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by Allen Fisher

11th Finger: I just wanted to thank you for the free gift you of the 11th Finger when you had that promotion. Last night it paid for itself and then some. It lay in pieces on the floor, but I had all 10 of mine. Still not sure as to what I did/didn't do, but there was a loud sound, plastic and magnets flying. My only complaint to date has been the housing for the magnets, but from the looks of things you have made improvements to that area. Thanks again for a great product and for it's great sacrifice.
Allen Fisher

Response: So glad your fingers are safe, Allen!!!

Knuckle Bender

by Jarrett Holmes

Works great, very impressed. I'm a finish carpenter and we hang a lot of doors on our site (residential)this beats taping and using my slip joint pliers, ordering another one to keep in my truck just in case. Thanks Fast Cap 🙂

Response: Super! Thanks Jarrett.

Quick Mandrel Review

by Paul Ricalde

Paul Ricalde, of Paul's Tool Box checked out FastCap's Quick Mandrel and said, "I've never used a mandrel that I have liked as much as this one". Press here to watch the video.

Kaizen Foam Review

by Cody

It cuts easy and seems to be pretty resistant to quite a few things. I haven't been able to really in depthly try it out the resistances. But I'm very pleased with this product. Only flaw is you can't put as much stuff in the drawers but everything is completely organized makes it easier to find stuff and know if something is missing. I'm quite happy. Very happy with customer support from this company. Great company to deal with I definitely recommend this product if you want nicely organized drawers and I highly recommend dealing with fastcap. Thank you again for a great product.

Best tape measure to buy?

by Chuck Thunderburg

Chuck Thunderburg reviews FastCap's ProCarpenter Tape Measure. Press here to watch his video.

Quick Mandrel Review

by Rob and Phil from Tool Box Buzz

Rob and Phil from Tool Box Buzz review FastCap's Quick Mandrel. Press here to watch their video.

I bought my first FastCap tape measure a couple of years ago and have been in love ever since.

by Charles Thornburg

Hi Paul
My name is Charles Thornburg and I have a small but shameless request to make. I am in the process of starting a woodworking class for kids 6 and up and I’m afraid that my tape measure supply is dangerously low. I bought my first FastCap tape measure a couple of years ago and have been in love ever since. It’s the yellow one with both standard and metric measurements. I think they are quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented, and no, I haven’t forgotten about the personal computer or the polio vaccine. My wife, children, friends, and family have all grown weary of the way I constantly talk about the FastCaps superior design features, pleasing ergonomics, and its more than reasonable price. (woefully underpriced in my opinion) Thus we arrive at my humble request. While reading this please try to picture a bearded, roughly 40 year old man holding his hat in his hand with his eyes downcast, looking slightly ashamed but determined to succeed. I would like to request a medium size box full of free tape measures to aid me in my efforts in molding the next generations young supple minds towards a vigorous love of woodworking. Much like a crack dealer I will get the students hooked on your product by letting them have their first few FastCap experiences for free. Then later when they are hopelessly addicted I will deny them access to the tape measure they have grown to love, thus forcing them to purchase one for themselves. I anticipate that you will see a very sharp increase in your sales within the year if my request is granted. Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope you have a great day.
Charles Thornburg

Response: Charles, You are a passionate person with a great goal to educate children.... of course we will send you the tape measures.... and anything else you need for your program. Just email Sandi@nullfastcap.com or thomas@nullfadtcsp.com and they can help you out. I read your request to Paul (he is my husband) and he Loved it! I'm sure the kids will love learning about woodworking from you! Leanne

Hey Chuck I absolutely loved your email. I was laughing on the floor. I'm going to do a segment about the fact that we judge the quality of our company by whether or not people rave about us and I want to use your email in that presentation! Paul

My weekend was then shot!

by Dr Will Wyatt

I'm going to apply this across the board, at home and at work. I do have a few questions:

First: Although I totally get the power of the 2 Second concept and have already started putting it to good use, there are still a few things both at home and my office which would benefit from a Kaizen event type approach. I don't mean an all day thing as complex as you describe, but maybe a couple hours each. And there aren't too many, just 2 or 3 processes at each place I'd like to really rework from top to bottom. The videos on your site are great and may be all I need. (Haven't seen them all yet. LOVED the one with you and Megan working on the packaging for the glue. She was so cute with her enthusiasm for the process and all the little improvements.) Where can I find out more about Kaizen, some book or online seminar/video that's as pithy and succinct as your books are? I just need something simple so we can work on all of a few processes?

Second: I know enough about KanBan to be dangerous, using small signs and sign boards, but looking at the examples in your videos tells me I need to know a LOT more. Where can I find out more of the details of that subject? For example, in my mid-sized dental office, I have several hundred things to track in inventory, (hopefully to be reduced a bit soon), also, I've been using a KanBan to track tasks I've delegated to my employees, plus those I've committed to doing myself. (We call that the Action List Kanban). Where can I find out more about KanBan systems, again, something that's doesn't get too "academic", just good, practical, use-it-tomorrow kind of stuff?

Last question, about a tour: I'm not a CEO of a big factory, only having 6 employees. I've already started making before-and-after videos; getting to 50 will NOT be a problem. Can small business people such as myself qualify for the tour? Looks like I'll be able to meet all the other criteria, being as I AM the President of my PLLC and all.

Anyway, thanks for your time and all you're doing.

Will Wyatt.

PS, your story in Lean Health is absolutely inspiring. I'm 61 and have felt like I needed to spend all of my life overweight and out-of-shape. Talk to me in 6-12 months about that and we'll see. I want to go from my current 244 down to 180 or so, depending on how much muscle I put back on. Like you, I'm 5'10" and until the last couple years weighed around 220. Perhaps on one of the aforementioned factory tours I'll be able to show some improvement?

PPS: I got a chuckle at the funny irony of two your home Lean examples from the first book, that of the Splenda/Cinnamon mix, and of the butter brush, though each great examples, they're about things you no longer eat. [😉]

Response: Hey Will, amazing! You had me cracking up from start to finish. Here is a link to a great Kanban video.

Fastcap Quick Mandrel for Hole Saws Review

by Kenny Koehler of Pro Tool Reviews

"It doesn’t seem like it’s terribly strong at first glance. After a few uses, it didn’t show the slightest hint of budging. Better yet, it was just as easy to take off, even after going at it with some larger hole saw that required more torque." Kenny Koehler

Press here to read the entire review.

I own this, I use it regularly, it works!

by Jeff Wallace

Re: Quick Mandrel

I have used this a number of times and it is a great high speed, low drag contribution to my hole saw kit. I haven't used it on anything bigger than 1 1/2" yet, but I don't expect there will be any difference, as all of the torque is on the pins and this is well made.

Response: Thanks Jeff!

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