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Keep your safety glasses right where you need them!

The Eye Mount has an innovative design that holds your safety glasses wherever you need them. Never struggle to practice safety…your safety glasses easily clip on clip off. The included VHB mounting adhesive allows you to stick it to any surface or you can install it with screws as well.

Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System which has the same precision and quality as our Best Fence Bench Mount System. The difference? The Quickie Mounts are much less expensive and perfect for a small workshop.

Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System

Need an adjustable washer?

The Izzy Skirt Washer is the first skirt washer to offer full adjustability when installing table tops. Simply install the Izzy washers on the base and screw in the corners to get the exact fit you want.

Got a nick in your wood floor?


Soft Wax Kit is a great way to fill holes in finished woodwork! The refillable kit comes with 20 blendable colors, a wax wedge and a buffing pad. The hard shell case keeps the wax where you want it, when you want it.


Hold onto screws with ease!

The perfect combination of polarity, strength and shape to make our Tip Magnet the most powerful Tip Magnet you will ever use. Whether at the base of a 1″ tip or a 6″ extended tip, the magnetic transfer picks up and holds onto screws with ease.

Turn of the century craftsmanship with the tap of a hammer!

Turn of the century craftsmanship with the tap of a hammer. FastCap’s Mortise Tool allows you to counter-sink Artisan Accents for a completely professional Greene & Greene look in seconds.

11th Finger Improvement

Lukas explains the updates we have done to our The 11th Finger push stick. We’re always looking to improve!

Want a highly modular & mobile fence system?

The Best Fence system was designed from the ground up to give you shop level accuracy in the field. This highly modular system is easy to set up, transport and allow you to dial in your miter or chop saw for exact cuts every single time.

Fix Doors with SpeedTape

“Hey Paul, been waiting for the opportunity to show you this. I just installed 14 doors in a customer’s house and wanted to show you how easy it is to fix an otherwise time consuming and pain in the ass problem by using Speed Tape and some ridgid foam. I made 10 of these and it took 5 minutes to install per door as opposed to hours with glue and clamps and cutting the wood to fit. Its fast-easy and it doesn’t come apart. Thanks, Mark”

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How to Cap Almost Any Screw

Paul Akers discusses the best ways to cover screw holes.

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