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Want an easy way to find your laptop cord slots?

FastCap’s PIYN Stickers stop the struggle of plugging accessory cables in the side of your laptop. Apply each label to the corresponding port on your laptop, and never look from side to side or crane your neck to find the right port for your cable again. P.I.Y.N. labels are another great idea from the shop floor!

Want a erasable label that can stick to any surface?

Lean Labels are a great erasable label that can stick to any surface. This versatile system allows you to organize efficiently without the stress of a label machine. Simply pick which shape that will work best and use a Sharpie™ or water-soluble pen to write directly on the smooth white PVC material. Need to fix or add something to it? No problem! Wipe it away with lacquer thinner (for Sharpie™) or water (for water-soluble pen) and write away! Never been a better time to get organized!

Do you struggle keeping your drill bits organized?

Get your bits organized with the Kiss Drill Bit System. These High-Speed Steel Split Point Jobber Bits come in a set of 82 color-coded bits that eliminates guesswork when finding & returning bits. It also helps identify broken or missing bits in your set.

Backpack Vacuum Wall Stand Intro

FastCap’s Backpack Vacuum Wall Stand was created by FastCap‘s Lean Team to efficiently store our Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless backpack vacuum. It comes flat packed and it’s super simple to assemble with all assembly holes pre-drilled and located. Once assembled just mount on the wall to the desired height and clip on the Milwaukee charger to the prelocated holes. Also includes places for storage of vacuum accessories.

Need to mark safe distance for workplace safety?

The EZ-Stripe makes organization clean, easy, and Lean. Use it to mark pathways for foot traffic, to indicated safe distances from potentially dangerous machines, or to maintain visual control in the workplace.

FastPipe for fast carts/desks/workstations

Not sure you’ll like FastCap’s FastPipe to build & rebuild carts/desks/workstations quickly?

Kaizen Labels/Kaizen Boxes Trick

Paul Comi shows a trick he learned using FastCap’s Erasable Kaizen Labels fit our Kaizen Boxes. Use a Sharpie™, grease pencil, or water-soluble pen.

Kanban Andon Intro

FastCap’s Kanban Andon system allows team members to know when a Kanban Card is placed in its slot. The specially designed housing has a built-in sensor that turns the light on when a Kanban card is placed into its slot. It can be run off a standard 110V wall socket or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Need storage boxes that get the job done?

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Box, visit our website.

Want an easy way to label pallets?

FastCap’s Pallet Clip is a great new way to label pallets, pick locations, and building areas. These clips are reusable and help with organizing, sorting, and standardizing multiple areas around any facility.

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