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Wonderful Tools

Oct 12, 2014 by Brian Atkinson

FastCap, you all make wonderful products. I thought I owned a couple tools made by FastCap. After visiting you site, I have learned that 3rd Hand jacks that I love, are also made by fastcap. They are a great tools that have helped and will continue to help me for years. Keep making great tools and products. Thanks, Brian

Response: Thanks Brian! Always nice to hear!

Best Fence

Sep 06, 2014 by Mark Thoeny

I bought a best fence pro 4 about 16 months ago and this is probably the best thing I have ever bought. I haven't seen another one like it down here. When I roll it out on a job site people just stare and get tool envy. I had one guy say man that thing looks like a piece of military hardware, where did you get that thing and how much did it cost? I told Fast Cap in the good old USA. I said it seems expensive when you first look at it but once you use it you'll be like how did I live without this thing for so long. I guess I'm saying I love this thing and I'm glad people like you are building products like this. Keep it up and I'll keep on buying.

Response: Tool Envy!!!! Love that Mark!!!! Thanks for sharing this. Mind if we post it on the review page for the Best Fence? Paul

Client loving Kaizen Foam!

Aug 13, 2014 by Bruce Ennis

My client is loving this kaizen foam! They're starting to realize work is more enjoyable, more fun when there is orderliness. It’s less tiring… just like living in a beautifully clean home vs. living in a pig sty.

Best things that has happened to my shop in a long time!

Aug 06, 2014 by Frank Burger

Hey Paul, I already bought one of these from you and I love it! This is one of the best things that has happened to my shop in a long time. Sometimes it's the little things that can really make your shop time more enjoyable, and RCV is definitely one of those. Thanks for continuing to produce innovative and useful products!

Response: We love hearing this!

Best customer service bar none!

Aug 04, 2014 by Steve

I used to think that all online retailers were judged against the customer service provided by Amazon.com; that was until I dealt with FastCap today. I have never before experienced the quality of service and degree of kindness that I received today. I don't know if Mr. Akers ever reads these comments, but if he does can I just say that Jon Lussier's actions today just earned your company a life long patron and I will make it my personal crusade to pass the word to anyone willing to listen that FastCap stands head and shoulders above the heap of online retailers not just in the quality of the products they offer but in the quality of human beings they choose to employ. Bravo!

Response: Hi Steve: You just made my day. And I do read each and every comment. whether it be social media, our blog, etc. Your opinion is very important to me...and to everyone at FastCap!!! I will pass your kind words on to Jon and our whole team. Our hope is that all our customers have an experience that is comparable to yours. Thanks, Paul Akers

Followed Fastcap for years

Jun 11, 2014 by Gary Thurston

Paul, I\'ve known and followed Fastcap for years and always associate great, Innovative products when I see your name. I recently made my first purchase….I-Pole mini and love it. Well, during my purchase I reluctantly signed up for your 2 second lean emails (who needs more emails….right) anyway I love-em! You have inspired me to shoot my own videos for my China trips. We source wood products from China and said, OMG what a great way to show US customers or the China factory owner / workers problems issues etc.. your videos are entertaining and convey valuable information…..you are a natural and are always keep it moving …..short and concise. Love-\'em Thanks Paul, oh, BTW just watched your facility tour and you’re right….it is an Amazing place! Regards, Gary Thurston, Specified Components Company

Response: Hi Gary, this is perhaps one of the nicest emails I\'ve ever received. I appreciate what it is you\'re Seeing! We all worked very hard to add value for customers our valuable customers. It\'s so fantastic that you see that and gratifying that we are achieving the goal!!! Paul


Jun 09, 2014 by Jon Kerr

Paul, I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for having me involved in your company tour. You and your team are truly remarkable! You have built an amazing company, and I truly feel blessed to have been able to come and expand my knowledge, as well as learning to build a lean company culture! I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future! Take care! Sincerely, Jon

Response: Thanks so much Jon!

above and beyond

May 16, 2014 by Tim Bayer

...in regards to Sandy in customer service. I feel she did work above and beyond. I had computer issues while placing an order and had to log back in and place the order for the second time. The order ended up duplicated at your facility and instead of just shipping and saying \"oh well\" she called and confirmed with me. Top notch… She had also helped me with a billing issue, that got my accounting department off my back which I think we can all relate to as a great thing.

Response: Sandi is the best! We love hearing that!

amazing way you handled my problem

May 13, 2014 by Stefan

Dear Paul,
I wish to thank you for the amazing way you handled my problem with 2P-10 and my Festool sanding pad.
I also wish to thank you for sending me the 2P-10 caddy and glue. That was above and beyond the call of duty.
As we discussed in our phone conversation, I think what you’ve done with Fast Cap is amazing.

I particularly appreciate how affordable you make your products. In viewing your product pricing structure I could see right away that you keep our needs above excessive profits alone.

I watched your video and thought it was interesting that you went into teaching early in your career. I am 49 years old and am currently getting my masters degree in education. I’m planning to teaching shop and art to high school students.

Thank you again, Stefan

Response: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to solve your problem!

Thanks for the Video

May 13, 2014 by E. Keith Williams

Paul, Thanks for the Video and what a great product [Zero Clearance Tape]. I can see using that on the Table Saw as well. You guys are great and I'm so glad I found you. If I weren't so old, I'd love to work for you. I've always loved the creative approach to problem solving. "Turning the airplane upside down" as it was said to me once.

Response: Wow Edwin! We are so happy you are happy with our company. It is our goal for customers to rave about us!
All the Best, Paul

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