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What is FastCap?

Paul Akers discusses what makes FastCap unique.

Fastcap’s 21 Principles – People and Things

Paul Akers discusses one of FastCap’s 21 principles called People and Things. Are you someone who takes responsibilities for more and more people and things?

For more all of FastCap’s morning meeting documents, go to this link and look under Lean Documents.

Get exact cuts every time!

Check out this nifty way to cut Kaizen Foam using Colex Sherpcut flatbed cutter and CNC software.

Tired of trying to evenly space drawer guides?

Tired of trying to evenly space drawer guides and keep them parallel when mounting them? The Miller FastBlock replaces the commonly used “block of wood” with an adjustable drawer guide mounting system. Simply hold the Miller FastBlock on the back side of the face frame, adjust the block flush with the edge of the face frame and mount to the back of the drawer guide. You can also use two Miller FastBlock’s per side to adjust drawer guides for pull-outs.

Meet your new go-to marker!

The Long Nose Maker solves all your tricky layout problems. It has a 1-1/8″ long fine point tip for marking inside holes and along walls while the other end has a wide tip for general use. Permanent & waterproof, it will be your go-to marker for any job. Comes in gold, silver, and black!

Relax, we can handle it!

With 1,000 lbs. load capacity per pair (on 16″ centers), our SpeedBrace gets to job done! The heart of the SpeedBrace is the 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ notching system that makes for fast and easy alignment after installing a level cleat along the wall. 1,000 lbs. load capacity per pair (on 16″ centers). Perfect for your shelves, countertops & workstation.

Need a 1″ wide head on your nippers?

Our End Nippers have a flush 1″ wide head that can be used for cutting fret wires, up to 3mm edge banding and a variety of other applications. Great for brass & copper or try our Fret Nippers for stainless steel or nickel.

Stop the Struggle with 2P-10

Hi Paul,

I was building some door casings and was tired of having to struggle to get the glue out of the bottle. Now I leave it in the hole on my original Paulk workbench ( 1 year old).

Stopping the struggle.

Just live 2P-10. Changed how I do mouldings.

Steve Clark

Fastcap Founder Paul Akers – A Bellingham Innovator

“Whatcom County is home to a number of highly successful entrepreneurs who are quietly and methodically doing massive transactions with national and international partners every day. One of them is Paul Akers, the dynamic man behind FastCap, which operates from a 50,000-square-foot facility on Ferndale’s Pacific Highway.”

Press here to read the entire article by Lauren Kramer of BE in Bellingham.

Want it to stay put?

Traction Dots can be applied to anything you want to stay put and not damage furniture or delicate surfaces. The rubber is flexible with tiny treads on the surface for super grip on the smoothest materials.