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Best tape measure to buy?

by Chuck Thunderburg

Chuck Thunderburg reviews FastCap's ProCarpenter Tape Measure. Press here to watch his video.

Quick Mandrel Review

by Rob and Phil from Tool Box Buzz

Rob and Phil from Tool Box Buzz review FastCap's Quick Mandrel. Press here to watch their video.

I bought my first FastCap tape measure a couple of years ago and have been in love ever since.

by Charles Thornburg

Hi Paul
My name is Charles Thornburg and I have a small but shameless request to make. I am in the process of starting a woodworking class for kids 6 and up and I’m afraid that my tape measure supply is dangerously low. I bought my first FastCap tape measure a couple of years ago and have been in love ever since. It’s the yellow one with both standard and metric measurements. I think they are quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented, and no, I haven’t forgotten about the personal computer or the polio vaccine. My wife, children, friends, and family have all grown weary of the way I constantly talk about the FastCaps superior design features, pleasing ergonomics, and its more than reasonable price. (woefully underpriced in my opinion) Thus we arrive at my humble request. While reading this please try to picture a bearded, roughly 40 year old man holding his hat in his hand with his eyes downcast, looking slightly ashamed but determined to succeed. I would like to request a medium size box full of free tape measures to aid me in my efforts in molding the next generations young supple minds towards a vigorous love of woodworking. Much like a crack dealer I will get the students hooked on your product by letting them have their first few FastCap experiences for free. Then later when they are hopelessly addicted I will deny them access to the tape measure they have grown to love, thus forcing them to purchase one for themselves. I anticipate that you will see a very sharp increase in your sales within the year if my request is granted. Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope you have a great day.
Charles Thornburg

Response: Charles, You are a passionate person with a great goal to educate children.... of course we will send you the tape measures.... and anything else you need for your program. Just email Sandi@nullfastcap.com or thomas@nullfadtcsp.com and they can help you out. I read your request to Paul (he is my husband) and he Loved it! I'm sure the kids will love learning about woodworking from you! Leanne

Hey Chuck I absolutely loved your email. I was laughing on the floor. I'm going to do a segment about the fact that we judge the quality of our company by whether or not people rave about us and I want to use your email in that presentation! Paul

Fastcap Quick Mandrel for Hole Saws Review

by Kenny Koehler of Pro Tool Reviews

"It doesn’t seem like it’s terribly strong at first glance. After a few uses, it didn’t show the slightest hint of budging. Better yet, it was just as easy to take off, even after going at it with some larger hole saw that required more torque." Kenny Koehler

Press here to read the entire review.

I own this, I use it regularly, it works!

by Jeff Wallace

Re: Quick Mandrel

I have used this a number of times and it is a great high speed, low drag contribution to my hole saw kit. I haven't used it on anything bigger than 1 1/2" yet, but I don't expect there will be any difference, as all of the torque is on the pins and this is well made.

Response: Thanks Jeff!


by Sandie Howe

Hi Folks,

I would like to take a moment and praise one of your employees, Thomas. I placed an online order Feb 24th and did not receive the item. I phoned your business yesterday and Thomas answered. He was very polite, apologetic and offered to replace the item with expedited shipping at no cost to me. He said that his records showed that the items were delivered March 1 and were left on the front porch. I continued to assure him that we did not receive our order…..and thought perhaps I should check on our front porch. Well, there sat our order and mail by our front door. We live quite remote and rarely use our “front” door, as there is a gate and many stairs to arrive there.

This young man, Thomas, was attentive, polite, patient and kind. I would like to commend your company on its EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you for having a “real” human answer your phones and it was a pleasure, mixed with some embarrassment on my end, to speak with Thomas. He is an asset to your company.

Thank you again for your outstanding customer service. We will continue to shop at Fastcap for future needs.

Please give Thomas a big hug and a raise!!

Sandie Howe
DeMar Custom Builders

Response: Hi Sandie, I am so appreciative that you took the time to write...

Thomas is a superstar along with all of our people. We have taught our team that we are nothing without our customer and we must deeply respect them and treat them like gold at all times. I am so happy that you felt this coming through. Our people have the authority to take care of our customers no questions asked. They do not have to get permission from management to do anything....just take care of the customer and if you do this you will be taken care of, first the customer second us. I will share your wonderful words with Thomas and the rest of our team.


Incredible products

by Mike Gerges

Hello Paul and Sandi!
I don't know if you remember me but about a year ago you generously made a donation to our makerspace (SSH: Chicago) here in Chicago Illinois! Well, it's been a year so I wanted to reach out to tell you just how much we've enjoyed your incredible products over the past year, and just how much they've helped! I've also got some exciting news to share, that SSH: Chicago will have a booth at the up coming Chicago Maker Faire put on by Make Magazine. This is the first year this event is coming to Chicago and we're really excited we'll get to be there. If it's ok, we'd love to list you among our sponsors while we're there! Mike

awesome company

by Timothy Groleau

Hey Paul,

I just wanted to write you and say what an awesome company you have. I discovered you from watching Izzy Swan YouTube videos, (the KISS drill bit system and Kaizen foam are awesome) and through his videos I came across your facility walk through video. Absolutely amazing environment. I love the standup desks, the organization, and the dogs at work! What could be better. I just wanted to write you and tell you what you are doing is amazing and I am sure your customers appreciate your company and I know your employees appreciate you! Great work, Paul.

A big fan of what you do,

Timothy Groleau


by Brian @ Workshop Addict

"The beauty of this product is that is it a great addition for anyone who uses hole saws. It allows for a quick hole saw change or it allows the saw to be removed for easy core removal." To read the whole article or watch the video, press here.

Just can't say enough about your Fastcap business

by Mr. Ed

Hi Paul,

Just can't say enough about your Fastcap business. I received the 3rd hand stand with the adapter for the stands with Thomas help on the adapters. Also helping find your video on how to add the adapter to the 3rd Hand pole.

Such a great business for professional customer service and care when ordering. Very pleased that I found your site and look for more purchases from you, also will pass your site on to many of my friends.

Sure could roll model your company and staff on Customer Service how should be. Today I see and here from so many of the irritation of doing business with company because of poor Customer Service, but not so with Fastcap. Awesome service with great products and staff so helpful.

Thank you,
Mr. Ed

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