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Fastcap Showroom is Temporarily Closed

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our showroom/retail space is closed to the public until further notice. We are still fulfilling online orders. So please go to our website (where you will find many videos to learn more about our products), or contact customer service at +1-888-443-3748 or +1-360-752-2138 or info@fastcap.com.

Storing 3rd Hand Tripod

Paul Comi comes up with an ingenious way to store FastCap’s 3rd Hand Tripod3rd Hand Tripod in his work van!

Adam Lucas puts FastCap’s GluBot Quick Grip to good use turning this tray into a caddy.

Do you need a Dually Grommet?

FastCap’s Dually Grommet is what cabinet makers have been asking for. It is a dual-sided interference locking grommet that finishes both sides of your hole. Works with depths from 3/4” to 2 1/2”. It snaps together to give holes a finished look in seconds! There is also a one-sided flush grommet (comes in white only).

Kaizen Foam to the rescue!

Brian Roesch is a self-proclaimed reformed pig…thanks to FastCap’s Kaizen Foam!

Need a hand replacing your garbage disposal?

Lukas Holland provides an overview of FastCap’s 3rd Hand product! The Low Profile Disposal Jack gets low and holds up the disposal so you don’t have to! For more information on this product, visit our website.


Want a fast way to flattening your Kaizen Foam cutouts?

FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Spinner is an innovative tool to flatten the cutouts in Kaizen Foam. Simply click it into any impact gun or drill and spin until the cutout is smooth and flat. The two sizes allow you to work within small or large cutouts quickly and easily. Sold as a set.

Why stop to pick up the hoe and again to pick up the rake?

No more unnecessary interruptions when gardening. Why stop to pick up the hoe and again to pick up the rake? The Rake N’ Hoe Mini has combined both tools in one to allow for a continuous workflow. This tool will save you loads of time. Now all you have to do is rake, flip, and hoe. No more back-breaking work, just extra time to sip lemonade and enjoy your beautifully manicured yard.

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords?

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords? With FastCap’s Reel-It-In the hassle stops! Simply remove the VHB adhesive lining, place the Reel-It-In on a cord reel (not included), loop the cord mid-point on the lip, and Reel-It-In! The Reel-It-In fits on cord reels with a 4 inch or more space. This product is great for speed and ease on ANY job.

Want to give our Mandrel a twist?

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Quick Mandrel … all it takes is a quick twist!

Kaizen Labels for Kaizen Boxes

FastCap’s Erasable Kaizen Labels fit our Kaizen Boxes perfectly but can be used for so much more. Use a Sharpie™, grease pencil, or water-soluble pen.

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