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Wonderful Tools

Oct 12, 2014 by Brian Atkinson

FastCap, you all make wonderful products. I thought I owned a couple tools made by FastCap. After visiting you site, I have learned that 3rd Hand jacks that I love, are also made by fastcap. They are a great tools that have helped and will continue to help me for years. Keep making great tools and products. Thanks, Brian

Response: Thanks Brian! Always nice to hear!

Best Fence

Sep 06, 2014 by Mark Thoeny

I bought a best fence pro 4 about 16 months ago and this is probably the best thing I have ever bought. I haven't seen another one like it down here. When I roll it out on a job site people just stare and get tool envy. I had one guy say man that thing looks like a piece of military hardware, where did you get that thing and how much did it cost? I told Fast Cap in the good old USA. I said it seems expensive when you first look at it but once you use it you'll be like how did I live without this thing for so long. I guess I'm saying I love this thing and I'm glad people like you are building products like this. Keep it up and I'll keep on buying.

Response: Tool Envy!!!! Love that Mark!!!! Thanks for sharing this. Mind if we post it on the review page for the Best Fence? Paul

Client loving Kaizen Foam!

Aug 13, 2014 by Bruce Ennis

My client is loving this kaizen foam! They're starting to realize work is more enjoyable, more fun when there is orderliness. It’s less tiring… just like living in a beautifully clean home vs. living in a pig sty.

Best customer service bar none!

Aug 04, 2014 by Steve

I used to think that all online retailers were judged against the customer service provided by Amazon.com; that was until I dealt with FastCap today. I have never before experienced the quality of service and degree of kindness that I received today. I don't know if Mr. Akers ever reads these comments, but if he does can I just say that Jon Lussier's actions today just earned your company a life long patron and I will make it my personal crusade to pass the word to anyone willing to listen that FastCap stands head and shoulders above the heap of online retailers not just in the quality of the products they offer but in the quality of human beings they choose to employ. Bravo!

Response: Hi Steve: You just made my day. And I do read each and every comment. whether it be social media, our blog, etc. Your opinion is very important to me...and to everyone at FastCap!!! I will pass your kind words on to Jon and our whole team. Our hope is that all our customers have an experience that is comparable to yours. Thanks, Paul Akers

phenomenal work!

May 12, 2014 by Shawn R. Gross

Just wanted to say I’ve watched a couple videos on your new facility and it is amazing. You and your team are doing phenomenal work! I know you’re never done, but your work continues to inspire. Please make sure your team knows that the efforts you put into the process every day are inspiring people here in Pennsylvania. I know the recipe for success requires excellent leadership and an excellent team. You guys ROCK and make me proud of American Manufacturing and what is capable of being done in this country.

Keep up the excellent work. You are a role model for me!


Shawn R. Gross
Engineering & Materials Manager
Viking Plastics

Response: Thanks Shawn! You just made my day!!! Paul

best fence paid for itself

Apr 29, 2014 by Daniel A Steel

Dear Paul,

My company specializes in large production trim carpentry projects. A month ago I was very disappointed to discover that the "saw Helper" brand went out of business. I searched the web and found the best fence system and I have very happily received one. I am proud to tell you that the best fence paid for itself in one day on the job. I am advocating this product to my local building supply companies and I would be happy to help market this product. We are planning on purchasing a second one next month and a third one by august. I would be very interested in helping you market the product as well as potentially marketing some of my own ideas. Thank you for developing such great products.


Daniel A Steel
Owner Steel Woodworking LLC

Response: That\'s so cool. Thanks Daniel!!! Paul

A Rare Company

Mar 03, 2014 by Randy Ollmann

This is not a review of a product but of a company. I have been in the building construction trade forty some years and like to build things for myself from the foundation through the finish work. I am not a cabinet person but like to make my own cabinets now and then. Recently I was building cabinets and used FastCap Peel and Stick edging. When it came time to stain the cabinet the edge band would not take a stain. On Saturday afternoon I E-mailed FastCap hoping to get a response on Monday with some ideas of what I was doing wrong. With in 20 minute I a received a phone call from FastCap and not from the Technical Service but from Paul the President of FastCap. We spent the rest of Saturday discussion what could be the problem. Paul even when out and bought the same stain I was using. He made a sample with the edging and the product work fine for him. The out come was the edge band sent was a finish edging and what was ordered and labeled was unfinished edging. I was to verify with a cabinet maker friend of mine that the edging received was actually finished. The next day verification was received and a I left a message with Paul. Again not expecting a follow up I received a phone call Sunday evening from Paul informing me that they would make good on my order. They did so and then some. In my opinion FastCap is a very rare company who goes out of their way to service their customers. In my years of the building construction there has been only one other company who had this same policy service toward their customers. And a few companies did not even honor their contracts they signed. Again hats off to FastCap.

Response: Hi Randy: well we are lucky to have customers like you who gracefully point out our mistakes and allow us the opportunity to make good on them. It is a joy to serve people like you. Thanks for all your kind words. Paul

iPole Mini

Dec 07, 2013 by Bishop Kevin Allen

Just a quick note, the iPole Mini enabled me to post interviews to the web from the world conference in Nairobi Kenya I recently attended. It is a great tool for ministry. Here is a picture of being caught in the act.


Response: So cool. Thanks for sharing!

2P-10 has revolutionized my work

Nov 20, 2013 by Allen Wiggins

Your 2P-10 has revolutionized my work. A local moulding a sheet goods company recently started carrying it. I told them they should start carrying more of your products like fast edge, measuring tapes, glue bott... They said they are going to look into it. Currently I order most of my fastcap stuff directly from you guys or from lewis and company. It would be great if they started carrying more fastcap products.

Response: Hi Alan you were so kind and I appreciate you sending me this very encouraging email. Thanks for all the positivity and for promoting our products. Paul

Excellent Customer Service

Nov 15, 2013 by Kevin McCleskey

I just wanted to Rave about the customer service that I received form FastCap. I had a chisel that broke. I got online to find out about how to get a replacement, gave my info, and had a new chisel the next day. You guys ROCK! Thanks for all the great products and for keeping me going! I look forward to using more of your products as I discover them! Keep it up!

Response: I am sorry the chisel broke, but I am glad you are happy with FastCap customer service! Paul

FastCap 360-752-2138 3725 Irongate Road Bellingham WA, 98226 USA 4.8 5.0 53 53 FastCap, you all make wonderful products. I thought I owned a couple tools made by FastCap. After visiting you site, I have learned that 3rd Hand jacks that I love, are also made b