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Staples will never be a problem again!

1/4″ staples will never be a problem again! The Staple Setter solves the long time problem of misfired 1/4″ staples. Recess crown staples perfectly at 1/16″ below the surface, with just the tap of a hammer, like your nail gun was supposed to, with no struggle.

Frustrated opening plastic packaging?

Tina’s Teeny-Weeny Pack Knife allows you to open pesky plastic packages and boxes with ease. Just extend the blade one click and you can open plastic clamshells without damaging the product inside. The built-in tape cutter allows you to open and break down cardboard boxes without using the blade. When you’re not using it, the built-in magnet allows you to store it on your refrigerator so it’s always within reach. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Want to see FastCap’s version of a Utility Knife?

The TriBlade Utility Knife unique design allows for additional storage of 2 extra blades. The rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold and the retractable self-locking blade makes the it safe to use.

Want to quickly adjust sagging doors?

The Knuckle Bender is designed by a carpenter and allows you to quickly adjust any sagging door. The Knuckle Bender is adjustable to any size hinge, so making an adjustment is fast, simple and accurate every time. The built in hinge pin remover allows you quickly remove any hinge pin.

Need to cut edgebanding?

The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers will help stop the struggle, saving you time and money. They are the first tool you will pull out of your bag every time! The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers work great with wood and PVC edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018″-.025”.

Need a safe way to break blades?

blade-breaker-1050x1050The Blade Breaker is the safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades. Simply insert the dull blade through the steel slot and break it off. The dull blade drops into the Blade Breaker keeping you safe and your jobsite clean.

Want an Artisan Hammer like those used in the past?

artisan-hammer-1000x1333A rough-hewn hammer like those used by past artisans, FastCap’s Artisan Hammer is invaluable to have on hand for quick little projects on the job, at the shop, and in the house.

Get a Grip!

My Grip gives you the ultimate comfort grip on your hand tools. The unique material of the My Grip enables it to be remolded over and over again. Imagine having your custom formed grip!

What is a Knuckle Bender and do you need one?

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, answers the question, “What is a Knuckle Bender and do you need one?”

For more information on FastCap’s The Knuckle Bender, visit our website.

SafeCut Ruler, Connector & Mouse

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, discusses FastCap’s SafeCut Ruler, SafeCut Connector & SafeCut Mouse during his “mail call”.