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Long Term ROI

Paul Akers discusses long term ROI for FastCap. Depends on how it support up creating a high quality, just in time product for our customers.

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!




Moving awkward cabinets?


Move awkward cabinets effortlessly with just one person. In just three easy steps you’ll be done! The Speed Dollie can be used by anyone for moving heavy awkward items that you just can’t move alone. No more calling for help with this one!

Need a Smart Cleat?

smart-cleat-1500x1024FastCap’s Smart Cleat eliminates the frustration of hanging panels using the traditional French cleat system. It allows you unlimited adjustment without shims and allows you to hang the panel only 3/16″ from the ceiling to eliminate excess trim.

Build v. Buy

You decide!

For more information on FastCap’s Paulk Workbench, visit our website.

FastBreak Sander


The FastBreak Sander allows you to uniformly break both edges on sharp melamine, edgebanding, and hardwood material in just one pass.

A Note from Paul to the FastCap Team

Hi FastCap Team,

I know many of you think I’m crazy and that it is impossible for each one of you to do twice as much, or double your productivity, but I promise you it’s not only possible, it’s easy. The best part is it does not mean that you’re going to have to work harder, but you will actually work with more ease, enjoyment, and satisfaction in the way you do your job.

– First step is you must fully understand the amount of waste that surrounds each one of us.

– Second step is you must apply lean principles to everything you do & every breath you take.

– Third step is each one of you must set a big hairy audacious goal … a seemingly impossible goal like doubling your productivity by March 1, 2017….


Need to cut corners?

kaizen-knife-1200x1200Fastcap’s Kaizen Knife is the little brother to the TriBlade Utility Knife. Its unique design works great for cutting Kaizen Foam, and it includes a box cutter for tape and plastic. Now you will never be without a sharp knife.  Also check out our Kaizen Foam Hot Knife for more precise work.

A rough-hewn hammer

artisan-hammer-1000x1333A rough-hewn hammer like those used by past artisans, FastCap’s Artisan Hammer is invaluable to have on hand for quick little projects on the job, at the shop, and in the house.

Need an instant drill guide?

layout-tape-1500x1000Layout Tape gives you an instant guide when drilling for adjustable shelving or hinge plates. Eliminate measuring mistakes!