Thumbnail Title Product Category Date Plays
Developing Lean Leaders Summit Welcome--Speaking Events03-18-2017143
100th Video & Website LaunchLean FarmsLean03-16-201734
Hog Panel ImprovementLean FarmsLean03-07-2017157
Greeting American Chamber of Commerce--Speaking Events03-06-2017148
Lean SwimingLean OrganizationsLean03-04-2017290
Kaizen Foam in the KitchenLean HomesLean02-23-201770
FastCap's Label SystemKaizen LabelLean Resources02-22-2017877
Favorite 2 Second ImprovementsLean HomesLean02-21-2017612
Keep Going!Lean FarmsLean02-21-201759
Dave ScottLean HealthLean02-21-2017315
Lean Footwear!Kaizen FoamLean Resources02-20-201764
Japan Study Mission May 23 - 27, 2017--Speaking Events02-17-2017257
Lean at my Home WoodshopLean HomesLean02-15-20171240
Lean KeysLean HomesLean02-15-2017470
FastCap Lean Tour 2.0Lean FastCapLean02-14-2017581
With Colex Sherpcut flatbed cutterKaizen FoamLean Resources02-12-201711
XL Construction Greeting--Speaking Events02-10-2017134
Global Lean Leadership Summit Greeting--Speaking Events02-09-2017177
AEE Greeting - Indianapolis--Speaking Events02-09-201775
YPO Grand Rapids Greeting--Speaking Events02-09-201773
CME Winnipeg Greeting--Speaking Events02-09-2017102
Lean in the Lou II (YPO), St Louis Greeting--Speaking Events02-09-201794
Thomas Jefferson LeanLean HomesLean02-08-201761
Mounting a sanding diskLean HomesLean01-25-201711
Keep the rope tight, or else!Lean KidsLean01-22-201767
Variation Creates WasteLean FarmsLean01-22-201790
Finding the Root CauseLean KidsLean01-21-201776
First DayLean OrganizationsLean01-20-201787041
Drying Rack Pt 2FastPipeLean Resources01-18-201711
The 8 Wastes Plumbing StyleLean HomesLean01-18-2017103
Drying Rack Pt 1FastPipeLean Resources01-17-201712
MagBand to the rescue--Organization01-16-201747
William's 3S Bedroom----01-15-201767
100% Clean 100% of the TimeLean KidsLean01-15-20175
Lean RestartLean FastCapLean01-15-2017217
Do you want to go to Japan? - Japan Study Mission 2017--Speaking Events01-09-2017861
Thanks FastCap!--FastCap01-08-201774
Cord Drawer OrganizationLean KidsLean01-08-201725
Best Fence Quickie with Rolling StandBest FencePRO Tools01-07-2017980
Developing Lean Leaders Summit--Speaking Events01-06-2017464
Northeast Lean Conference--Speaking Events01-06-2017289
Lean Chop Saw Station----01-05-2017183
Text to Speech TricksLean OfficeLean01-04-2017185
Airline Lounge OrientationLean TravelLean01-04-2017150
2016 Year End MessageLean FastCapLean01-02-201740
Lean Dog Food StorageLean FarmsLean12-31-2016102
Why is being precise so important?--Morning Meeting12-26-2016132193
Why FastCap?Lean FastCapLean12-22-2016337
Curiosity ... where it all startsLean FastCapLean12-21-2016109
Fastpipe Assembly ToolFastPipeLean Resources12-21-2016880
Magical Kona - Lean HealthLean HealthLean12-13-2016146
Swimming Lessons with Karlyn Pipes--The American Innovator (the sh12-13-2016554
Lean Turkey FryLean HomesLean12-09-20167
Lean FilingLean OfficeLean11-29-201610
HanseiLean KidsLean11-28-201610
Long Term ROILean FastCapLean11-12-2016241
Who should you come to Japan? {Russian] Кто должен ехать в ЯпониюLean TravelLean11-07-201681
Lean Pencil BoxLean KidsLean11-05-201664
Lean Sushi 2Lean FoodLean11-04-2016147
Google Earth OverviewLean TravelLean11-04-2016146
Google Earth Overview [Russian]Lean TravelLean11-04-2016167
Japan Who should come? [Russian]--Speaking Events11-03-201679
Lean iPhone ProtectionLean HomesLean11-01-201637
Lean Grocery StoreLean OrganizationsLean10-30-2016301
Perfect Lunch PlateLean KidsLean10-30-2016408
Change Your View [short version]Lean HealthLean10-29-2016216
Lean Dopp KitLean TravelLean10-28-201645
Amazing Lean SchoolLean KidsLean10-25-2016512
Lean RemindersLean OfficeLean10-21-201626
Quality and SteelLean OrganizationsLean10-18-2016659
Change your View!Lean OrganizationsLean10-15-2016845
Quality Seen and UnseenLean OrganizationsLean10-14-2016766
Amazing Cell DesignLean OrganizationsLean10-11-2016581
AME Welcome on SegwayLean OrganizationsLean10-11-201680
Lean Sushi RestaurantLean TravelLean10-11-2016639
Lean Japanese Shopping MallLean OrganizationsLean10-11-2016436
Lean Airport Check InLean TravelLean10-10-2016270
Lean ElevatorLean TravelLean10-10-2016233
Inventory WasteLean FarmsLean10-10-2016113
Lean Record LaunchLean OrganizationsLean10-08-201615
Lean Mail SlotsLean OrganizationsLean10-08-201621
Lean SignageLean OrganizationsLean10-08-201645
Lean DemolitionLean OrganizationsLean10-06-20167
Pallet Pallet DeskLean OfficeLean10-02-201623
Lean ClothesLean HomesLean10-02-201628
Why I am Successful at Lean HealthLean HealthLean10-01-201621
GOAL REACHED!Lean HealthLean09-30-201639
Water UsageLean OrganizationsLean09-27-201636
Gettin' LeanLean HealthLean09-24-201624
Lean Pallet TableLean OrganizationsLean09-23-201614
Set in OrderLean OrganizationsLean09-21-201642
Lean CoachingLean OrganizationsLean09-20-201630
Amazing Iceland and the Lean hot tub maniacs--Paul Adventures09-17-2016250
Cambridge Engineering's Amazing Lean JourneyLean OrganizationsLean09-17-2016258
Rick Majzun of Children's Hospital STLLean OrganizationsLean09-16-201634
What Is 3S?Lean OrganizationsLean09-16-201614
2 Second Lean Book ClubLean OrganizationsLean09-13-201647
Lean TailgatingLean OrganizationsLean09-12-2016212
My Lean JouneyLean OrganizationsLean09-09-2016157
Southern Setup Goes LeanLean OrganizationsLean09-07-2016376
Amazing Rest Stop in JapanLean TravelLean09-04-2016378
StandardizationLean OrganizationsLean09-03-201632
BI Group Japan Trip OverviewLean OrganizationsLean09-03-2016239
Make it ShineLean OrganizationsLean09-03-201628
Lean Check DepositLean OrganizationsLean09-02-201614
Lean Desk DrawersLean OrganizationsLean08-31-201644
Lean File IdentificationLean OrganizationsLean08-31-201614
Bob Taylor at FastCap!Lean FastCapLean08-29-20160
Japan Day 2 Ritsuo Shingo Upstream QualityLean OrganizationsLean08-29-2016302
27 Minute Mile Swim in Nagoya JapanLean HealthLean08-29-2016146
Lean BrandingLean OrganizationsLean08-28-201611
Japan Day 1 Ritsuo ShingoLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016202
Japan Day 1 - The Dojo Gemba SimulationLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016632
Japan Day 1 The Dojo JidokaLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016193
Japan Day 1 - 2 Kinds of KaizenLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016139
Japan Day 1 The Dojo InspectionLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016195
Japan Day 1 - 1 Step 1 Second 1 YenLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016133
Japan Day 1 The Dojo ProcessLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016296
Japan Day 1 The Dojo KanbanLean OrganizationsLean08-28-2016216
No Excuses - Lake Placid 2017Lean HealthLean08-27-2016171
34 Minute Swim MileLean HealthLean08-26-201640
Training for Ironman - Improving TimeLean HealthLean08-25-201676
Porsche ImprovementLean TravelLean08-25-201635
Thank You Ritsuo ShingoLean OrganizationsLean08-25-2016245
Thank You Ritsuo Shingo [Russian]Lean OrganizationsLean08-23-201638
2 Mile Open Water SwimLean HealthLean08-21-2016172
Welcome BI Group to Japan [Russian]Lean OrganizationsLean08-21-201674
Lean Backpack PackingLean TravelLean08-21-2016250
Welcome BI Group to JapanLean OrganizationsLean08-20-2016113
Tasmania Productivity Improvers ConferenceLean OrganizationsLean08-20-201692
30+ 2 Second Lean ImprovementsLean FastCapLean08-20-2016335
30+ - 2 second lean improvementsLean FastCapLean08-20-20161269
Lean Backpack SprayerLean FastCapLean08-19-2016168
Global Lean Leadership Summit 2016--The American Innovator (the sh08-18-2016537
Lean Time SheetsLean OfficeLean08-17-20163
Lean Office WiringLean OrganizationsLean08-15-201629
Lean Document SigningLean OfficeLean08-15-201610
Lean Krav Maga Gym BagLean HealthLean08-14-20169
Globel Lean Leadership SummitLean OrganizationsLean08-14-201654
Lean Garage StorageLean HomesLean08-11-20163
FastCap Thank You from ER2Lean FastCapLean08-11-201616
Kaizen Foam TipsKaizen FoamLean Resources08-11-2016215
Lean Shopping Center LightsLean OrganizationsLean08-10-201648
Lean DumpstersLean OrganizationsLean08-05-201619
Eliminate Chair - Eliminate WasteLean OfficeLean08-05-201628
Chris and Robert - No ExcusesLean OrganizationsLean08-04-2016277
Shredded MaxLean HealthLean08-04-2016207
We've Gone Crazy!!!!Lean FastCapLean08-02-2016358
KPI FastCap's Smiles?Lean FastCapLean08-02-2016243
Kazakhstan Day 15 Road Construction snd Bota--The American Innovator (the sh07-31-2016185
Kazakhstan Day 17 Convention Center--The American Innovator (the sh07-31-2016196
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 8 Road Construction--The American Innovator (the sh07-31-2016148
Vladimir Seeing wasteLean OrganizationsLean07-31-2016185
Vladimir Seeing Waste [Russian}Lean OrganizationsLean07-31-2016149
There is something about BotaLean OrganizationsLean07-31-2016293
Kazakhstan Day 16 Almaty--The American Innovator (the sh07-31-2016200
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 14 No More Lean?--The American Innovator (the sh07-29-2016205
World Wide Technologies LeanLean OrganizationsLean07-28-201624
Kazakhstan Day 14 No More Lean?--The American Innovator (the sh07-28-2016358
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 10 - Value Added Activities--The American Innovator (the sh07-26-2016262
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 12 Lean Maniac--The American Innovator (the sh07-25-2016281
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 13 KKK Concrete Russian--The American Innovator (the sh07-25-2016199
Kazakhstan Day 12 Lean Maniac--The American Innovator (the sh07-25-2016121
Camera BackpackKaizen FoamLean Resources07-25-20161211
[Russian] Kazakhstan Day 11 - The Best Improvement Lean OrganizationsLean07-25-2016310
Kazakhstan Day 11 The Best Improvement--The American Innovator (the sh07-25-2016309
Kazakhstan Day 13 KKK Concrete--The American Innovator (the sh07-25-2016180
Kazakhstan Day 10 - Value Added Activities--The American Innovator (the sh07-24-2016257
[Russian] Steve Jobs You can Change thingsLean OrganizationsLean07-23-2016237
[Russian]Kazakhstan Day 7 Flying to Asphalt Plant--The American Innovator (the sh07-22-2016675
Lean Hub PurposeLean FastCapLean07-21-2016207
Tricked out Tool BoxLean OrganizationsLean07-21-2016147
Kazakhstan Day 8 Road Construction--The American Innovator (the sh07-20-2016312
Amazing TatyanaLean OrganizationsLean07-19-2016107
Kazakhstan Day 7 Flying to Asphalt Plant--The American Innovator (the sh07-19-2016691
Waste in the Little Things [Russian]Lean TravelLean07-19-2016301
Alikhan Seeing waste [Russian]Lean OrganizationsLean07-19-2016314
Waste in the Little ThingLean TravelLean07-19-2016317
Amazing Tatyana [Russian]Lean OrganizationsLean07-19-2016399
Kazakhstan Day 5 Window Installation--The American Innovator (the sh07-17-2016357
Living LeanLean HealthLean07-17-201679
Kazakhstan Day 6 Lean Parking Garages--The American Innovator (the sh07-17-2016470
Kazakhstan Day 4 Expo Center--The American Innovator (the sh07-15-2016345
Kazakhstan Day 3 Elyas--The American Innovator (the sh07-14-2016222
[Russian] Kazakhstan TakeawaysLean OrganizationsLean07-13-2016405
Kazakhstan Day 2 Gemba Walk--The American Innovator (the sh07-13-2016273
How to unpeal a stickerLean OrganizationsLean07-12-2016236
Kazakhstan Day 1 BI Group Lean Progress--The American Innovator (the sh07-12-2016423
2SL Car Cup HolderKaizen FoamLean Resources07-10-201679
When Pigs FlyLean FarmsLean07-09-2016109
Kaizen Foam TipKaizen FoamLean Resources07-09-2016292
Lean CubicleLean OrganizationsLean07-08-2016294
Hot Improvement videoLean HomesLean07-07-2016180
IWF 2016 PromoLean OrganizationsLean07-06-20161259
Venu Srinivasan--The American Innovator (the sh07-05-2016408
Running In KazakhstanLean HealthLean07-03-2016198
Running Around the World Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh07-03-2016218
My Top TipsLean TravelLean07-02-2016401
Dave Hagan - Lean LeadershipLean OrganizationsLean07-02-2016186
Paul's Travel WorkoutLean HealthLean07-01-2016243
Speaking in Effingham--Speaking Events07-01-2016914
Waste at the Broken YokeLean FoodLean07-01-2016223
Children's Hospital LEAN TourLean OrganizationsLean06-30-201625
What is Lean Travel?--Lean Travel (Book Related)06-23-2016208
The Shingo Research and Publication Award Winner!--2 Second Lean (Book related)06-22-2016201
The Good Experiment--Morning Meeting06-21-20161487183
Lean Growth: Physical FitnessLean HealthLean06-17-201612
Lean ToastLean HomesLean06-07-2016202
2Second Lean Youtube Portuguese--2 Second Lean (Book related)05-27-2016178
Kaizen Knife Thin Blades--Lean Resources05-24-20166
Replace Blade--Lean Resources05-16-20161
Kaizen Foam - AfricaKaizen FoamLean Resources05-16-20160
Running Around The World Pt 1--The American Innovator (the sh05-08-2016654
Kaizen Foam InsertsKaizen FoamLean Resources05-05-2016658
Lean Symposium - Effingham, IL--Lean05-05-20164
Lean Buffing CartKaizen FoamLean Resources04-23-201610
Bamboo Batch WorkLean TravelLean04-19-20168
2 Second Lean - Audio Book--2 Second Lean (Book related)04-19-20161143
Lean Shower ImprovementLean TravelLean04-17-2016151
Lean Portugal with Filipe & Tino--The American Innovator (the sh04-05-2016371
Single Piece Flow Is The Way To GoLean FarmsLean04-04-2016887
Japan Study Mission Summary 2016--The American Innovator (the sh04-04-2016582
Lean in the LOU FunLean OrganizationsLean04-02-201634
Using your Head and not your WalletLean TravelLean03-31-201672
Global Lean Leadership Summit 2016 - Fort CollinsLean SummitLean03-30-2016175
The Power of FlowLean TravelLean03-26-2016140
Fueling my FerrariLean HealthLean03-23-2016255
China Tea HouseLean HealthLean03-23-201634
Snorkle GearLean HealthLean03-22-201616
Peavey's Lean AdventureLean HomesLean03-21-2016114
Ironman Challenge - Average SucksLean HealthLean03-21-2016139
Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets--Morning Meeting03-20-20162402217
Lean LatchLean FarmsLean03-20-201649
John Tevis Lean Health TestimonialLean HealthLean03-16-201625
Paul Akers Talk - Executive Leadership ForumLean FastCapLean03-11-201652
Paul Akers Talk - Iowa Lean ConsortiumLean FastCapLean03-11-201654
Finishing a Dining Room Table TopFastPipeLean Resources03-07-201620
Amazing Japanese Porta-PottyLean OrganizationsLean03-07-2016732
españolSmall Hand ToolsPRO Tools03-05-201672
Office MakeoverLean OrganizationsLean03-02-2016507
O que é 2 segundo Lean--2 Second Lean (Book related)02-29-2016231
O que é 2 segundo Lean--2 Second Lean (Book related)02-29-2016198
Kaizen Foam in Rescue TruckKaizen FoamLean Resources02-27-20163998
Average SucksLean HealthLean02-23-201616
Lean Car ParkingLean TravelLean02-23-2016268
Lean Travel improvement - Power StripLean TravelLean02-21-2016854
Lean in Cambodia--The American Innovator (the sh02-21-2016766
In The Ditch Towing Products--The American Innovator (the sh02-17-20167475
2 Second Improvement - Hand DryerLean FastCapLean02-17-20161380
Lean BriefcaseLean TravelLean02-14-20161390
Lean Headset StorageLean TravelLean02-14-20161207
Kaizen Foam Frame - Screwing the CornersKaizen FoamLean Resources02-09-20161176
Lean Travel - Lean PackingLean TravelLean02-07-20161379
MyEmployees Lean Music VideoLean OrganizationsLean02-02-201635
FastPipe Rolling Work Light SystemFastPipeLean Resources01-28-2016101
Treat your body like a FerrariLean HealthLean01-25-2016149
Fix What Bugs You - Winter WateringLean FarmsLean01-23-2016186
Average Sucks--Lean01-21-2016857
Hand Dryer Lean ImprovementLean FastCapLean01-12-2016130
Manage your Email?Lean FastCapLean01-11-2016734
FastPipe Mobile Clamp RackFastPipeLean Resources01-08-201662
Door DolleyFastPipeLean Resources01-08-201634
Kaizen Foam Frame SystemKaizen FoamLean Resources01-08-20161685
Thanks FastCap!Lean OrganizationsLean01-08-2016114
Introducing Lean Health--Lean Health (Book related)01-03-20161013
Eating Healthy V. Eating Junk FoodLean HealthLean12-31-2015247
BBC SmoothieLean FoodLean12-31-2015126
How to Make the Perfect Arch SupportLean HomesLean12-28-201575
Grinder Chute ImprovementLean OrganizationsLean12-28-201543
Paul Akers's 2015 Year End Message Part 2----12-27-20151426
FASTCAP SUPPORTLean FastCapLean12-23-20154697
Madison College's Lean Cabinetmaking & Millwork ProgramLean OrganizationsLean12-22-20158
Small ImprovementsLean FarmsLean12-22-2015225
5 Tape Measure Hacks!Lean OrganizationsLean12-22-201574766
Learning to cook Thai food Lean FoodLean12-17-201526
Lean Summit 2015 - VantecLean SummitLean12-16-2015228
Having Fun in the Nuts and Bolts Storage AreaLean FastCapLean12-16-201512
Creative Use of SpeedTapeSpeedTapePeel & Stick Accessories12-16-201576
Hidden Gun Storage----12-14-2015536
Lean FanaticLean OrganizationsLean12-13-201520
Eating Weird Fruit - Seeing food clearlyLean FoodLean12-12-201549
The Waste of MotionLean FarmsLean12-12-201522
Lean Improvements - Keep It SimpleLean OrganizationsLean12-10-201590
Practicing Lean by Mark GrabanLean OrganizationsLean12-05-2015779
The pounds come offLean HealthLean12-05-201521
Amazing Breakfast in IndiaLean HealthLean12-05-201523
WhatsAppLean OfficeLean12-04-2015657
Laser Focus MathLean KidsLean12-03-201576
Fix What Bugs You - ReceiptsLean FarmsLean12-02-201529
Norman Bodek in India - Day 1 & 2--The American Innovator (the sh12-01-20151390
Lean Summit 2015 - Stand Up Meeting--Morning Meeting11-30-201555
Kaizen YourselfLean OrganizationsLean11-29-201544
españolKaizen FoamLean Resources11-25-20156
8 Wastes - Sheep StyleLean FarmsLean11-25-201544
Lean Screw HolesLean OrganizationsLean11-19-201521
Lean Health - Audio Book (YouTube)--Lean Health (Book related)11-19-2015562
Lean Heath Travel EssentialsLean HealthLean11-16-201528
The Waste of WaitingLean FarmsLean11-16-201552
What is Lean Health--Lean Health (Book related)11-13-2015192
Lean Edge Banding StationFastedgePeel & Stick11-13-2015174
You Don't Know AnythingLean OrganizationsLean11-12-201538
Lean Wood CuttingLean FarmsLean11-10-201525
Porsche Driving - Racing in the Rain--Lean Health (Book related)11-10-201531
Paul Akers Interview (Russian)Lean FastCapLean11-09-2015294
The Picture DietLean HealthLean11-06-201512
Excellent Health has Many BenefitsLean HealthLean11-05-201519
Traveling is Easy - Bangkok AirportLean HealthLean11-05-201511
Lean Summit 2015 - Wildwood CabinetryLean SummitLean11-04-201562
Turn Waiting Into WorkLean OrganizationsLean10-31-201559
Kaizen Foam FrameKaizen FoamLean Resources10-30-20152828
Lean ShopLean FarmsLean10-30-201537
Improvements will make the sun shine again!!Lean OrganizationsLean10-30-201514
Welcome to my Lean Health YouTube ChannelLean HealthLean10-30-201514
Lean Rainy DaysLean OrganizationsLean10-29-201526
I Lost 242 lbs in ONE day!Lean HomesLean10-27-201523
Lean Summit 2015 Series Intro--The American Innovator (the sh10-23-20151343
Lean Summit 2015 - Fancy Hill FarmsLean SummitLean10-20-201583
Lean Summit 2015 - YellotoolsLean SummitLean10-20-2015323
Lean Summit 2015 - Viking PlasticsLean SummitLean10-20-2015348
Lean Summit 2015 - Leon LebenisteLean SummitLean10-20-2015276
Lean Summit 2015 - Biola UniversityLean SummitLean10-20-2015218
Lean Summit 2015 - Emergency ReportingLean SummitLean10-20-201547
Lean Summit 2015 - OmniductLean SummitLean10-20-2015327
Lean Summit 2015 - TorreLean SummitLean10-20-2015301
Continuous Improvement @ Marina HeightsLean OrganizationsLean10-14-201533
Lean Post Hole DiggerLean FarmsLean10-11-2015142
Kaizen Foam Rocks!Kaizen FoamLean Resources10-09-20151
Fix What Bugs YouLean FastCapLean10-07-20151
Miter Saw StationBest FencePRO Tools10-03-20151214
Lean Pig FeedLean FarmsLean10-03-201517
Lean Summit 2015 - Walters & WolfLean SummitLean10-01-2015403
Lean Summit 2015 - BOLDTLean SummitLean10-01-2015419
Lean Summit 2015 - MKS Control Group IsraelLean SummitLean10-01-2015273
Lean Summit 2015 - Klime-EzeeLean SummitLean10-01-2015517
Lean Summit 2015 - PCS PRESS - Norman BodekLean SummitLean10-01-2015244
Lean Summit 2015 - Xylem DesignLean SummitLean10-01-2015439
Lean Summit 2015 - BE QualityLean SummitLean10-01-2015324
NCS Lean thinking video 1----10-01-201535
Lean Summit 2015 - Lean leadership InstituteLean SummitLean10-01-2015352
Starbucks Amazing Lean Visual ControlsLean OrganizationsLean09-30-2015475
Lean RoadsLean GovernmentLean09-29-2015322
World's Greenest Office Building--Morning Meeting09-24-201518101
Lean FarmingLean FarmsLean09-23-201595
BI Group - Inventory ManagementLean OrganizationsLean09-19-2015661
Lean Health - Eat Your Vegetables!Lean FoodLean09-18-2015416
Organizing CupboardsLean KidsLean09-18-20157
Becoming a Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)09-16-2015114
BI Group Greeting from FastCap...we believe in you, you can do it!!!!!!Lean OrganizationsLean09-16-2015704
Lean RemotesLean FarmsLean09-16-201518
Lean Room Key - Make VideoLean OrganizationsLean09-14-2015496
BI Group when the leader at the top gets it!Lean OrganizationsLean09-14-2015654
BI Group Lean TransformationLean OrganizationsLean09-13-2015440
Cold Water KanbanLean FarmsLean09-11-201535
Make Your Life EasyLean FarmsLean09-11-201558
Are you a lean crawler?Lean OrganizationsLean09-10-201511
Clark Construction Intern Project Lean OrganizationsLean09-07-2015524
Kaizen Storage Bins--Lean Resources09-01-20151
Lean Around the World - KazakhstanLean OrganizationsLean08-31-2015131
Beaded Face Frame Made Lean!Shop TipsFastCap08-27-2015137
2 Second Lean in GermanyLean OrganizationsLean08-25-2015402
FastPipe Round Table Top ConnectorsFastPipeLean Resources08-19-2015674
FarminovationLean FarmsLean08-19-201552
Little things change the world--Morning Meeting08-19-2015494
Organize Router BitsKaizen FoamLean Resources08-19-20151029
How to get Everyone Involved in Standards?Lean FastCapLean08-19-20151726
3 S'ing to the RescueLean FastCapLean08-19-2015838
Do you have this problem with packing tape?Lean OrganizationsLean08-16-2015280
Lean Transformation at Northwest Podiatric LaboratoryLean OrganizationsLean08-15-2015649
Lean Appliance testerLean OrganizationsLean08-14-201512
EZ installationEZ-StripeLean Resources08-14-2015807
Lean Summit Hike 2015Lean FastCapLean08-12-2015576
Wall Mounted Shadow BoardKaizen FoamLean Resources08-12-20151081
Storage ShelvesSpeedbraceHardware08-12-20152109
Lean Hub - Find a Lean Companies Near You!Lean FastCapLean08-11-2015649
Ritsuo Shingo 2016 TourLean OrganizationsLean08-11-2015670
Simple Daily ImprovementLean HomesLean08-11-2015634
Lean Summit 2015Lean FastCapLean08-11-2015368
My Coffee - 2 Second ImprovementLean HomesLean08-10-2015884
Xylem Design Lean ProgressLean OrganizationsLean08-03-201563
Shower tile magnet improvement leanLean HomesLean08-01-201571
Collier Kids ImprovementLean KidsLean07-31-201590
I'm Not Your Mama - Pt 2Lean FastCapLean07-30-2015110
I'm Not Your Mama - Pt 1Lean FastCapLean07-29-2015511
Fix What Bugs YouLean FarmsLean07-28-2015124
Climate Change--Morning Meeting07-27-20151147319
Major Business Milestone--Lean PD07-27-2015612
Every Man's Dream Lean ImprovementKaizen BoxLean Resources07-27-20152784
Lean PD App Demo--Lean PD07-26-2015408
Drill Powered Dinosaur----07-25-201531832
Lean BucketLean FastCapLean07-24-2015130
Lean PD Demo--Lean PD07-23-2015675
How We Keep Our Team Positive?Lean FastCapLean07-23-2015177
Day 7 - Lean ShoesLean HomesLean07-23-201521
Kaizen Foam Pallet Tool RackKaizen FoamLean Resources07-22-20153886
Lean Shower CaddyLean HomesLean07-22-20151
TV RemoteLean HomesLean07-21-20152
Ryan's ToolboxKaizen FoamLean Resources07-21-20154057
Lean Price TagsLean HomesLean07-20-20156
Lean RapLean OrganizationsLean07-20-201533
What I Eat and How I Did It!Lean FoodLean07-20-2015616
Kaizen Foam Knee PadsLean HomesLean07-19-20156
Baby Changing TableLean HomesLean07-18-20155
Paper ShreddingLean HomesLean07-18-20157
Mom's Exercise Routine at 90!Lean HomesLean07-18-2015443
Lean Tape DispenserLean OrganizationsLean07-16-20153
PoolWerx LeanLean OrganizationsLean07-16-201517
BI Group WelcomeLean OrganizationsLean07-13-2015206
Lean Product DevelopmentLean FastCapLean07-13-2015492
2015 Father's Day Photo Contest--FastCap07-12-2015172
Lean PD App Intro--Lean PD07-09-2015791
Lelan Nuts and Bolts ----07-08-201558
Lean Walking MachineLean OrganizationsLean07-07-2015944189
Making a Lean VideoLean FastCapLean07-07-2015200
Paul's 4th of July 2 second improvementLean HomesLean07-05-2015615
A Song About WasteLean OrganizationsLean06-28-2015288
Keep Improvements SimpleLean FarmsLean06-25-201520
Poolwerx GreetingLean OrganizationsLean06-19-2015430
Overproducing HayLean FarmsLean06-19-201513
Standup Desk BenefitsLean FastCapLean06-18-2015711
Boltz Construction Welcome - Lean ConstructionLean OrganizationsLean06-12-2015578
Reduce VariationLean FarmsLean06-04-201551
Storing Tools at Wood PlaneKaizen FoamLean Resources05-28-20151
Kaizen Foam Cabinet DoorsKaizen FoamLean Resources05-24-2015827
Lean Movable ShelvingLean OrganizationsLean05-22-201545
Long Nose Marker in Black, Gold, & SilverMarkingPRO Tools05-20-2015898
Verne Harnish InterviewLean FastCapLean05-19-2015514
Lean Belt SanderLean OrganizationsLean05-17-201522
LINBECK GreetingLean OrganizationsLean05-16-2015361
Wildwood Cabinetry LeanLean OrganizationsLean05-16-2015144
Greetings to Wildwood CabinetryLean OrganizationsLean05-15-2015426
Tool Chest OrganizationKaizen FoamLean Resources05-15-201525
Wildwood Cabinetry LeanLean OrganizationsLean05-14-2015159
Christine ComafordLean OrganizationsLean05-13-2015547
Nicolet Technical College GreetingLean OrganizationsLean05-13-2015104
PMI Conference GreetingLean OrganizationsLean05-11-2015288
3S Health GreetingLean OrganizationsLean05-11-2015194
Lean Trash CanLean FastCapLean05-09-20151480
Lean DrillingLean FastCapLean05-09-20151642
William Bailey RespectLean KidsLean05-09-201540
Lean Toilet CleaningLean FastCapLean05-08-20151032
Farming Outside The Box: Lean MeatLean FarmsLean05-07-201588
Why do we do videos anyway?Lean OrganizationsLean04-29-201526
Utilizing QR CodesLean FastCapLean04-28-2015208
Do We Trust our People?Lean FastCapLean04-28-2015155
Lean VinylLean OrganizationsLean04-23-2015118
Paul's FastPipe Desk OverviewFastPipeLean Resources04-22-2015217
Lean Leadership MeetingLean FastCapLean04-21-201569
Lean Order PickingLean FastCapLean04-20-2015518
Lean EggsLean FarmsLean04-18-201578
Paul's Super SmoothieLean FoodLean04-18-2015340
Lean Cone Bracket JigLean OrganizationsLean04-18-201544
Dear Toyota and LexusLean OrganizationsLean04-17-20157584665
Paul Akers ProfileLean FastCapLean04-17-20157871628
Mount Kaizen Foam to WallKaizen FoamLean Resources04-17-20157433717
Is Lean Really That Good?Lean OrganizationsLean04-17-20157511349
Rock or Hammer???Lean FastCapLean04-17-20157511349
The Road to HealthLean FoodLean04-17-20157861291
Ritsuo Shingo sends Greetings to Klime EzeeLean OrganizationsLean04-17-20157584665
PankowLean OrganizationsLean04-15-2015151
Lean HandwashingLean FastCapLean04-15-2015239
What is a Lean Leader?Lean FastCapLean04-14-2015856
Lean SushiLean OrganizationsLean04-13-201510649
Izzy Swan ProjectKaizen FoamLean Resources04-07-201526507
Becoming a Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)04-07-2015257
Lean RabbitsLean HomesLean04-05-201543
Kaizen Foam Burn TestKaizen FoamLean Resources04-03-20157
Lean Video EditingLean OrganizationsLean04-03-2015147
How I eat in ChinaLean FoodLean03-31-2015442
Lean Inventory TrackingLean OrganizationsLean03-31-20151
Lean Toilets (Portuguese)Lean OrganizationsLean03-25-201531
Gravity Fed WaterLean FarmsLean03-25-2015237
Kaizen Foam ReviewKaizen FoamLean Resources03-20-201530832
Torre Mayor Visit (Portuguese)Lean OrganizationsLean03-20-2015171
The Kaizen Foam ZoneKaizen FoamLean Resources03-19-2015130
Lean Challenge Lean KidsLean03-17-2015684
Japanese Master - What is lean?Lean OrganizationsLean03-16-2015601
Finally Figured Out the Secret to Losing Weight?Lean FoodLean03-16-2015885
What is Toyota Production System?Lean OrganizationsLean03-15-2015546
Kaizen Foam and Router BitsKaizen FoamLean Resources03-15-2015818
2 Second Improvement (Russian and English)Lean FastCapLean03-10-2015515
Japan Study Mission - DAY 6 - The Hilltop SystemLean OrganizationsLean03-10-201543
The American Innovator Show--The American Innovator (the sh03-10-2015943
Norman Bodek - Harada MethodLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015244
African Weaving BusinessLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015204
ADUM Study Mission - DAY 3 - Summary of ToyotaLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015231
ADUM Study Mission - DAY 4 - Ritsuo ShingoLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015144
ADUM Study Mission - DAY 2 - Summary of GC IndustriesLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015190
ADUM Study Mission - DAY 1 - Thought of the DayLean OrganizationsLean03-09-2015171
Harada Method Leaned OutLean OrganizationsLean03-08-2015380
Foam Tool HomeLean OrganizationsLean03-06-2015139
Japan Study Mission - DAY 5 - Takashi Harada MethodLean OrganizationsLean03-06-2015518
Japan Study Mission - DAY 3 - Summary of ToyotaLean OrganizationsLean03-03-2015364
Sandvik GreetingLean OrganizationsLean03-03-2015304
6 QuestionsLean FastCapLean03-01-20151280
Study Mission with Norman BodekLean OrganizationsLean02-27-2015229
Pallet Jack StorageSpeedTapePeel & Stick Accessories02-26-2015120
Are Your People Engaged with Lean?Lean FastCapLean02-26-20152237
FastCap Hiring ProcessLean FastCapLean02-26-20151114
Middle Desk DrawerKaizen FoamLean Resources02-25-2015127
VoxerLean FastCapLean02-24-2015326
Mop TestLean FastCapLean02-24-2015974
FastPipe Connectors & EMT----02-23-2015916
Mac 2 Second ImprovementLean FastCapLean02-23-2015301
Plactic Promotions Lean JourneyLean OrganizationsLean02-16-2015233
Lean DishwasherLean OrganizationsLean02-16-201556624
Lean ChalkLean OrganizationsLean02-10-2015110
Lean Dexter CowLean FarmsLean02-06-2015417
Box Truck Roof Rake For Snow RemovalLean HomesLean01-27-20151047
Improvement engineer project boardLean OrganizationsLean01-13-20157
Lean Chicken CoopLean FarmsLean01-10-2015189
FastCap Top Improvements In 2014Lean FastCapLean01-02-201510765
Lean Year End Message 2014Lean FastCapLean12-31-2014421
FastPipe Meeting DeskFastPipeLean Resources12-31-20142443
Lean Food - The Small BowlLean FoodLean12-26-20145
Lean EggsLean FoodLean12-26-20147
Lean Food - ChipotleLean FoodLean12-25-2014371
Pig TransportationLean FarmsLean12-20-2014635
Heat Shield For Kaizen FoamKaizen FoamLean Resources12-10-2014746
Gap HandlesLean FarmsLean12-08-2014335
Brute Strength v Lean StrengthLean FastCapLean12-08-2014399
Lean Shoe LacesLean HomesLean12-04-2014132
Lean Thinking at a Japanese Eye ClinicLean OrganizationsLean12-03-2014603
Lean BinocularsLean OrganizationsLean12-02-2014126
Special Lean GreetingLean OrganizationsLean11-30-2014428
Lean WorkshopLean FastCapLean11-29-201495
FastCap Office LeanLean OfficeLean11-26-2014326
The 8 Wastes...A Shaving StoryLean HomesLean11-26-201429
HNA Morning MeetingLean OrganizationsLean11-21-2014161
Tsukubai Teaches Us About Lean--Morning Meeting11-19-2014275
Amazing & Simple Lean ImprovementLean FastCapLean11-18-20143541
Office ClosetLean OfficeLean11-04-2014392
Ambulance Drone--Morning Meeting10-26-20142297079
Being lean nowLean OrganizationsLean10-17-201413
Apple's Jony Ive--Morning Meeting10-10-2014204247
My 2-Second Lean JourneyLean OrganizationsLean10-08-201467
Lean Picnic TableLean FastCapLean09-25-20141
Sue Keely Graphic RecordingLean OrganizationsLean09-17-2014172
Dust Barrier Door with Kaizen Foam3rd Hand FamilyPRO Tools09-15-201428
Sundt LEAN Jobsite, Pt 3Lean OrganizationsLean09-13-2014185
Lean KeysLean HomesLean09-12-201446
Becoming a Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)09-11-20147584665
Crow Problem Solving--Morning Meeting09-10-201474632
Lean CaulkingLean OrganizationsLean09-02-201412
Becoming a Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)08-29-2014358
Coming Soon - Gemba Live! FastCap 2014Lean OrganizationsLean08-29-2014364
Becoming a Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)08-24-2014610
Sundt LEAN Jobsite, Pt 2Lean OrganizationsLean08-22-201453
Hot or Cold?Lean HomesLean08-22-201428
Paper Clip ImprovementLean OrganizationsLean08-22-201424
Lean Bucket ClosingLean OrganizationsLean08-21-201413
Caster Wheel InstallFastPipeLean Resources08-21-201458
Lean DrawerLean OrganizationsLean08-18-201455
Sundt LEAN Jobsite, Pt 1Lean OrganizationsLean08-17-201497
FastCap Tour DinnerLean FastCapLean08-07-201439
Lean Blueprint StandLean OrganizationsLean07-31-20147
Becoming A Lean Thinker--2 Second Lean (Book related)07-30-20142551
SnapCab Continual LearningLean OrganizationsLean07-25-20141
Quick Pencil SharpeningMarkingPRO Tools07-25-20145
StandardizationLean FastCapLean07-17-201415
5's Our Band SawLean OrganizationsLean07-10-201489
Organizing DrawersKaizen FoamLean Resources07-08-2014438
Lean Break Room @ Palmer LogisticsLean OrganizationsLean07-03-201453
Lean Smart PhonesLean FunLean07-02-20143981608
Lean SecurityLean OrganizationsLean07-01-2014195
Waste of TransportationLean OrganizationsLean07-01-2014293
Aerial Tour of FastCapLean FastCapLean07-01-2014235
Lift Plywood by Yourself - Buddy HookLean HomesLean06-26-2014366
The Leadership Crisis (Animated)Lean OrganizationsLean06-26-201410302
Lay Out Time SaverLean OrganizationsLean06-23-2014104
Lean EggsLean HomesLean06-22-2014401
Cord CareLean OrganizationsLean06-20-201418
Lean Extension Cord CabinetLean OrganizationsLean06-20-20147
Kaizen Foam ReviewKaizen FoamLean Resources06-18-2014400
Lean FruitLean FoodLean06-16-201410637385
3S Office Supply ClosetLean OfficeLean06-10-2014167
Cart Before HitchLean OrganizationsLean06-06-2014139
Uneducated Teach the EducatedLean OrganizationsLean06-01-2014179
Carrot clarinet | Linsey Pollak | TEDxSydney--Morning Meeting06-01-20144658757
WrapperLean OrganizationsLean05-30-201414
Viking Plastics LeanLean OrganizationsLean05-28-201443
Guitar MakingLean OrganizationsLean05-25-20149097
Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!Lean OrganizationsLean05-19-201419311296
Lean LaminatorLean OrganizationsLean05-14-2014122
Lean Photograghy--The American Innovator (the sh05-12-2014659
China vs. USA--The American Innovator (the sh05-12-201413850
Lean Shoe Cleaning BoxKaizen FoamLean Resources05-11-201419
Weekend Lean - Spice CupboardLean HomesLean05-11-2014207
Crazy on SteroidsLean OrganizationsLean05-10-2014230
FastCap Crap CrusherLean FastCapLean05-09-20146
Lean Fastcap TourLean FastCapLean05-08-20143481
Lean Soda MachineLean OrganizationsLean05-07-201432
The New Bottom Line--Morning Meeting05-06-20147456
Xylem Design--The American Innovator (the sh05-06-20149844
Weekend LeanLean HomesLean05-04-2014135
Shaving KitsKaizen FoamLean Resources05-04-2014232
Video Resume ExampleLean FastCapLean04-30-2014181
Leaner Pit StopLean OrganizationsLean04-28-201441780
TEDxDerby - Gavin Munro--Morning Meeting04-21-2014423
Lean Shirt RemovalLean FunLean04-16-20145203849
Lean Pen CupKaizen FoamLean Resources04-13-201421
Heartwarming Thai Commercial--Morning Meeting04-05-20144105056
Pack Knife Demo--PRO Tools04-04-201477
FastPipe Connectors with EMT----04-03-2014291
FastCap's BathroomLean FastCapLean04-03-2014663
Bombardier Aerospace Tour--The American Innovator (the sh03-30-20141138
JCB Manufacturing Plant--The American Innovator (the sh03-30-20142210
Monsal Viaduct--The American Innovator (the sh03-28-2014486
Lean Tree IrrigationLean OrganizationsLean03-26-201467
Maxwell Counters 2Lean OrganizationsLean03-26-201410
Lean ShampooLean KidsLean03-25-201433
Maxwell CountersLean OrganizationsLean03-20-2014218
Lean LaptopLean OrganizationsLean03-20-201463
Right Hand Glove LeanLean OrganizationsLean03-14-20144
1 Solenoid KeyLean OrganizationsLean03-13-201410
Lean Customer QuoteLean OrganizationsLean03-12-201482
Matthew McConaughey Winning Best Actor--Morning Meeting03-11-20142843080
The Lean Way #1 - DirectionsLean OrganizationsLean03-05-20146
Wasted Time & MotionLean OrganizationsLean03-04-2014407
Kaizen Foam ReviewKaizen FoamLean Resources03-01-2014823
In Out BoardLean OrganizationsLean02-28-2014221
Lean PullPlanningLean OrganizationsLean02-28-201461
Lean with Kaizen Boxes--Lean Resources02-25-20141237
Morning Meeting (Spanish)Lean FastCapLean02-20-2014314
Fastcap Men Advanced TrainingLean FastCapLean02-19-2014141
Magic Salt and Pepper ShakersLean FastCapLean02-19-2014173
Salt & Pepper LeanLean FastCapLean02-19-2014185
Bornemann Gewindetechnik InnovationLean OrganizationsLean02-19-2014148
SnapCab Lean Tour--The American Innovator (the sh02-18-20145691
MAPP--The American Innovator (the sh02-13-20142391
Lean, William Bailey StyleLean KidsLean02-12-20143
Lean Construction Institute--The American Innovator (the sh02-12-20144533
Our First StepLean OrganizationsLean02-03-201428
Lean Manufacturing - Chase PlasticsLean OrganizationsLean01-27-2014454
Beard TrimmerLean HomesLean01-24-201413
The Lean ConnexLean OrganizationsLean01-23-201438
Seal Feeder ImprovementLean OrganizationsLean01-22-2014286
Lean Diamond CleaningLean HomesLean01-19-2014184
Physicist William Happer--Morning Meeting01-17-20145237
TEDxBellingham--The American Innovator (the sh01-16-2014421
Biola University--The American Innovator (the sh01-16-2014295
Lean Audio EmailsLean FastCapLean01-16-2014253
My Life As A One-Man Band--Morning Meeting01-15-20141274807
Lean Light SwitchLean KidsLean01-13-201473
Biola--The American Innovator (the sh01-09-20149519
Christmas Day LeanLean HomesLean12-31-2013201
Klime-Ezee Lean JourneyLean OrganizationsLean12-23-201338
Where\'s Shop B - cgreenLean OrganizationsLean12-20-201347
The Most Important Thing...Lean FastCapLean12-19-20136
2013 Christmas PartyLean FastCapLean12-19-20131
2013 Christmas Party, Pt 2Lean FastCapLean12-19-20130
Lean ToolboxLean OrganizationsLean11-29-201380
THINKING LEANLean OrganizationsLean11-27-2013652
Quick Lean -Touch up pensLean OrganizationsLean11-27-201311
TEDxBellingham--The American Innovator (the sh11-23-20134645
Lean Garage DoorLean HomesLean11-18-2013153
FastCap New Facility--Lean11-14-2013768
Yelena Vetkov--The American Innovator (the sh11-14-2013950
New Facility UpdateLean FastCapLean11-13-20135
TEDxBellingham Today--Lean11-12-2013161
Teaching Lean Very Very EarlyLean KidsLean11-08-2013182
Lean Starbucks Coffee OrderLean OrganizationsLean11-07-2013503
Lean FastCap (espaol)Lean FastCapLean10-31-2013481
Lean Dishwasher 1Lean HomesLean10-30-201374
Lean Dishwasher 2Lean HomesLean10-30-201350
Lean Flow with KatieLean KidsLean10-15-201370
For Larger ToolsKaizen FoamLean Resources10-15-2013974
Lean ChopsticksLean KidsLean10-12-201379
Lean 2P-102P-10Adhesive & Filler Systems10-10-20131154
--Morning Meeting10-08-2013385949
Eliminate Customer WasteLean OrganizationsLean09-28-2013302
What Is Your Idea?--The American Innovator (the sh09-26-2013582
Coffee Machine - FastCap Traction DotsLean OrganizationsLean09-24-201351
Zach and Brady - The Best Thing!Lean OrganizationsLean09-19-201344
Isaac ToolboxKaizen FoamLean Resources09-18-2013536
Lean Construction Institute Annual Conference InviteLean FastCapLean09-18-2013301
Lean Cindy Crawford (Super Lean Wife!)Lean HomesLean09-15-2013480
Building New FastCap Facility (time lapse)Lean FastCapLean09-15-2013332
ICON Aircraft Tech Toys 360--Morning Meeting09-15-201319063
Lean Round Table--The American Innovator (the sh09-12-20131972
Toyota help feed Hurricane Sandy VictimsLean OrganizationsLean09-08-20137214
Why We CleanLean FastCapLean09-03-2013567
New Facility Concrete PourLean FastCapLean09-02-2013286
Learn to See Tour - Omni DuctLean FastCapLean09-02-2013230
Lean Measuring SpoonsLean HomesLean08-28-2013329
Kids 4x4 ChargerLean HomesLean08-26-201394
China's Biggest Building--Morning Meeting08-26-2013532768
Men's room wasteLean OrganizationsLean08-23-2013100
Lean HypocriteLean HomesLean08-19-2013461
Lean Shop VacLean FastCapLean08-16-2013522
Ashton Kutcher--Morning Meeting08-15-2013831
Bonding With SpeedTapeKaizen FoamLean Resources08-15-2013191
Blade Breaker for Utility KnifeSmall Hand ToolsPRO Tools08-14-2013332
Organizing Turning JawsLean OrganizationsLean08-13-2013125
Fruit loops LeanLean OrganizationsLean08-09-20134485
Katie Is Inspired!Lean KidsLean07-30-2013116
How A Contractor Secures A Loose CordLean OrganizationsLean07-28-2013306
Richie Parker Drive--Morning Meeting07-21-201336405
FastCap Facility Through TimeLean FastCapLean07-19-2013996
Lean Plastic MixingLean FastCapLean07-19-2013481
Lean Extension Cord ImprovementLean OrganizationsLean07-17-2013175
Lean MashaLean FastCapLean07-11-2013436
Lean Kanban ComedyLean FastCapLean07-11-2013477
The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)--Morning Meeting06-21-20136331765
How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? Pt 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-21-20131010
How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? Pt 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-21-2013947
The Boys In The Boat--Morning Meeting06-12-201315394
Kaizen BathroomKaizen FoamLean Resources06-11-2013230
Lean DeskLean OrganizationsLean06-10-2013657
Race Car ManagementKaizen FoamLean Resources06-10-2013227
Adil Dalal, Part 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-06-2013341
Adil Dalal, Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-06-2013247
Greg Glebe, Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-05-2013252
Greg Glebe, Pt 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-04-2013521
Lean Heathcare, Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-03-2013172
Lean Healthcare, Part 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-03-2013531
Ashley Bailey Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-02-2013479
George Zettel Part 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-02-2013367
George Zettel, Part 2--The American Innovator (the sh06-02-2013207
Ashley Bailey Part 1--The American Innovator (the sh06-02-2013557
Lean Manufacturing @ Atlas CopcoLean OrganizationsLean05-31-20134822
Kaizen shipping--Peel & Stick05-24-2013134
Lean is Thrilling!--The American Innovator (the sh05-24-20132934
Kaizen Foam DrawerKaizen FoamLean Resources05-12-2013360
YPO Manufacturing Excellence Tour 2013--The American Innovator (the sh05-02-2013260
Sanding TipShop TipsFastCap04-29-2013581
Google Earth--The American Innovator (the sh04-28-2013741
Tool Box OrganizationKaizen FoamLean Resources04-23-20131006
All Torqued UpLean HomesLean04-22-2013131
Ashley Bailey--The American Innovator (the sh04-19-2013585
Why I Love FastcapLean OrganizationsLean04-03-2013384
Mumbai Dabbawala Documentary--Morning Meeting03-28-201340954
Gemba Academy at FastCapLean FastCapLean03-28-20134536
Tablesaw Rip Cut-off TrayLean OrganizationsLean03-26-20131469
Lean Truck--The American Innovator (the sh03-22-201338703
truck unloading big load bamboo without hand Taiwan 2013Lean OrganizationsLean03-20-2013711234
Where Is Innovation?--The American Innovator (the sh03-20-2013582
The 8 Wastes...FastCap Style--The American Innovator (the sh03-15-201315343
Kanban--The American Innovator (the sh03-06-201323011
European Lean Tour #1--The American Innovator (the sh03-05-20131699
Capt Dave ReviewKaizen FoamLean Resources03-05-2013399
Suggestion Box--Morning Meeting02-25-2013394
The Pantene Girl--The American Innovator (the sh02-24-2013717
Quick OverviewKaizen FoamLean Resources02-22-20131194
Nemo - The Storm of 2013--The American Innovator (the sh02-16-2013408
The Lean Habit--The American Innovator (the sh01-31-2013695
Add Power to C ClampShop TipsFastCap01-31-2013880
Lean Pencil BoxKaizen FoamLean Resources01-30-201372
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 3 --Morning Meeting01-24-201313026
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 8 --Morning Meeting01-24-201311676
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 4 --Morning Meeting01-24-201315723
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 9 --Morning Meeting01-24-20139055
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 5 --Morning Meeting01-24-201313544
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 10 --Morning Meeting01-24-201310488
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 1 --Morning Meeting01-24-201338245
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 6 --Morning Meeting01-24-201312827
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 2 --Morning Meeting01-24-201318348
James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed: 7 --Morning Meeting01-24-20134499
FastPipe OverviewFastPipeLean Resources01-17-2013255
Hannah--The American Innovator (the sh01-04-20132241
Hanging Euro Style Cabinet DoorsShop TipsFastCap01-03-20132333
Jerry Bussell--The American Innovator (the sh12-18-2012337
Lean Wide Sander BeltShop TipsFastCap12-18-2012539
Rob Westford--The American Innovator (the sh12-15-2012427
The Trust Edge--The American Innovator (the sh12-14-2012452
The Lean Turnaround--The American Innovator (the sh12-05-20125230
Lean Door DrillingLean OrganizationsLean12-04-2012702
Drawer Jig IdeaLean OrganizationsLean11-29-2012878
Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great ideaLean HealthLean11-28-2012470453
Kaizen KornersKaizen KornersLean Resources11-07-2012169
Lean door stationLean OrganizationsLean10-27-2012548
Kindergarten Lean--The American Innovator (the sh10-26-20122305
Characteristics of a Great Innovator--The American Innovator (the sh10-19-2012488
Lean Computer Wires--Other Products10-15-2012130
How To See Waste--The American Innovator (the sh10-02-20121767
Seth Godin--Morning Meeting10-01-201232067
Lean: The most Important Thing!--The American Innovator (the sh09-29-20122611
Weekly Improvement Hauling The MailLean OrganizationsLean09-20-20122001
Organizing BinsLean OrganizationsLean09-15-2012994
BookbagLean KidsLean09-12-2012192
Lean BandingLean OrganizationsLean09-06-2012265
Kaizen Boxes Organizing SystemKaizen BoxLean Resources08-29-20122234
Lean Inline Air ChucksLean OrganizationsLean08-27-2012534
Lean Tool BeltLean OrganizationsLean08-22-201212718
Lean: Edgebanding Storage 2Lean OrganizationsLean08-19-20121218
Rolling Stone 2--The American Innovator (the sh08-18-2012246
Rolling Stone 1--The American Innovator (the sh08-17-2012312
Retractable Drill Press Chuck HolderLean OrganizationsLean08-17-2012477
Lean Compressor CleaningLean OrganizationsLean08-17-201273
2 Second Improvement 2Lean FastCapLean08-16-20121178
Cordless Battery Charging StationLean OrganizationsLean08-16-20123913
Lean WaterLean OrganizationsLean08-16-2012537
Jig For Shelf Pin HolesLean OrganizationsLean08-16-20123035
Lean Customer LabelsLean OrganizationsLean08-14-2012262
Improving Edge Banding StorageLean OrganizationsLean08-13-2012313
Lean Wanabes--The American Innovator (the sh08-10-2012488
Cutting Down FastPipe Roller BarFastPipeLean Resources08-09-201276
Lean Wannabes 2--The American Innovator (the sh08-01-2012543
Reforming Little PigsKaizen FoamLean Resources07-13-20122806
St Clair HospitalLean OrganizationsLean07-12-201215649
Fish Philosophy--Morning Meeting07-09-201289442
Home Office & BathroomKaizen FoamLean Resources06-11-20121739
Vertical Video Syndrome--Morning Meeting06-05-20125520472
Taylor Guitars --The American Innovator (the sh05-30-2012230061
Our Story In 2 Minutes--Morning Meeting05-28-201212219561
Laminating TogetherKaizen FoamLean Resources05-08-2012523
Inside Hockey - Tyler Ennis--Morning Meeting04-08-201212616
Cutting Kaizen FoamKaizen FoamLean Resources03-14-20124703
Dr. Alan Watkins - Pt 1--Morning Meeting03-13-2012596193
TEDxPortsmouth - Dr. Alan Watkins - Being Brilliant Every Single Day (Part 2)--Morning Meeting03-13-2012208426
BBC - Somme From Defeat to Victory--Morning Meeting03-11-2012198542
Dave Reinhold TVKaizen FoamLean Resources03-10-201235571
Making Videos with the iPhone 4s and Editing in iMovieLean FansLean02-14-20124909
Gluing Kaizen FoamKaizen FoamLean Resources02-12-2012477
Pencil BoxLean KidsLean02-08-2012197
2 Second Lean Book Introduction--2 Second Lean (Book related)01-30-20121923
Repairing Kaizen FoamKaizen FoamLean Resources01-30-2012516
Cleaning CartLean KidsLean01-25-2012638
Kaizen Foam Heat CuttingKaizen FoamLean Resources01-25-201271
Earring StorageKaizen FoamLean Resources01-23-2012448
Lean 50% improvement vs 2 Second ImprovementLean FastCapLean01-17-20121844
Amazon Team FastCap TourLean FastCapLean01-15-2012308
Thomas and Suzie Visit FastCapLean FastCapLean01-08-2012406
Inspirational: Be Kind To Others, It Will Pay Off--Morning Meeting12-21-201196884
Lean FastCap StyleLean FastCapLean12-12-2011153628
2011 JLC Live NorthwestLean FastCapLean12-08-2011156
At FastCapKaizen FoamLean Resources11-30-20119790
Lean: The Secret To Our CommunicationLean FastCapLean11-22-2011677
Lean: Ice CreamLean FastCapLean11-20-2011326
Lean SortingLean FastCapLean11-11-20111141
Lean: Over Processing BoxesLean FastCapLean11-08-20111424
U Shaped DeskLean FastCapLean11-08-201116802
Should I file for a patent?Lean FastCapLean11-05-20112746
Lean Office ProceduresLean FastCapLean11-03-20113950
Lean Problem Solving 2P-102P-10Adhesive & Filler Systems09-16-20111653
Lean QR codesLean FastCapLean08-23-20111192
Lean KitchenLean FastCapLean08-22-201131376
What is Six Sigma? (funny)--Morning Meeting07-20-2011135132
Lean Japan TourLean OrganizationsLean06-06-2011688
OverviewKaizen FoamLean Resources05-19-20111392
TipsKaizen FoamLean Resources05-19-20117067
HOD OverviewSmall Hand ToolsPRO Tools05-18-2011756
Lean OrganizationsKaizen FoamLean Resources05-18-20112380
Dually Grommet IntroJigs & FixturingPRO Tools05-17-2011691
Lean Wood ChoppingLean HomesLean05-11-20112734298
Lean Battery HolderLean FastCapLean04-28-2011436
Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed--Morning Meeting04-26-2011606732
Dr. Wei Tours FastCapLean FastCapLean04-08-2011691
Lean conversation with Dr. Mora of Group HealthLean OrganizationsLean04-08-2011352
EZ-StripeEZ-StripeLean Resources04-08-2011310
Lean FailureLean FastCapLean03-30-20111041
Lean MetricsLean FastCapLean03-22-2011478
Lean Tool BoxLean FastCapLean03-04-2011915
How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD--Morning Meeting03-01-201118599148
Karate Kid I Training Montage--Morning Meeting02-25-201177468
Boeing Assembly Line--Morning Meeting02-01-2011252584
56 Beers Filled In One MinuteLean OrganizationsLean12-26-2010306867
Inside one of Amazon\\\'s busiest days--Morning Meeting12-17-2010153020
For Traveling--PRO Tools11-22-2010408
Improving the Fastedge TableLean FastCapLean10-11-20101185
World Poverty and Gumballs--Morning Meeting09-10-20101595463
Lean Workbench ImprovementsLean FastCapLean08-23-2010570
Lean NotepadLean FastCapLean08-23-20101777
Old Folks (Chinese New Year 2006)--Morning Meeting08-19-2010694284
Brittney's Lean 2P-10 Solo Kit station improvementLean FastCapLean08-06-2010470
Mastermind Principle--Morning Meeting07-25-20106408
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