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Why is being precise so important to the Japanese?

We discussed this in our morning meeting today.

FastCap’s Label System

Paul responds to questions from his Home Shop video (https://youtu.be/TG6QMFexLwg) providing more information about FastCap Labels.

For more information on these products, go to these links:
Erasable Kaizen Labels
Fastcaps (various sized labels)

Paulk Workbench Review

Check out what Robert Robillard of A Concord Carpenter had to say about FastCap’s Paulk Workbench.

“I started out thinking that I was going to simply write a review on this table and move on. I was impressed with the quality and flexible features of this table that it is going to become my new assembly / outfeed table for my shop.” Press here to read the whole article.

Want a downdraft sanding table?

Paul responds to questions from his Home Shop video (https://youtu.be/TG6QMFexLwg) providing more information about how he built his downdraft sanding table.

For information on the FastCap tools discussed in this video:
Blind Nail System
Kaizen Foam

Will Fastedge work on metal?

Paul Akers demonstrated how to install FastCap’s Fastedge on metal.

For more information on FastCap’s Fastedge, visit our website.

ChopSaw Saw Hood post modification

Paul Akers discusses a solution for the making our ChopShop Saw Hood arms fit snugly into the accessory hole in the back of the saw…particularly the DeWalt.

For more information on FastCap’s ChopShop Saw Hoods, visit our website.

Happy Customers & Happy Feet!

Another 2 Second Lean improvement from Pitt Meadows Plumbing showing a super creative use of FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

Refacing cabinets?

Refacing cabinets can be a real pain, particularly when it comes to making a perfect seam. The Fastedge Accurate Seaming Tool (FAST) lines up right where you need to make a seam for the perfect cut every time.

Lean at my Home Woodshop

Paul Aker always says the real litmus test for whether you get Lean is whether you do it at home. So he takes us on a tour of his home shop.

Do your tool drawers look like this?

Kaizen Foam is designed to help you achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace! Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for all your tools in drawers. Also available framed (Kaizen Foam Frame System) for walls.