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The 25' metric/standard is one of my favorite tapes

by Dan

I have been using a metric/standard tape for quite some time now and my only real complaint is that I've had it so long some of the molded rubber has cracked off. I used sugru to patch it which works and sticks very well. I had a flat back some years ago but found the spring too strong and never really got into using it...but this one is a real go-to for me. It's resistance to crimping has been good in my daily use for at least 3 years. The tape feels about as smooth as when it was new. I have never used the pencil sharpener and nearly never use the scratch pad - but I really like the belt clip and the stand out. There are some FastCap products that I love and some that I'm not so crazy about...this is one that I really love.

Glad you love it, Dan!

Nothing is better than two for one!

by Phil Ross

Hi Paul, just wanted to say Thank You, for that great deal on the scratched spring clamps. Nothing is better than two for one! I am a high end painting contractor in the Boston area. I have been at It, for forty five or six years. I have been wood working since the early 90s, still a better finisher than furniture builder but, I love it. Your company is a great provider of quality products, in an age of, let's face it, just junk.
Those clamps are so strong the old man has trouble opening them, they may be stronger than an F clamp. So again, thanks for great products, your speedy delivery and great service that, I admire so much.

Amazing, Incredible Lean Tour

by Pierre

I wanted to thanks you for this amazing, incredible "Lean Tour" (not "Tour about Lean"!). Mamie and you did a fantastic job for putting everything together. The all tour was seamless, intense, very educative, mind blowing.....The group was great (everybody humble), everyone could share their challenges, experiences and eventually helping each other.Everywhere we went to, there was something to take. During this trip I collected so much informations and have seen so many different processes.I can tell you, I came back to the U.S with a different way to look at what is around me. Of course, I will spent my energy on focusing to improve Snapcab. As you know, we already have a great leadership with Glenn,Joe,Caleb and everybody around. But it is still a daily challenge for continuous improvement and creativity. With all the visits and your teaching, I have a lot more tools to work with.Also, you inspired me to make changes (kaizen) in my community, school, neighborhood ...(I already started with my wife and my 2 girls).Many times during the tour you said "Japan is all about QUALITY ", I agree and I won't argue it. But I believe, to get to their level of quality (of life and products), we have to start by respected each other better, respected the environment better, respected the material better....Thanks again Paul for mentored (mentoring) this "life changing tour".

Long Nose Marker Helpful

by Bill Jameson

Great marker to use with Kaizen foam. Would rate it 5 stars however the marker runs out quickly.

Response: Sorry you are having issues with our marker. I do have some tips to share with you to get the ink to last longer, occasionally there are problems with the long nose side drying out when there is still ink left. If your long nose tip is not working, but the large tip on the other end still has ink, there are two things you can try. This 90 second Video shows both of the methods you can try to get the ink flowing again. ​ It that doesn't work, contact Sandi (sandi@nullfastcap.com) for a replacement.

Wow! someone was thinking.

by Ken Conroy

I did not even catch the whole micro adjuster thing. The FlushMount Drill Bit System takes the whole PowerHead screw idea from good to awesome. Perfect depth every time... It is a must have in your drill box if you use these type of fasteners.

Response: Love hearing this. Thanks, Ken!

by Allen Fisher

11th Finger: I just wanted to thank you for the free gift you of the 11th Finger when you had that promotion. Last night it paid for itself and then some. It lay in pieces on the floor, but I had all 10 of mine. Still not sure as to what I did/didn't do, but there was a loud sound, plastic and magnets flying. My only complaint to date has been the housing for the magnets, but from the looks of things you have made improvements to that area. Thanks again for a great product and for it's great sacrifice.
Allen Fisher

Response: So glad your fingers are safe, Allen!!!

Knuckle Bender

by Jarrett Holmes

Works great, very impressed. I'm a finish carpenter and we hang a lot of doors on our site (residential)this beats taping and using my slip joint pliers, ordering another one to keep in my truck just in case. Thanks Fast Cap 🙂

Response: Super! Thanks Jarrett.

Quick Mandrel Review

by Paul Ricalde

Paul Ricalde, of Paul's Tool Box checked out FastCap's Quick Mandrel and said, "I've never used a mandrel that I have liked as much as this one". Press here to watch the video.

Kaizen Foam Review

by Cody

It cuts easy and seems to be pretty resistant to quite a few things. I haven't been able to really in depthly try it out the resistances. But I'm very pleased with this product. Only flaw is you can't put as much stuff in the drawers but everything is completely organized makes it easier to find stuff and know if something is missing. I'm quite happy. Very happy with customer support from this company. Great company to deal with I definitely recommend this product if you want nicely organized drawers and I highly recommend dealing with fastcap. Thank you again for a great product.

Best tape measure to buy?

by Chuck Thunderburg

Chuck Thunderburg reviews FastCap's ProCarpenter Tape Measure. Press here to watch his video.

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