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Is someone always borrowing your tools?

GPS Tape allows you to quickly identify tools by department or area. The color of the tape helps to determine which department tools belong to e.g., woodshop (red), metal shop (yellow), routing (blue), finishing (green), Bob’s tools (white) or Jim’s tools (black). Everything gets put back with less struggle and no questions. GPS Tape is a super thin vinyl tape that has much better conformability then electrical tape.

Lean Labels: Reordering & New Shapes

Lukas discusses how to order Lean Labels from FastCap if you don’t want the sample pack.

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PIYN Stickers | Computer Labels | Computer Stickers

Paul Akers discuss the latest tool to keep your laptop cords organized. The PIYN stickers help you avoid a pain in your neck when figuring out where to plug a cord into your laptop.

Lean Label Contest Winners

Check out the winners of our Lean Labels contests! Very creative ideas!

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Lean Labels Contest

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No More Uneven Bottoms!

The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife allows you to easily smooth the bottom of your cut out, no longer do you have to deal with any uneven bottoms. Simply turn the dial on the thermostat in between the two yellow colors and gently tap the hot knife down and all your cut outs will be smooth. Need some finger holes? Roll the hot knife at an angle and get the perfect finger hole every time!

Lean Labels Contest

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Need a rack for your kayak?

Jeff Wiebe sent us this video showing how he used FastCap’s FastPipe Connectors to make a custom kayak rack! Fantastic!

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Peel & Stick Kanban Introduction

Paul Akers introduces us to FastCap’s Peel & Stick Kanban. Want a fast, simple & foolproof way to keep track of inventory?

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Fastpipe for Roof Rack?

Cheyenne and Ben sent us these great pictures of FastCap’s FastPipe in action.

Fastpipe is a flexible and efficient system to make any cart, desk, workstation, or even a roof rack to your exact specifications. Any height, width or depth, whatever you can imagine you can build. The fittings and the pipes are 100% reusable with plenty of options to choose from. It is a steel pipe with PVC coating.