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best fence bench mount system

by Wade

Just completed the installation on my new best fence bench mount. I found the set up to just "okay". Things just seem to be kind of clunky. The the fitment of things was not as precise as I would expect for this price point. My biggest complaint, and maybe there's a fix for it, is the sliding precision stop doesn't slide very smoothly. Very clunky and cheap feel to it. If I would have been able to see this set up somewhere prior to buying, I probably would not have purchased this. I will add, customer service was very good on all of my questions prior to purchasing.

Response: Sorry to hear this, Wade. Did you watch any of our videos? Also, call and ask to speak with Tyler (888-443-3748). He can assist you. If that doesn't help, please know that all our products are guaranteed for life.

Industry Person of the Year Award

by Tom Post

Hi Paul,

The California Industrial and Technology Education Association would like to present to you our Industry Person of the Year Award for your support of teachers in the building trades and your generous donations to our organization which again we pass on to more teachers.

Over the past 6 years I have called for donations of safety glasses and tape measures to place in our attendees registration bags and your company as had them delivered to my door within two days. We would also like to recognize your efforts and contributions to the industry with the development of unique tools and accessories.

Our 2018 Annual CITEA State Conference will be held at Cuesta College on Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, the 24th. The Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday around noon...

Thank you,
Tom Post
CITEA - Treasurer
Conference Committee


by Jim Rust

JUST kidding!! ☺

Just ordered 2 super reels. I have been looking for something like this for years.

Your 2 second lean has change my business, work place is cleaner and struggle reduced, but never ending process

Thanks, Jim Rust

Response: Ha! Thanks Jim!

Front Drawer Clamp...Great design for a needed application!

by Marc Matthews

I was scouting around the FastCap website and expecting to see innovation and here is one that I will own. I have to admit, I was seeing the clamp to the drawer box and the holding of the drawer front, but I didn't realize that the hardware was able to fit inside when closed to the cabinet box! GREAT JOB AND DESIGN!

Thanks Marc!

Sharpie Holster is an Awesome Product!

by Ken Hale

I don't know how I lived without this product! I put on my sharpie holster first thing when I arrive at the shop and now I am always ready to label a part, tool, cabinet, or anything else I come across all with the ease of one handed operation. Thanks FastCap!

Love hearing this. Thanks Ken!

Reel It In Works like a charm

by Beth

4+ stars: works just like it's suppose to: Can Reel it in, in half the time. Love it !! Thank you!

Response: Love hearing this!

shout out

by Dave George

I want to give a shout out to all the WONDERFUL people on the production floor who share their ideas on your videos. You guys are the real movie stars of our world – you inspire and change people’s hearts and minds. This is the Human spirit in action and you are making a difference in this world that matters. Please don’t ever forget that.

Response: Thanks so much Dave! I'll pass the word along!

Have to watch the video

by David Tuttle

I had one [Long Nose Marker] that long tip dried up in one day... FastCap sent me the YouTube video (Acetone on the tip - https://youtu.be/JvKba_lt8Gs) and two new markers. great customer service

Response: Love hearing that. Thanks David!

Endless Uses for SpeedTape

by John Hutsko

I'm an engineer at a 4 star resort and I always keep a roll in my tool bag. I've used it to reattach furniture trim, carpet, wallpaper seams etc... but my #1 use is repairing the hem on the bottom rail of window shades. In the past it meant a trip back to the shop to glue and clamp but now I'm able to fix them in place which is a great time saver. My only complaint is the size of the inner core, I re-roll mine onto a scotch tape core for reduced size.

Response: All great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately the machine we use to slit it to width only accepts the 1 standard core size that we use, we couldn’t cut it on a smaller core size.

Sumo Strap velcro wears out after a while

by Joshua Butikofer

I really like this product and have used it for at least a year and a half just about everyday. It has worked very well for me. After all this time of daily use though, the velcro that secures it around my belt is starting to wear out and not stick as good, sometimes leaving the sumo strap loose and wanting to fall off. I think it might be time for some continuous improvement for this product. The velcro idea is great to allow for adjustability to any type of device size so that way you don't have to buy a new holster with each device, but I think the velcro for attaching it to a belt could be replaced by something like a clip that will last much longer and keep the sumo strap more secure. Something similar to the OtterBox Defender Series Holster/Belt Clip might work well.

Response: Yes, great idea. I use one daily and have the same problem. We will look into improvement!

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