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Lazy “Shoe-Zan”

Shiloh Willey sent us this photo of what they call the lazy “shoe-zan. It was created by her husband Bob Willey and he used the FastCap FastEdge. To learn more about this project, here is the link to his blog.  To learn more about the FastEdge, here is a link to the product.


  1. My daughter saw your Lazy Shoe-Zan and wanted one for her closet. I just purchased the plans and plan to build it for her. I was wondering what the deminsions of the finished product will be, since I have not received my plans as of yet.

    • Hi Dennis: Here is what I obtained from Bob…

      The dimensions for a 5 tier is 32″x32″x32″ squared
      I tried to make the dimensions smaller but by the time you shrink it down, the shoes start hanging out. A 30″ circle would probably be the smallest you can go on the circle.
      Hope that helps-let me know if you have any more questions.
      Bob Willey

      Good Luck to your daughter!

  2. I am a 52 year old women who thought I was buying a wonderful looking shoe rack for my niece for christmas. I don’t understand the computer very well so when I received the plans in the mail I was very surprised. I am hoping that their is a way I I can send them back to you and get a refund on my 25.00.

    Please understand that I can not possibly build this and have no one who can.

    thank you,
    I will be waiting a response.

    • I have forwarding this request to Sandi (sandi@fastcap.com). She should be getting in touch with you soon. Or call 1-888-443-3748 and ask for Sandi. Thanks for letting us know!

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