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Archive for Shop Tips

Filler Jig Tip

Matt Gilliland came up with this ingenious filler jig.

Template Routing Tips

Ron Paulk’s shop tip will improve your template routing and other shop tasks that require double stick tape. Instead, try FastCap’s 2P-10 Products

Making rope molding with a router

Kevin Rosenfeldt, of Kevin Rosenfeldt Woodworking developed a jig to make rope molding from 1/2″ round stock using a router and store bought router bit (double bead cutter). This jig will accept any standard router and the cutters are available in the marketplace. There is no limit for the length of rope to be made and can also make 3/4″ rope with a bigger cutter. It’s primary use is for a dentil molding on crown molding or a insert on a cabinet door. Just needs to be sliced in half after the rope is milled. The material is fed by a roller that is turned by hand.

Mounting a sanding disk

Peter Fokos sent us this video show his tip on how to mount a sanding disk on a random orbital sander. Now that’s Lean.

Organizing Small Tools

Mike Kapotsy sent us this video showing how he used FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Frame to organize the small tools in his shop!

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Frame System, visit our website.

11th Finger as a Jig

Isaac Vancil sent us this video showing how he uses FastCap’s 11th Finger as a jig to make the arch on his corbel. Very creative!

For more information on FastCap’s The 11th Finger, visit our website.

6 simple shop improvements

FastCap’s Remote Control Vacuum (RCV) is one of Steve’s 6 simple shop improvements. Check it out.

Hanging Euro Style Doors and Drawer Fronts

Hugh submitted this video showing us his tips and techniques for hanging Euro style doors and drawer fronts.

Mounting a Drawer Front

Paul Aker’s demonstrated how to us FastCap’s Blind Nail Kit and Kolbe Korner (metal) to mount a drawer front. For more information on FastCap’s Blind Nail Kit, go here. For more information on FastCap’s Kolbe Korner (metal), go here. For more information on FastCap’s Fastcaps, go here. For more information on FastCap’s ProHold, go here.

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