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Archive for Adhesive & Filler Systems

Need to fill holes in finished woodwork with a custom color?

FastCap’s SoftWax is a great way to fill holes in finished woodwork! The refillable Soft Wax Kit comes with 20 blendable color options, a WaxWedge, and a buffing pad. The hardshell case keeps the wax where you want it when you want it.

Want to easily prevent caulking tubes from drying out?

FastCap’s Sealant Saver was developed by a cabinet maker to prevent caulking tubes from drying out. Simply fill the tube with water or mineral oil and place open caulking tube down into the Sealant Saver tube. The Sealant Saver creates an airtight seal that prevents caulk or silicones from drying out. It easily mounts with screws to any surface.

Adam Lucas puts FastCap’s GluBot Quick Grip to good use turning this tray into a caddy.

Want a no-clog solution for your glue bottle?

FastCap’s GluNip stretches and fits nearly any glue bottle. The durable & supple silicone tip is the perfect no-clog solution for keeping your glue fresh and ready to use. Nothing sticks to it!

Want to squeeze with ease?

FastCap’s 2P-10 Easy Squeeze is designed to hold any 2oz bottle of 2P-10 allowing you to easily squeeze glue out. Works best with 2P-10 Jel and Thick viscosities.

2P-10 Caddy

The 2P-10 Caddy is designed to hold your 10 oz. bottle of 2P-10 Jel upside down, so it is always ready to use with your 12 oz can of Activator.

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