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So impressed with the Little Lipper

by Jack Krantz

I've been building kitchens & other builtins for 40 years or so and have always liked solid wood edge banding. I've tried many techniques for flush trimming the edge banding but have never been happy. This gadget is great! I have it mounted on a PC laminate trimmer with a carbide spiral ball bearing bit. I wish I thought of it! Thanks to the designer & fastcap it works great! I don't do reviews but this is the best inexpensive tool I've found in a long time.

Paulk Workbench

by Henry

The best bench there is and really worht the price.

Response: Thanks Henry!

Awesome, but could be better

by Mark Richards

I have the standard reverse, and a story pole tape measure. Both are great for measuring. They are super accurate, easy to use. The large clip make it super easy to grab the end of a board. And the unsupported reach is amazing. I have 2 minor issues with them 1. you can't use it for inside measurement. The back edge of the tape is rounded, so you can't put it into a corner and add the width of the body. That makes it hard to use sometimes. 2. the pencil sharpener won't work with the fat boy pencil that fastcap makes. DUH!!!

Response: Thanks. FYI: the FatBoy Pencil works perfect with the pencil sharpener. You just need to extend the lead out so it fits in there.

I was amazed!

by Margrét Edda Ragnarsdóttir

Dear FastCap team,

Thank you so much for bearing with me for a whole day, giving your precious time to answer my questions and allowing me to watch you work. My expectations were high for this visit and to tell you the truth you guys met them all and so much more.

I was amazed by every single one of you and this amazing culture that you are all a part of.

What I enjoyed the most was talking to you guys, about you, your work and the improvements you had done or were working on.

To sum it up every one of you gave me the wow factor!

Paul and Leanne you are so lucky to have all these amazing people on your team.

Keep on doing what you are doing, inspiring everyone who looks and listens, that is priceless!

Your friend from Iceland


I think you guys make some awesome and incredibly useful products

by Shane Wishon

Hi Paul, first thanks for sending the catalog. You guys have more products then I knew about. Also just wanted you to know that I think you guys make some awesome and incredibly useful products. I have a bunch of them already and am planing on buying a bunch more of them. Love the third hand and the skate. You tape measures are the best (I have 4 different ones and each is very useful in its own right) I tell everyone that I see and work with that they need to get one of them. Looking to buy a set of upper hands when I find them but it's looking like I may need to order them directly from your website. Anyways just wanted you to know that I think your products are awesome and keep up the great work and ideas. PS gonna be investing in your jack of all trades very soon.
Thanks again,
Shane Wishon

Great tour!

by Doug Barrows

My wife and I had a Great tour of your facility on Friday. Dennis and Brady were very informative and generous with their time. Very thought provoking and inspiring on numerous fronts. I am in process of writing up summary for McCarthy’s Lean team which is challenging as there is so much to report on. Some key takeaways I wanted to share with you:

· Your facility is amazingly clean and organized. My wife Cathie has seen many manufacturing facilities when she used to sell freight services and she says Fastcap was by far the best manufacturing facility she has ever seen.
· The application of Lean techniques and employee participation is everywhere.
· Your product line is really cool and I did not realize before the tour how Fastcap really focusses on building and developing Lean products (duh ). I took lots of brochures back with me.
· Soliciting new product ideas from the general public and clients is brilliant.
· We liked Liberty.

After reading Lean Health on the flight home, I believe that the foundation of a Lean organization starts with healthy employees and leaders. I plan to push this idea forward with McCarthy and work towards helping create a healthy and balanced work environment for everyone.

The Lean summary of my first Fastcap tour is Unconditional Giving.

Thanks again and have a great trip. Keep in touch.


Miter saw improvements to the Best Fence Bench Mount System

by RRP

I love this system. I think there is still room for continuous improvement. This system needs to help out those who constantly make 45 degree miter cuts and need a great way to measure there material. Look at the Clearmount Miter saw fence and design a similar measuring system for the 45 degree miter cuts. Those are the hardest to measure and cut.

Response: Good idea!

EyeBudz are a Great Product

by Rob Rosen

For the first time I have my safety glasses and hearing protection on me and am not looking for them. Simple idea with a great outcome.

10 Million Dollar Stick

by Gus Cannon

After seeing Izzy Swan advertise the 10 Million Dollar Stick, I ordered one and it performed as advertised. Somehow, the little round rubber discs came off and I just sent a letter to Fastcap asking for a replacement rubber disc. Much to my surprise, they sent me a brand new 10 Million Dollar Stick without charge. What a surprise to see old time customer service. I've purchased several other items from Fastcap and they all work and perform as advertised. Five stars without a doubt.

Response: Thanks Gus, we love hearing that!!!

High quality Magnets

by Omar Guerrero

I have recently become a magnet junkie and purchased 2 -3/4x3/8 power mags. These things are extremely strong. I have 6- 1.26x3/8 N52 Mags I got off of amazon which supposedly has a 75lb rating and I can pull them apart with a little bit of effort. The smaller less powerful fastcap powermag I cannot pull apart without the assistance of the corner of my workbench. 1 of these powermags effortlessly holds my #5 Stanley Jack Plane upside down against my air cleaner (just for testing purposes) very good product. Thank you Fastcap

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