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Paulk Workbnch

by Douglas Frey

I bought the Paulk Workbench drawings a few years ago and planned on making a work bench myself but never got around to it. When I found out that I could purchase one I did and have been using it for a few months. It's fairly manageable and I enjoy using it as a project table during my remodels. I've also had time to use it for cabinet box assembly and an all purpose work table. I find it much more useful than a door slab or a plywood top on saw horses. Eventually I will build a shop and anticipate on using one there as well. I highly recommend it.

Response: Thanks Douglas!

Still not perfect...

by Stephen Pursell

I've used the glubot for well over a year, and thought it works as advertised, mine developed a problem that makes it almost useless. The flexible washer under the fill cap no longer functions properly. It won't completely seal and as a result, glue comes out of the spout as well as the top. And that causes another problem. The top can be very difficult to remove when it's time to add more glue. I don't know if I got a bad seal or if it needs to be redesigned (thicker maybe), but I stopped using my globot.

Response: Sorry to hear that Stephen. Please contact Sandi (sandi@ fastcap.com) for a replacement.

Gluebot Rocks

by Jim Hanrahan

The Gluebot is a fantastic tool. I purchased the 16oz and Baby bots just over a year ago and they have worked great. They really help keep my work space neater. No Glue drips all over the place. I would have given 5 stars except the 16oz just had a hole open up in one of the seams and won't hold pressure to squeeze the glue out. But I like it so much I am buying another one.

Response: Contact Sandi (sandi@ fastcap.com) and she will send you a replacement!

Mag Shims

by Wally Marshall

If you are looking for a fast and convenient way to set the depth of you tools, look no farther. And the magnets means they stay where you put them. The accuracy is outstanding as well. Better than the old brass bars. Fantastic product.

Response: Thanks Wally!

Pocket chisel

by Wally Marshall

Outstanding tool. Very compact when folded to protect the edge. Easily fits in my work apron pouch and does not fall out as a standard chisel always did. I now will not have holes in the bottom of my pouch either. You can hammer away on the handle and it will take it. Holds an edge very well, especially since it is well protected. The different colors makes it easy to pick the right chisel you need for your work piece. Great, great product.

Response: Thanks Wally. Love hearing this!

Speed Tape

by Wally Marshall

I use the speed tape for making jigs, it works exceptionally well and is fast and easy to work with. The holding power is exceptional as well. Another great product by Fast Cap.

Thanks! Would love to see a video!

Your rolling desk inspired me

by Mark W. Richards

Hi Paul,

Ordered and read 2 second lean on Sunday. Awesome book. Had our first meeting yesterday. Lot's of crossed arms and rolled eyes. Was a little worried last night when I left and wrote as much in my journal.

But today went a lot better. I think we'll be killing it in a couple of months. #8 on your Muda list was the key I needed to pay attention to.

And your rolling desk inspired me. Check this out!

Should be rolling all over the place by tomorrow.

Also ordered a bunch of castors as well. Everything is going on wheels.

Next project is the bathroom. Our guys theme for this is we are going to "3S the Shit Out of the Bathroom".

Thanks for making lean fun! I'm a true fan of you, your company and your work.


Zero Clearance Tape

by Wally Marshall

Another amazing product. took all of 45 seconds to install. End result is a safer work area, as the small pieces no longer fall into the groove of the miter saw. It is now very easy to line up the blade with the cut line, saves time. Just another outstanding Fast cap product.

Response: Cool!


by Wally Marshall

What a remarkable tool. Easy to use and no more glue drip, plugged tips, excess glue from too large of a tip. Cannot say enough about Fast Cap products for making the job easier, safer, less stressful and time saving.

Response: We love hearing this, too! Thanks for taking the time to share!

10 Million Dollar Stick

by Wally Marshall

This is an absolutely wonder full product. I use it daily in my shop. I think back now and wonder how I kept from injuring myself the way I used to cut small pieces on the chop saw. I now am able to cut small pieces more easily and certainly more safely. worth more than 10 Million dollars. (Priceless)

Response: Love hearing this. Thanks Wally!

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