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Rave Review!

by Annie Maberry

Hey Paul!

Just had a rave review for you!! My husband and I are renovating the inside of our rv and bought new vinyl plank flooring to put down! Well that "sticky" adhesive on the back wouldn't stick to the cleanest, smoothest or most Level surface if its life depended on it. SO I dug through some old boxes and found 2 small 2p-10 thick adhesive bottles and hadn't forgotten my Fastcap days of getting my fingers stuck together with it so SURELY that would hold it down. And just like that a few lines on each piece and that floor isn't going anywhere! We went a lot product happy at the beginning and ran out much to fast so I'll be ordering more but just wanted to tell you thanks for making a product so awesome! My husband is in construction and does all sorts of projects, and hasn't ever used it. You have a fan for life now. I'm still very proud to have been a member of your team!! Hope all is well there in Washington.


Response: Great to hear from you Annie!!!

Love your products

by Jason Knollman


Love your products. Use them every day with my remodeling business and as you know, they save me time and money.

I use the upper hand almost daily doing engineered marble and granite showers.

It appears the bag they come in has ample room to hold 4 poles. I'm curious if it's possible to get a bag that holds all 8 bases in the same way it holds 4 now. 4 on one side and 4 on another. I'd gladly buy another couple sets or just the bags if that were an option.Thanks for your time

Jason Knollman

Response: Thanks Jason. We'll make you a custom bag!

SpeedTape Needs Improvement

by Jeff

When no other option is available, I'll reluctantly reach for this. I use it to make screw caps (with the cap punch kit) and instances where my glue pot automatic edgebander cannot process, such as curved edges. I find the adhesive to be very rubbery, to a point of gooey. You can easily shift the edge banding sideways with moderate pressure, even after allowing several days of "cure" time. Would like to see it improved, as the concept is solid. Heat activation or more of a pressure sensitivity so it could bond more solidly... here's hoping.

Response: Sorry to hear that. The reason you are experiencing that is because you were not rolling it on and applying adequate pressure. You are leaving a 5.5 mill coating of adhesive standing proud on top of the material. When you roll it in with sufficient pressure the glue penetrate into the pores and fibers thereby bonding it solid. Paul

Miracle Latch

by Scott Johnson

Wow, this is an effective magnetic latch. Better than traditional plastic ones and easy install. Suggest pre drilling screw holes. Great product. Thanks.

So impressed with the Little Lipper

by Jack Krantz

I've been building kitchens & other builtins for 40 years or so and have always liked solid wood edge banding. I've tried many techniques for flush trimming the edge banding but have never been happy. This gadget is great! I have it mounted on a PC laminate trimmer with a carbide spiral ball bearing bit. I wish I thought of it! Thanks to the designer & fastcap it works great! I don't do reviews but this is the best inexpensive tool I've found in a long time.


by Derrick Whitfield

Hey Paul!

I received my first piece of Kaizen Foam today and I LOVE IT!

I convinced my boss to let me put together a prototype to show him the benefits of Kaizen Foam (Everything has a place and everything is in its place). It looks amazing and the before and after comparison is night and day!

I just wanted to extend a thank you for the knowledge that you share and the fires that you ignite inside people's minds. You have changed the way I look at EVERYTHING.

Derrick Whitfield
Branch Inventory Coordinator
Scholastic Book Fairs - Dallas 104

Paulk Workbench

by Henry

The best bench there is and really worht the price.

Response: Thanks Henry!

Awesome, but could be better

by Mark Richards

I have the standard reverse, and a story pole tape measure. Both are great for measuring. They are super accurate, easy to use. The large clip make it super easy to grab the end of a board. And the unsupported reach is amazing. I have 2 minor issues with them 1. you can't use it for inside measurement. The back edge of the tape is rounded, so you can't put it into a corner and add the width of the body. That makes it hard to use sometimes. 2. the pencil sharpener won't work with the fat boy pencil that fastcap makes. DUH!!!

Response: Thanks. FYI: the FatBoy Pencil works perfect with the pencil sharpener. You just need to extend the lead out so it fits in there.

I was amazed!

by Margrét Edda Ragnarsdóttir

Dear FastCap team,

Thank you so much for bearing with me for a whole day, giving your precious time to answer my questions and allowing me to watch you work. My expectations were high for this visit and to tell you the truth you guys met them all and so much more.

I was amazed by every single one of you and this amazing culture that you are all a part of.

What I enjoyed the most was talking to you guys, about you, your work and the improvements you had done or were working on.

To sum it up every one of you gave me the wow factor!

Paul and Leanne you are so lucky to have all these amazing people on your team.

Keep on doing what you are doing, inspiring everyone who looks and listens, that is priceless!

Your friend from Iceland


I think you guys make some awesome and incredibly useful products

by Shane Wishon

Hi Paul, first thanks for sending the catalog. You guys have more products then I knew about. Also just wanted you to know that I think you guys make some awesome and incredibly useful products. I have a bunch of them already and am planing on buying a bunch more of them. Love the third hand and the skate. You tape measures are the best (I have 4 different ones and each is very useful in its own right) I tell everyone that I see and work with that they need to get one of them. Looking to buy a set of upper hands when I find them but it's looking like I may need to order them directly from your website. Anyways just wanted you to know that I think your products are awesome and keep up the great work and ideas. PS gonna be investing in your jack of all trades very soon.
Thanks again,
Shane Wishon

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