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Drawer Front Clamp Introduction

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s newest clamp to help cabinetmakers… the Drawer Front Clamp.

For more information on FastCap’s Drawer Front Clamp, visit our website.

NEW Biesse CNC Machine

Tyler Erickson and Ron Paulk show off FastCap’s beautiful new Biesse CNC Machine that will be used to make the Paulk Workbench.

Busy does not equal productive

We watched this in our morning meeting. Such good words.

Want to make your own bench pads?

With the TracPad you can make your own bench pads! Peel & Stick the traction rubber to both sides of a wood block and these pads will grab your bench and the wood for amazing staying power.

Need an amazing deal on a CNC for your woodshop?

Tyler Erickson discusses FastCap’s CNC machine that is for sale. The first $20,000 takes it (shipping not included)!

Contact Tyler Erickson (tyler@fastcap.com) or Paul Akers (paul@fastcap.com) for more information.

“My ultralight version of the Paulk Workbench”

For more information on FastCap’s Paulk Workbench, visit our website.

Making Mistakes Almost Impossible

Check out this Lean video from the guys at Pitt Meadows Plumbing. We watched this in our morning meeting.

FastCap at Expo Ampimm

Martin Chavarria is representing FastCap at the Expo Ampimm in Mexico City.



What is FastCap?

Paul Akers discusses what makes FastCap unique.

Fastcap’s 21 Principles – People and Things

Paul Akers discusses one of FastCap’s 21 principles called People and Things. Are you someone who takes responsibilities for more and more people and things?

For more all of FastCap’s morning meeting documents, go to this link and look under Lean Documents.