Family

Paul Akers discusses the who Ballistic family. All of the aprons are made out of rugged ballistic nylon with self-healing hook & loop pockets.

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Be gentle on your expensive custom cabinets!

drawer-bumper-1014x1050The Drawer Bumper protects cabinet doors from unintentional marring from drawer pull-outs. They are made from a slick UHMW material that is gentle on doors. Peel & stick for instant installation or fasten them with a screw.

Ron Paulk Mail Call

Each week Ron Paulk opens a package from FastCap and reviews what he finds.

For more information on FastCap’s 10 Million Dollar Stick, visit our website.

New Green Beam Laser

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s new Laser which has a much easier to see GREEN beam!

For more information on FastCap’s Green Beam Laser, visit our website.

FastPipe Assembly Tool

Paul Akers demonstrated FastCap’s Fastpipe Assemble Tool. It’s magnetic and helps hold your fasteners in place. Assembling our Fastpipe just got easier!

For more information on FastCap’s Fastpipe, visit our website.

Why FastCap?

Paul Akers provides an overview of all the great innovative products at FastCap.

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