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Lean: Laminator

A FastCap Team member discusses the use of Lean to improve use of the laminator.

Lean: Machining – Deflector Maxx Improvement

FastCap Team members demonstrate using lean to improve processes in the work area.

Lean: Simplified – 2P-10 Caddy

Corenia demonstrates how Lean helps with packaging the 2P-10 Caddy.

Lean: Learn To See Tour

Paul Akers takes the Bombardier Aerospace employees for a tour of the FastCap facilities.

Fastedge vs 3M

Paul Akers does a side by side test of FastCap’s FastEdge vs 3M. For more information about this product visit our website.

Improving Pallet Jack Usage with Lean

FastCap Team members discuss how Lean helps in organization and use of pallet jacks.

Lean Bathroom

Paul Akers discusses how they leaned out their bathroom at FastCap. For more information on Paul’s lean book, visit 2 Second Lean.

How to Straighten Wood with Fastedge

Paul Akers discusses how to straighten wood with FastCap’s FastEdge. For more information about this product visit our website.

Using Lean to improve Office Cabinets and Filing

FastCap team members use Lean to improve their office filing system.

Improving the Fastedge Table

FastCap Team members use Lean to improve the Fastedge work table.