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“Suggestion Box”

We watched this 1945 movie from the US Office of War Information World War II during our morning meeting. “How war plant workers made suggestions that resulted in efficiency and economy.”

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Zero Waste Town!

Check out this Facebook link for a video about Kamikatsu, Japan…a zero waste town!

Lean Roads

100% Lean-roads in Israel. No traffic lights!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Full Speed Ahead for China’s Rail System

We better become phenomenal at lean or we haven’t got a chance!


For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

King County Executive Says County Is Getting ‘Leaner’

King County Executive Dow Constantine gave his State of the County address yesterday. He spent a good deal time talking about how some county operations have gotten more efficient under his administration. Constantine credits a Japanese production process that is aimed at cutting waste. KUOW’s Deborah Wang has more.

Traffic “Flow”

This is a magical video on the power of Flow. Flow is one of the major tenants of understanding and becoming a lean thinker. When ever thing stop and start waste appears, conversely efficiency is gained when we work towards Flow. Enjoy and the next time you enter a round about cheer and thank a Lean thinker! Thanks Michelle. for sending me this video.
Part 1: Roads FiT for People

Part 2: Roads FiT for People

What is lean?

Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers discusses cutting 10% out of the Federal Government!

Newt Gingrich

Please watch this Video. Newt Gingrich is wrong on one point. We should not teach lean to every member of congress, we should DEMAND that they are Lean experts in order to be a part of congress. We don’t have the time to teach them Lean.

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