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Great tour!

by Doug Barrows

My wife and I had a Great tour of your facility on Friday. Dennis and Brady were very informative and generous with their time. Very thought provoking and inspiring on numerous fronts. I am in process of writing up summary for McCarthy’s Lean team which is challenging as there is so much to report on. Some key takeaways I wanted to share with you:

· Your facility is amazingly clean and organized. My wife Cathie has seen many manufacturing facilities when she used to sell freight services and she says Fastcap was by far the best manufacturing facility she has ever seen.
· The application of Lean techniques and employee participation is everywhere.
· Your product line is really cool and I did not realize before the tour how Fastcap really focusses on building and developing Lean products (duh ). I took lots of brochures back with me.
· Soliciting new product ideas from the general public and clients is brilliant.
· We liked Liberty.

After reading Lean Health on the flight home, I believe that the foundation of a Lean organization starts with healthy employees and leaders. I plan to push this idea forward with McCarthy and work towards helping create a healthy and balanced work environment for everyone.

The Lean summary of my first Fastcap tour is Unconditional Giving.

Thanks again and have a great trip. Keep in touch.


EyeBudz are a Great Product

by Rob Rosen

For the first time I have my safety glasses and hearing protection on me and am not looking for them. Simple idea with a great outcome.

10 Million Dollar Stick

by Gus Cannon

After seeing Izzy Swan advertise the 10 Million Dollar Stick, I ordered one and it performed as advertised. Somehow, the little round rubber discs came off and I just sent a letter to Fastcap asking for a replacement rubber disc. Much to my surprise, they sent me a brand new 10 Million Dollar Stick without charge. What a surprise to see old time customer service. I've purchased several other items from Fastcap and they all work and perform as advertised. Five stars without a doubt.

Response: Thanks Gus, we love hearing that!!!

High quality Magnets

by Omar Guerrero

I have recently become a magnet junkie and purchased 2 -3/4x3/8 power mags. These things are extremely strong. I have 6- 1.26x3/8 N52 Mags I got off of amazon which supposedly has a 75lb rating and I can pull them apart with a little bit of effort. The smaller less powerful fastcap powermag I cannot pull apart without the assistance of the corner of my workbench. 1 of these powermags effortlessly holds my #5 Stanley Jack Plane upside down against my air cleaner (just for testing purposes) very good product. Thank you Fastcap

We are beyond grateful

by Emily Gonzales (Boser)

To the FastCap Team:

First off, thank you so very much for taking the time to demonstrate 10+ years of 2-Second Lean implementations in the works! We are beyond grateful to have been able to witness all of you working together for the betterment of each individual.

We racked our brains trying to think of some crazy item or edible we could send your team that would rightly show the value we gained from experiencing your culture. While we do have a note headed to you in the mail from our team, we finally agreed the best way to express our gratitude was to simply tell you.

It's not much, but I hope it portrays the impact that you all are having on others, both people and businesses. Keep on pioneering Lean in the creative ways we saw first hand, you all are truly an inspiration.

Thank You : From ER2 video

We hope to keep in touch and look forward to our Lean Journeys intertwining again!

Thanks, Emily Gonzales (Boser), ER2

Very handy

by Omar Guerrero

Very very handy. I did a job last week about 40 minutes away from the nearest hardware store. I had a minor fit when I realized the shims I had purchased stayed behind in the shop. I had the fastshim with me and I quickly cut up some stock making my own. I Love it, will never buy shims again

Couldn't believe how great it worked!!

by Mark

Hi Paul, you may remember me,I'm the guy you sent the hinge nuckle adjuster to ( and I'm still waiting on the larger 4"version).I am not only a forty year remodeler who has and just as of yesterday am still using your great products-I am an avid modeler of cars,planes,ships etc.Through sheer frustration of trying to glue on windshields on cars and canopies on airplanes only to have a mess almost everytime I tried a1/32"piece of fast edge(I had the roll sitting on my shelf that I just put edge banding on with) and couldn't believe how great it worked!!No mess at all!If you happen to screw it up it comes off easily and you just cut another piece!I've been experimenting with this for awhile and it works great, so great! that I did a demonstration at our model club and everybody loved it!They got the name and phone # off of the tape and I'm sure will be ordering some soon...Thanks,Mark

I felt like a kid in a candy store

by Omar

Paul I have to give credit where credit is due my friend. I am very impressed by every person I interacted with left a lasting impression. Going through your site I felt like a kid in a candy store. Really great products at a fair price. I'm so excited I finally get to try the best fence as an extension on my MFT and hopefully in the next few weeks I will outfit my miter saw. Keep up the good work. It's really a pleasure dealing with you and your team and keeps me from having buyers remorse.

You guys are seriously on point

by Omar

My order was placed about 1/2 hour ago and I already received a voicemail from Thomas who noticed I ordered two left Kapex mounts and wanted to confirm I had not made an error. I did order two lefts but am very impressed he took the time to make sure it was done on purpose. You guys are seriously on point

Kaizen Foam Incredibly Rewarding

by Brian

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