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Track Rack works good

by Joseph

These work great with my shorter track (55 inch length). One thing I didn't expect: my long track requires 3 of them (110-inch track). If you use only 2 it doesn't hold the track tightly enough to the overhead door when it's open / above your head. It would be nice if offered in a 1-pack or a 3-pack for these circumstances

Thanks, Joseph. I'll pass this along.

Great Customer Service!!

by John Brady

Just got off the phone with an outstanding FastCap representative by the name of Thomas. This young man could not have been more cordial and knowledgeable. Not only did he identify the parts needed for my 3rd Hand, the company has the confidence in him to replace the parts that he said should not have failed. FastCap, hang on to this young man, he's a good one!!!

Thanks for the feedback! We will pass this on to Thomas!

Love the Track Racks

by JerrySats

These work great , I mounted my 2700 MM track to the garage door . I didn't like how the middle scags down so I made a little bracket to secure the middle . Worked like a charm . Maybe you guys could make something to include with the track racks .

Thanks for the feedback, Jerry!

Flex tool bag

by Les

Now I can easily switch tools that I need for a certain job without bringing all my tools.


Makes me smile every time I use it!

by Derek Haynie

The Taper Lock should be standard equipment with every driver drill. It completely eliminates any wobble and bit swapping is effortless. Amazing tool!

Thanks, Derek!

I developed the Speed Divider with Fastcap and had know idea of the scale of the improvements to come.

by Brian Kliss

Another item from the shop floor! Originally I made these just to divide molding and vertical lumber storage in our shop and it does that job really well. But then Paul Akers went nuts with it and opened up a rabbit hole of uses - Rakes, brooms, ladders, PVC, EMT, angle iron, aluminum extrusions, etc, etc...basically anything that is long and doesn't fit in a box. Storing things vertically really opened my eyes up to how much WASTE there is in storing things horizontally. No more stacks of things with the thing you need at the bottom. No more wasted space between racks. Stop lying down and go vertical!

We love your product, Brian!

The Screw Gun Holder is a Great idea...excellent implementation

by mcmatthelake

My wood shop is crowded, counter space can become build space in the blink of an eye. I truly believe that tools are like gasses and can expand to whatever the size of your shop. The screw gun brackets with under table mount mean zero counter space utilized and maximum availability of the tool. If i had known about these prior to designing my shop i would have actually made accommodations for these in other areas. Now i hope they design one for my battery nailers and grex cordless pinner.

Thanks, I'll pass that along!

Great idea to protect $$$$ guide rails

by Art

Love the idea of the Track Rack, bought a set for mounting 55” guide and a set for my 102” guide. After installing, I noticed that there was significant bowing on the 102” and ordered a 3rd set to add a 3rd track rack for the middle of the long guide. Not complaining, just observing. Also, I am trying an upside down installation so the guide rail rests on the square back of the rail and not the rubber splinter guard. Not sure why this was not the original installation instruction? Thanks for offering this great product

Paul made a video about this very thing! He also suggested hanging them vertically, if you have the room.

service tech

by Allen Beers

I ordered the square flex bag it works perfectly for my needs. The best part about it I only waited a day to receive it very satisfied. Thank You. Al Beers

Super, Al!

Almost Perfect

by Bryan

MyGrip is a great product. Used it on the wooden handles on some older Bessey clamps and basically turned them into 2K handles. The only thing I'd change is an option for a flat version rather than just the ones that are thicker in the middle with finger grooves pre-molded into them.

Glad you like them! We used to sell the pellets, so you could make whatever you want, but they didn't sell well.

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