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Reveal Square – Product Demonstration

Paul Akers demonstrates how to use the Fastcap product Reveal Square.

Lean U shaped cells

Paul Akers talks about why they use U shaped cells at FastCap and how they apply Lean Principles.

Lean: over processing boxes

Paul Akers talks about the over processing box in an effort to explain Lean Principles.

Should I file for a patent?

Paul answers the question, “Should I file for a patent on my idea?”

Lean Office Procedures

Jenny shows us how she improved FastCap’s Office Process Book by applying lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean PE Equipment Storage Room

One classmate shares how to organize equipment using lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Garbage Can

A classmate shares a brilliant idea on keeping the garbage bag from collapsing into the garbage can when something gets tossed into it. Simple. Easy. Lean principles applied!

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean DML 1000

How classmates designed and created a very cool new tool to mark lines on a soccer field applying lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Hallway

How we keep our shoes organized in our school’s hallway using visual controls and lean principle.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Mail Slots

While applying lean principles, our class built these mail slots so that we can save multiple amounts of time!

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