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Been using ProCarpenter Tape Measure for 6 years

by RobertB

I've been using the 16' righty/lefty standard reverse for several years now. It's durable, accurate, and I love the coating on the tape. It works as good as the day I bought it, but I did lose the belt clip. Main use is in my woodworking shop where I never need anymore than 16'. Best tape measure on the market as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks, Robert. Sorry about the belt clip. Please contact Thomas (thomas@fastcap.com or 888-443-3748) for a replacement.

The Rip Grip Works

by Justin Bernhoft

To calibrate it was super easy. A little grabby trying to slide the knob onto the track. I really like how it’s a small package for portable but honestly this will not replace my TSO parallel guide system. I will keep this in a sustainer for field work on the occasion. I really don’t know how long the tape would last if this was using a regular basis. Because it’s just a regular tape and the weight aspect of it it’s gonna make it bend and end up breaking. Would the flat back tape works better?

The curved blade is necessary for the auto rewind of the tape. It certainly is not as robust as the TSO system, but it is a quality tool with a much smaller footprint.

Little Hand - Sink Repair

by Kevin Webb

Our undermounted kitchen sink had started to drop down. Found this 2pc set online then located a local dealer who had them in stock. These worked great. I was able to lower the sink onto these about 6 inches or so from the counter which allowed me to be able to clean the sink lip of all old sealant, reseal, then lift straight back into place. I was glad I didn't have to remove the sink completely. Would definitely recommend for anyone, such as a plumber, who fix sinks link this on a regular basis.

Good job, Kevin! Thanks for sharing.

Peel & Stick Tape Width

by Lou Smith

Love this tape but I wish this would come in 1/2 wide for the Dewalt table saws

Thanks, Lou, I'll pass this along.

Izzy's Track Guide - As good as my track saw

by Paul Howard

I purchased the track guide from Amazon after seeing Izzy's YouTube video. Also purchased the 48 inch safe cut rail the rail is dead straight and the anti slip on the bottom is a great idea. I installed my dewalt cordless circular saw and now make very straight cuts. I intend to make a mount for my router and jig saw. I recommend it!!!

Love hearing this. Thanks!

Awesome customer service

by Conor Manfrin

I’ve had a Bestfence for a few years and loved it but, just recently, had a small issue and emailed fastcap about it. A reply came within about 30 minutes asking a few questions and then they asked for my address so they could send me a new part. I was shocked when it came the following day. No charge!

We love happy customers! Thanks, Connor.

Kaizen Foam - Better than the rest

by Joshua J Erkman

This shadow foam is much easier to use and provides a better end product than foam from [other suppliers]. Not only that but it is 18 times cheaper by volume than the competitor. This should be the #1 foam on the market. There are 2 primary advantages. #1 it is thick and can fill the full depth of the tool drawer, this is an engineering control preventing the storage of additional items on top of the foam ensuring things stay neat. #2 it allows for precise depth control of your tool shadows. This enables you to embed tools half way into the foam leaving the tops above the surface of the foam. Not only does this look crisp and professional but it also removes the need for finger holes further improving the appearance.

Thanks, Joshua!

Very professional finish with the FlushMount Drill Bit System

by Jeff Suedbeck

I build cabinets as a side job and previously I had used a forstner bit to do a similar task but always seemed to have trouble getting the depth right. This tool allows me to set it up 1 time and use it repeatedly and get the exact depth I need. Additionally the FastCap screw covers fit in the hole perfectly. I love it.

Super, Jeff!

Great Saw Hood

by Andrew Jones

We at Tree Care of Lafayette purchased this Saw Hood and it was a great investment. Good quality and does what it's meant to do.

Super, thanks!

Kaizen Foam - Excellent product

by Darwin

I used this to shadow my tool box for my A&P tools. It was absolutely fantastic to work with. Some people mentioned it could be hard to remove the foam but I found that so long as you watch the videos FastCap made, it worked extremely well! Will definitely be picking more of this up for my larger home tool box! If you’re a sticker for tool accountability as well as organization, get some Kaizen Foam!

Super, Darwin!

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