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Scott Ford’s Lean home shop

Check out Scott Ford’s Lean home shop. It is really dialed in!

Lean Drying Rack

Gary at Furniture Refinishing by Renew shared this video showing how he uses FastCap’s Blind Nail Kit to make quick work of painting and drying cabinets doors.

You should also check out our Euro Finishing Clip!

Thank You Yellotools!

Paul Akers summarized the 2018 Global Lean Leadership stop in Germany. It was hosted by the very Lean organization, Yellotools. For more information on this wonderful organization, visit their website.

Want to see what happens when Lean carpentry meets plumbing?

Please Note that the Flex Tool Bag has been discontinued.

For more information on FastCap’s Flex Tool Bag, press here. For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, press here.

Want to go to Japan?

Two of our Japan Study Mission April trips are full, but there are still some spots left on Team #18 (April 2-7), so don’t delay! For more information, go to this link.

Tool Box Storage System Lean Improvement

Brian Way, of BP Way, sent us this video showing how he tricked out his toolbox.

For more information on the FastCap tools used in the video, go to the following links:
Kaizen Foam Inserts
Kaizen Foam
Laserjamb LJ4 Pro

Susan Elkington take the reins at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Georgetown plant

For the first time, a woman will lead all operations at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky. Congratulation Susan Elkington! To read the article, press here.

“Susan, the Lean community wishes you the very best. You are an example of everything right about Lean leadership. We are looking forward to the excellence your leadership will provide and teach us all!” ~Paul

How does Toyota do it?

As an entrepreneur, manufacturer, author, speaker, and consultant I love questions? When people ask questions I know what they’re thinking. And if I know what they’re thinking, I have the best opportunity to help them whether it be on the shop floor in my manufacturing plant or consulting with companies around the world. Questions should come fast and furious and with as many as possible because that’s when the real learning occurs. To read more of Paul Akers’ article in the Lean Construction Blog, press here.

Making Mistakes Almost Impossible

Check out this Lean video from the guys at Pitt Meadows Plumbing. We watched this in our morning meeting.

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