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Need a cut list holder?

Paul Comi uses FastCaps Super Mag, Power Mag for Screw Gun, and Screw Gun Holder for the perfect way to hold his cut list and his coffee!

Backpack Vacuum Wall Stand Intro

FastCap’s Backpack Vacuum Wall Stand was created by FastCap‘s Lean Team to efficiently store our Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless backpack vacuum. It comes flat packed and it’s super simple to assemble with all assembly holes pre-drilled and located. Once assembled just mount on the wall to the desired height and clip on the Milwaukee charger to the prelocated holes. Also includes places for storage of vacuum accessories.

Need to get in and out of boxes with ease?

FastCap’s Box Stand holds boxes at an ergonomic angle and reduces motion to get parts in and out. It is easy to store and quick to set up!

Need a versatile tool holder?

Want the most versatile tool holder for your drill, screw gun, or almost any other tool you have? For more information on FastCap’s Screw Gun Holders, visit our website.

Want to stack your levels?

FastCap’s Level Rack is our innovative solution to securely and safely store your Stabila levels. The unique design allows you to mount most Stabila levels vertically or horizontally on drywall, bare studs, garage door panels, trailer walls, or in your work truck. The cam-lock provides a positive lock that holds your level tight, secure, and rattle-free. The Level Rack holds 1 level, but you can stack them to save even more space using the Level Rack Stacker. 

Horizontal or Vertical Storage?

Need to organize lumber, plywood, metal, tubing, PVC piping, etc. in your shop? Ryan Wickum shows us how with FastCap’s Speed Divider.

FastPipe for fast carts/desks/workstations

Not sure you’ll like FastCap’s FastPipe to build & rebuild carts/desks/workstations quickly?

Kanban Andon Intro

FastCap’s Kanban Andon system allows team members to know when a Kanban Card is placed in its slot. The specially designed housing has a built-in sensor that turns the light on when a Kanban card is placed into its slot. It can be run off a standard 110V wall socket or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Tired of looking for garbage bags?

Are you tired of looking for garbage bags or leaving them in the bottom of the can and struggling to get them out? FastCap’s Trash Bag Holder can solve that problem! Mounts in seconds to any large trash can or on the wall in your shop or garage. Never look for or run out of your trash bags again!

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords?

Are you tired of hassling with jumbled cords? With FastCap’s Reel-It-In the hassle stops! Simply remove the VHB adhesive lining, place the Reel-It-In on a cord reel (not included), loop the cord mid-point on the lip, and Reel-It-In! The Reel-It-In fits on cord reels with a 4 inch or more space. This product is great for speed and ease on ANY job.

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