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I might be biased, but...

by Kliss Cabinets

I used to Kliss Clamps exclusively for applying Fastedge, but then after developing the clamp with Fastcap and having a couple extra around, I started using them to nail up cabinets, route shelves on edge, and more. So much better than using a cumbersome screw clamp on edge and way more stable. And now a Kliss Clamp XL for doors is available also!

Great ideas, Brian!

Best product for custom tool organisation

by Branden Delisio

Awesome product. came with 2 sheets, each 2' x 4'. I found that 30 mm was perfect for my tool drawers. take your time. Buy the long nose marker (silver) and hot knife with adjustable thermostat from fastcap. I used the hot knife "stamp" accessory to make finger holes to pick up the tools out of the foam and to smoothen out height transitions underneath the tools in the white. the hot stamp does not discolor the white foam as long as you keep it at the medium/low temp. Also remove any black residue on the stamp before pressing into the white foam. that will help keep the white clean and crisp.

Good aftersales

by Bram

After my glubot was letting me down, Fastcap didn't. They did averything to help me solve the issue. So thumbs up for Fastcap!

So sorry for your troubles! So glad we could help! FastCap's products are guaranteed for life!

Very strong and accurate

by Brads Workbench

I have many options in my shop from digital angle finders- 123 blocks. Since getting the 2 Magnetic Micro Squares I hardly ever use them. Both of these are my go to tools when checking of setting up my table Saw, miter Saw, and jointer. The magnets are incredibly strong and the squares are extremely accurate. The base also makes them handy for small marking and layout.

Love hearing this! Thanks!

Superb except...

by PhillyNess

Well after watching a few youtube reviews and seeing many woodworkers using the ProCarpenter Tape Measure I had to check it out. Good price and great features were a superb selling point. Overall everything was great except 1 tinny little thing that unfortunately made me return. Such a shame otherwise it is a SUPERB TAPE MEASURE.

The new versions apparently have a Nylon Coating that extends the life of the blade and that is a great idea. The only gripe I have is that because of the coating it changes the color of the blade from White to LAVENDER/PURPLE. I have seen other tapes on market also use a coating but theirs is clear. Such a shame but looking at a lavender/purple tape measure all day is bothersome to my eyes.

I also have the Yellow version (mm and inches) and that one must be the older model because blade is pure WHITE and a pleasure to use. Such a shame.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll pass this along! We are testing nylon wrapped blade on our Standard/Standard Reverse only. It makes it easier to slide out, the blade will never wear out, and now it gives you an extra foot of standoff. Still has standard measurements that are readable from the right or left. on our Standard/Standard Reverse only.

Great stuff

by Wes Garcia

I use Kaizen Foam to protect my model trains while traveling to train shows in my area. I don't have to worry about the fine detail parts being damaged or knocked off. I will be getting more soon, adding more cars and locomotives to my collection. No trouble cutting it and it seems to hold up very well over time.

What a fun application!

Buying More Box Clips

by Dave Sheffield

I didn't want to buy 20 just to try them out so FastCap sent me 2 on the house and my employees love them and want me to put in an actual order.

The tips did break off after a couple weeks of use but we just used a #4 diameter, 3/8" long flat head screw and screwed it through the hole where the tips broke off and they work fine. That'd be my only critique though, that maybe the tips could be beefier.

Thanks, I'll pass your feedback along!

Jack of All Trades...A MUST HAVE

by Bob

I install kitchen cabinets as my main gig. I love this jack & highly recommend it

Thanks, Bob!

Exceptional Product!!!

by T Clark

Love the Super Reel! Easy to put together and works as described. I really like the off-balanced design as it prevents your hose from coming off the reel all at once. This is a product that is well thought out and shows the power of human Ingenuity. My only negative is the coupler used to connect your vacuum hose is a bit wonky. By wonky I mean it moves a bit when your hose is connected to it but this in no way prevents the unit from functioning correctly. Thanks FastCap for another excellent product!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!


GluBot works way better than the glue bottles!!

by Chris A

I brought mine at menards because i was tired of buying little bottles. Buying by the gallon is cheaper. So i grabbed this off the self. When i first used it it wasn't working until I figured i had to cut the tip to my desired hole size. I used it that same day and it worked wonderful. I like that i can pour glue on any direction. I read reviews and mine has the black gasket lol.... I just want to buy more tips so i can have different ones with different hole sizes. Or replacements in case i dropped it and break the tip.

Thanks! We love hearing this! Here is a link to all the GluBot Accessories. https://www.fastcap.com/product/glubot-family-accessories

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