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Very professional finish with the FlushMount Drill Bit System

by Jeff Suedbeck

I build cabinets as a side job and previously I had used a forstner bit to do a similar task but always seemed to have trouble getting the depth right. This tool allows me to set it up 1 time and use it repeatedly and get the exact depth I need. Additionally the FastCap screw covers fit in the hole perfectly. I love it.

Super, Jeff!

Great Saw Hood

by Andrew Jones

We at Tree Care of Lafayette purchased this Saw Hood and it was a great investment. Good quality and does what it's meant to do.

Super, thanks!

Kaizen Foam - Excellent product

by Darwin

I used this to shadow my tool box for my A&P tools. It was absolutely fantastic to work with. Some people mentioned it could be hard to remove the foam but I found that so long as you watch the videos FastCap made, it worked extremely well! Will definitely be picking more of this up for my larger home tool box! If you’re a sticker for tool accountability as well as organization, get some Kaizen Foam!

Super, Darwin!

FatBoy Pencil - Best woodworking pencil

by Don Shaw

I bought this last year and it's my go-to pencil every time. I love the thick lead that has not broken on me yet and the sharpener on the cap.

I did lose the eraser this year and I don't see where refills are sold unless there's a standard replacement from another manufacturer. Don't use the eraser a lot but there are times I do need to.

Thanks, Don. Please contact Thomas (thomas@fastcap.com or 888-443-3748). He’ll take care of it.

BeauClip - Excellent product, BUT

by Mark Dice

BeauClips hold great, too great. Before final install of side panels in boat I tested a BeauClip on two pieces of 3/4" cypress. Followed instructions - a half inch hole and correct screws. Upon removal, or attempted removal, the "pin" side of the BeauClip pulled off the screws! The problem was that the "socket" side was not allowed to expand adequately to let the pin escape.

Make sure you install the socket on the fiberglass "side", or other thin material. If the pin is attached to the fiberglass, and socket to the plywood, you may have a devil of a time removing it. If you need to hold two thicker pieces together make sure to ream the 1/2" hole a bit to allow the socket to expand.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark!

PowerHead Wood Screws - These are exactly what i was looking for

by Triston Zismer

These screws are life savers pairing them with the flush mount drill bit system its a match made in heaven definitely gonna be using this for a long time

Thanks, Triston!

Why didnt i buy this sooner - Why didnt i buy this sooner

by Triston Zismer

This is the type of tool that will be passed down for generations thats how well maid it is there is literately nothing like and nothing that can do its job better I waited to long for this.

Love hearing this, Triston!

2P-10 Solo Kit is Perfect

by Triston Zismer

This Glue and Activator were just what i needed, I had a little bit of veneer coming up from my plywood and I was able to squeeze some 2p-10 in between and spray a little bit of activator it was good as new really saved my butt.


SpeedTape is Incredible

by Triston Zismer

I cant say anything bad about this speed tape, Its strong but not to strong to where you would damage your work pieces when trying to separate them

Good to hear, Triston!

Fastedge Tool Kit is Fantastic

by Triston Zismer

Freaking incredible this makes installing the Fast Edge a breeze and the quality of the tools are uncanny you cant buy the ease and reliability of knowing that these tools are gonna do what they are designed to to do every time.

So glad it worked well for you, Triston!

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