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Want to make a sofa?

Johnny Brooke, of Crafted Magazine, shared this video showing how to DIY’ers can make a sofa.

For more information on FastCap’s FlushMount Drill Bit System, visit our website.

Drawer Front Clamp Introduction

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s newest clamp to help cabinetmakers… the Drawer Front Clamp.

For more information on FastCap’s Drawer Front Clamp, visit our website.

Applying CA Glue Finish

Drew Oxford, of Ox In The Shop, shared this video showing just how easy it is to apply 2P-10 Products to a woodturned pen.

Want the latest security tool for any roll up truck?

tail-lock-1024x800The Tail Lock is a wireless locking system that allows you to simply close it, click it, and lock it. Recessed bolts secure the lock to the bottom of your truck quickly, easily, and are fully enclosed to prevent access when locked. Welded aluminum housing protects the wireless locking cylinder to prevent tampering. Additional safety feature allows you to open the lock even without power in case of emergency using the included custom tooling. Don’t be a statistic – or even risk becoming one!

NEW Biesse CNC Machine

Tyler Erickson and Ron Paulk show off FastCap’s beautiful new Biesse CNC Machine that will be used to make the Paulk Workbench.

Busy does not equal productive

We watched this in our morning meeting. Such good words.

Want a one handed Sharpie?

The Sharpie Holster is a nifty little tool designed to make using a Sharpie on the job easier and more efficient. Fitted with a belt/pocket clip and bench and table mounting options, your Sharpie can now easily be capped and uncapped with one hand, saving you time. The cap simply clips into the holster and then to your pocket, wall, or table, keeping your sharpie right where you need it.

Want to make your own bench pads?

With the TracPad you can make your own bench pads! Peel & Stick the traction rubber to both sides of a wood block and these pads will grab your bench and the wood for amazing staying power.

Staples will never be a problem again!

1/4″ staples will never be a problem again! The Staple Setter solves the long time problem of misfired 1/4″ staples. Recess crown staples perfectly at 1/16″ below the surface, with just the tap of a hammer, like your nail gun was supposed to, with no struggle.

Introducing our ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure

Every had trouble finding the center for a board? Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure which will help.

For more information on FastCap’s ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure, visit our website.