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Need to mark safe distance from machinery?

The EZ-Stripe makes organization clean and easy. Use it to mark pathways for foot traffic, to indicated safe distances from potentially dangerous machines, or to maintain visual control in the workplace.

MagBand to the rescue!

William Bailey fixes what bugs him by using a FastCap MagBand to keep his pen exactly where he needs it!

Fastcaps to the rescue again!

Emma at Klime-Ezee, uses FastCap’s namesake, the Fastcap Cover Caps, to fix what bugs her!

Meet our namesake!

Fastcap Cover Caps are the finishing touch to a professional job! They are self-adhesive screw cover caps, made with ultra-bond high performance PSA adhesive which increases in strength as it cures. Thousands of shapes, sizes and material types available!

Always losing your screws and bits?

The Power Mags for Screw Gun will help you keep everything together! It features one large neodymium high performance magnet with a VHB Foam tape on the back to secure to your Screw Gun.

Looking to keep you eyes safe?

All CatEyes Safety Glasses are featherweight, anti-fog coated, and have shatterproof , scratch resistant wraparound lenses. They come in Adult or Youth sizes in a variety of colors. They also come with Diopter Magnification and provide UV Protection.

Mounting a sanding disk

Peter Fokos sent us this video show his tip on how to mount a sanding disk on a random orbital sander. Now that’s Lean.

Is your apron a pain in the neck?

Ballistic Apron series has been designed specifically with the woodworking professional in mind. All of the aprons are made out of rugged ballistic nylon with self-healing hook & loop pockets. Our Aprons have long, fully adjustable straps the sit on your shoulder, not your neck.

Lean Cup Holder

Paul Akers discusses how to make a Lean cup holder.

Want an easy way to countersink our PowerHead Screw?

The FlushMount Drill Bit System incorporates a unique ball bearing stop collar that controls the recess depth of the drill and allows the stop collar to stop spinning when it comes in contact with the surface. Perfect way to countersink our PowerHead Screws.