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I got Paulked today !

by Mike

Beginning woodworker here who looked online at dozens of workbenches looking for one to build for my 2 car garage workspace. Nothing seemed right until I saw the Paulk bench. And THEN I saw that FastCap builds them and my search was over. UPS rocket shipped it to me and rolled the crate right into my garage, absolutely no hassle. Whoever built this did a fantastic job, really tight unit. Yeah, of course I stood on it, why not. Tomorrow, I'm going to start on cabinets, shelves and making a mess. Ciao, Thanks.

Response:Thanks Mike. Enjoy!

Knuckle Bender is a GREAT TOOL!!!

by Jerome

I do handyman jobs on the side. Just got my Knuclke Bender a few days ago and have used it on a few residential hinges. This tool works like a charm, I’m glad I bought this instead of the ones that cost 5 times more. Just using it for one door on my house already makes up for the cost, I definitely recommend this.

Response:Thanks Jerome. We love hearing this!

FatBoy Pencil

by Michael Pietras

Great pencil I’m replacing the original one I had stolen. They write great but this time I have had to return the last one because the sharpener wasn’t leaving a point it was more rounded over. The current one I have I bought online this time hoping it would be better but the eraser keeps falling out when I turn it upside down. I love this pencil but the quality control is poor.


Sorry for the issues you have experienced with your FatBoy pencil, but I am glad to hear that you enjoy using the product. The issue with the eraser is a manufacturing defect that we are aware of and have corrected, please let me know your mailing address and I will send you a small container with replacement erasers of the correct size at no charge. Our sincere apologies for including the wrong size eraser with that product.

We work every day to improve our products, sorry we have missed the mark, but I want to do what I can to make this right for you. All of our products are guaranteed to be defect free, so if you ever encounter a problem like this again please contact us and we will make it right for you.

Super Reel Hose adapter hole off center

by Joe Giannina

Great product but could not get hose adapter into hole. The machined shoulder was off center. I had to disassemble the reel and so I could used a Dremel tool to re-machine the hole. After that I was able to securely press the adapter into place.

I suggest checking the fit of the hose adapter prior to assembling the reel.

Response:Thanks for the heads up Joe. I'm very sorry you experience this and glad you were able to fix it. We have ordered a new Swivel Cuff that we designed that should fix the problem!

Bought One (Kliss Clamp), good decision

by Lou Kirby

I do a lot of tall book shelves, and other case work. Had been meaning to throw a jig of some sort together to do the same thing. Somehow I never get around to it and then I need it and wish I had taken the time to make one. Bought two of these and used them for the first time last week. Couldn't ask for more. They worked great for me and I highly recommend for anyone assembling case goods who need a third hand.

Response:Love hearing this. Thanks Lou!

Showing off your products!

by Omar Guerrero

I'm not sure if you remember me but we had a few lengthy conversations a while back and you were extremly generous and gave me a coupon to use in your store. I purchased a bunch of items that I probably would never purchase and quickly became in love with your products and a huge advocate for your products. I'm a contractor and get to show off your products on basically every jobsite I'm on. I really wanted to share a couple experiences where I was able to show off the products. The frontrunner I would say was a job where I was hired to install 24 kitchens. I was hired for labor only and they wanted us to work around other crews so both I and the trimmer started on a Sunday morning. He was installing doors and I the kitchens which both require a boatload of shims. When we started looking for them we had none and the nearest home center was closed. I had my fastshim in my gangbox and commissioned a cedar 2x from one of the decks. I cut enough for myself and the trimmer cut about 2 buckets worth. At the end of the day he asked if he could buy the tool from me and I politely said no and guided him to your site. He insisted and threw me $100 for it and again I refused. Long story short he gave me the $100 and off he went. This was about 5-6 months ago and I ran into him on another on Saturday. He now has one in each truck and hasn't purchased a shim since. Instead he keeps a few 2x4's in his trucks. He then was introducing me into some of your products I don't have yet.

>> Next I did a job where the customer wanted her countertop overhang without any supports so I purchased 5 stealth speed braces on Amazon and cut them into the knee wall. I did nothing special and it looked good but the countertop installer saw it as the next coming of Christ. I use him on every job and have been noticing he puts them in even on short overhangs. They are extra useful on installs where the overhang is behind a sink since there isn't much meat holding everything together. He states its the cheapest insurance on his work...

Response:This is fantastic! Thanks, Omar.

Jack of All Trades Works Well

by Reese Turbin

I have two of these. One really saved me on a job yesterday.

Client had a rail-mounted closet system (EZ Closets, Martha Stewart) in a tight walk in closet.

I noticed one shelf was not level, I thought someone else misplaced the pins on one side. Then I realized part of the support rail was not properly installed, and it was pulling away from the wall, and two of the adjacent vertical boards were sagging about an inch.

I used one of these to jack up the vertical panels, (they don't touch the floor). I was able to install a 3" x 3" L-bracket under two adjacent verticals, with a very heavy duty drywall toggle.

It would have been very difficult for another person to muscle the shelves up and hold them in place without this jack.

Absent the jack; the closet would have to have been completely emptied out, taken off the wall, and the rail re-installed (easily a half day of work).

Yeah, these things, like most good tools, are worth the price.

Response: That's super Reese! Thanks for sharing.

Cateye Update!

by Barry

Wife's coworker saw my sunglasses, and wanted a pair. I sent her the link to here. Her brother saw them, and stole them. Now she has a new pair, her brother has a pair, and her dad is getting a pair to ride with!

Response: Love this!

PMS-16 (Lever action belt clip)

by Bruce W Campbell

Excellent tape. I don't like the lever action belt clip. Changed mine out to one that just slips onto the SpeedClip

happy camper

by Michael J Curtin

lefty righty ProCarpenter Tape Measure works as expected if not better. have had broken brake on the older 25' and had to fine tune the 16' to prevent the return function from jamming

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