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Archive for Magnetic Tools

Need a cut list holder?

Paul Comi uses FastCaps Super Mag, Power Mag for Screw Gun, and Screw Gun Holder for the perfect way to hold his cut list and his coffee!

Spacing with Mag Shims

Brian Roesch, inventor of FastCap’s Mag Shim comes up with another great use. For more information on this product, visit our website.

Want to prevent nail gun blow outs?

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, demonstrates FastCap’s Shoot Straight which helps prevents nail gun blow outs!

Tired of pricking your fingers?

Roger Marc Aussant uses FastCap’s ProHold to stop the struggle! it features nine neodymium high-performance magnets attached to a comfortable adjustable wrist strap.

Need to hold your dust barrier firmly in place?

The Door Mag eliminates the need to buy expensive single-use self-adhesive zippers. Our Door Mags easily create in and out access through any dust barrier wall by utilizing high-performance neodymium magnets.

45° Magnetic Square Intro

FastCap’s 45° Magnetic Square sets your blade to a precise 45° with zero guesswork. The magnetic base sticks firmly to the cast iron or metal table and allows hands-free adjustment of spindles, blades, and fences. The built-in scale allows you to easily set the height or do precision layout for finish carpentry.

Want to effortlessly square up your table saw?

The Magnetic Micro Square makes squaring up your table saw, band saw or any piece of equipment, effortless! The square sticks firmly to the cast iron table and allows hands-free adjustment of spindles, blades, and fences.

Want to hold onto screws with ease?

The perfect combination of polarity, strength and shape to make the our tool the most powerful Tip Magnet you will ever use. Whether at the base of a 1″ tip or a 6″ extended tip, the magnetic transfer picks up multiple screws with ease.

Introducing FastCap’s Shoot Straight

FastCap’s Shoot Straight prevents blow out! There is nothing worse than seeing a nail blow out of the side of your material. To set up the Shoot Straight, cut it to the same height as the contact tip, and place it at the butt end of the magazine. The Shoot Straight helps keep the nail gun square to the substrate. The strong neodymium magnet easily attaches to any metal magazine and can be removed if the nail gun needs to be at an angle. Another great product, developed by a cabinet maker on the shop floor.

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