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Love your products!

by Michael Kish

Hello Paul

just wanted to send a pic of the glubot I use about 40-50 a day We have a custom car audio shop in Edgewater Florida called Migraine Kustoms and ever since I introduced the glubot to the shop they have ordered 3 more we love them Keep up the great work. Love your products!

Best Regards

-Michael Kish


I can't believe the quick response!

by Leo

OMG, I can't believe the quick response! Thank you....I tell everyone about your company! I check in on Fastcap all the time.
Thank you, Leo

I tell all my woodworking friends they need to look at your products

by Stan

Paul I am constantly impressed by your company, the quality products, lean manufacturing and the way you conduct business. I retired 4 years ago from the wireless industry and was in a sales and marketing capacity and reached VP level, if I had been aware of Fastcap during my working career I would be aggressively pursuing a career with your team.

I'm sure I will be ordering more products from Fastcap and I tell all my woodworking friends they need to look at your products.

Best regards,


Dust Door

by Andy

Showed the dust door video i made to other contractors.. Now they are buying them.

Then, yesterday on a sale, I showed a prospect how we manage dust and access with a fastcap dust door .

It sets me apart from my competition.

Best Fence Mag Power Strip Mount

by Dave West

We love the power strip and find it works great with the steel leg sawhorses. Use it every day. Way better than bending over 20 times

Makes a cheap saw usable

by Dave McGhee

I'm a hobbyist woodworker on a shoestring budget who dreams of someday having a Kapex miter saw in my shop. But for now I have to settle for my 10" sliding miter saw from Harbor Freight. Yeah I know I could get better results from a hand saw or just break the board in two, but this is what I have to work with on my budget. Aside from throwing away the stock blade and putting on a new thin kerf 80 tooth blade I was still getting chipout. So I picked up a package of the Zero Clearance Tape at my local woodworking store and made my saw usable. I couldn't believe the different a piece of pvc tape could make. Together with the new quality blade and the Zero Clearance Tape I have made the crappiest saw actually usable. The chipout is gone, and the cut is smooth. I even have a reference point to line my work up with since my saw does not have a laser. Just add the tape, make a cut and now I have an exact reference of where the blade will be. And the price is awesome, 5 tapes for $5 bucks. I highly recommend you try this product if you are getting tear out. I have a Porter Cable table saw that had a weird plate that I have placed a Zero Clearance Tape over to keep the small stuff from falling through during cuts. Works nice, but I needed to sand the edges of the tape to keep the board from catching, but I think this is going to work just fine over time. One of these days I'll have a better saw but I know this product will be on that saw for sure. Thank you Fastcap for a great easy solution to my budget woes. This woodworker is a happy customer.

Thanks Dave! So glad it is working great for you!

Truly impressed

by Stewart


A few weeks ago I called for some help with some SpeedBraces for my kitchen project. I was dumbfounded that your wife answered the phone. She was so kind, sweet and helpful. And when I needed additional technical help I was transferred to you, who helped me out (along with one of your guys who texted me a video of you explaining how the braces work, etc). Great work; great customer service. I was truly, truly impressed...Thanks,

I will always recommend FastCap.

by Gregory Campbell

To whom it may concern:

I have ordered multiple times from FastCap and had the privilege of dealing with Paul directly. The service is top notch and the people take care of any concerns you may have quickly. This company is truly one of a kind and everything in general has been a fantastic experience, Thanks FastCap.

Gregory Campbell

Thanks Gregory. Means a lot to me. Paul

Thanks $1 mil

by Jarod Boen

Want to say thanks for the 11th finger push stick. My brother just lost his finger two months after my first request. He told me about his ordeal and quickly responded to your email. Now I'm using it all the time instead of risking it. Thanks $1 mil. Your company is rad. Say hi to bob ferik From my family. The boens.

You guys Amazing in my book!

by Izzy Swan

...I cant even tell you how impressed i am with FastCap coming from a manufacturing/consulting background in the furniture production industry I have never seen a response time this fast in my life to a new concept. You guys Amazing in my book!
Let go with it..

Paul thanks for making this happen very cool, cant wait to share it with the world..

Izzy Swan

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