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Lean at my Home Woodshop

Paul Aker always says the real litmus test for whether you get Lean is whether you do it at home. So he takes us on a tour of his home shop.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Great to see your shop and lovely home! Love the Kaizen foam for the tools and bits out on the bench.

    I setting up a new shop for my firm and was wondering how you decide what fasteners to keep out in the Kaizen boxes versus in the hardware organizers mounted on the wall. I imagine it is a question of frequency of use, but wondered if there were any other considerations. I remember that my grandfather had several organizers and kept a decent range of lengths and gauges on hand, which is what I do, but it seems that I’m still buying stuff each time I start a project. Any tips for a better solution that keeps me from ending up with something that looks like the hardware aisle at Home Depot and keeps the inventory from getting too big?



    • Romano the answer is to standardize your practices. It’s easy to get a wide variety of different fasteners, but try to use ones that are most common and standardize your processes so it will be easier to make these determinations.

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