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Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords?

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords? With FastCap’s Reel-It-In the hassle stops! Simply remove the VHB adhesive lining, place the Reel-It-In on a cord reel (not included), loop the cord mid-point on the lip, and Reel-It-In! The Reel-It-In fits on cord reels with a 4 inch or more space. This product is great for speed and ease on ANY job.

Want to give our Mandrel a twist?

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Quick Mandrel … all it takes is a quick twist!

Kaizen Labels for Kaizen Boxes

FastCap’s Erasable Kaizen Labels fit our Kaizen Boxes perfectly but can be used for so much more. Use a Sharpie™, grease pencil, or water-soluble pen.

Need to hold your dust barrier firmly in place?

The Door Mag eliminates the need to buy expensive single-use self-adhesive zippers. Our Door Mags easily create in and out access through any dust barrier wall by utilizing high-performance neodymium magnets.

Want to make quick work of installing adjustable shelving?

Brian Way, of BP Way,  demonstrates how quite and easy it is to install European style adjustable shelving with FastCaps’s Layout Tape System.

I love my FatBoy!

The contest is done but the FatBoy review by Gradually Wizardly is still worth the watch!

Need the ultimate magnet?

FastCap’s Super Mag is great for any time you want to hold something to a metal surface. It is powered by 6 high-performance neodymium magnets encased in soft non-marring EVA. An extra-long knob allows for quick placement and removal.

Need a easy panel fastener?

FastCap’s BeauClip invented by Dominic Beaulieu is an easy fastener system for panels. The system is a secure, reusable, durable and effective way to prevent panels from slipping, falling and constantly being repaired.

For more information on FastCap’s BeauClip, visit our website.

How BeauClip’s Work

Up Close

Wall Panel Demo

Hidden Fastener

Screw Gun Holder for Bench Brush


For your amusement:

I’ve been having fun with FastCap’s Screw Gun Holder Starter Kit. That was a great idea to ‘bundle’ the elements in that fashion. I hope you sell a lot of the kits.

I set my eye on maybe using one of the holders to hang my bench brush. See, my horsehair ‘foxtail’ bench brush has bugged me for ages. Hanging it by looping its leather thong onto a hook is a struggle. Likewise grabbing the brush off the hook, then having to shift my grip to use the brush. And the leather thong is a nuisance during use.

Straight-up, a stock screw gun holder didn’t work well. So I made some modifications! As follows, and shown in attached JPGs.

Cut the end stop out of an open-type screw gun holder.
Craft a filler block from a scrap of 2×2.
Make a self-centering end stop, coped to fit the brush; glue it to the filler block.
Add a small shim behind the filler block to fill the void there.
Drill a couple of shank holes, countersink ’em, and install the assembly under my shelf.

So far this works fantastic!

I think I’ll rotate the holder about 30 degrees CCW in plan view. I’m right-handed, so that would make it easier to remove and replace the brush in the holder. Worth a try to potentially reduce the struggle of twisting my wrist.

Diggin’ your products, dude. Sano.

James Horecka, AIA
Architect & Contractor

Stop dropping your brads

FastCap’s Flush Cut Trimmer Products will help stop the struggle, saving you time and money. They are the first tool you will pull out of your bag every time! The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers work great with wood and PVC edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018″-.025”.

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