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Meet Kristen

My name is Kristen. I have been at FastCap for 12 years now. I was born and raised in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. I enjoy so many aspects of living here and especially being outdoors. I did leave the Northwest to study business with an emphasis in accounting at Biola University in La Mirada, CA and I enjoy putting my accounting skills to work at FastCap as well as other office tasks. The owners are my Aunt and Uncle and I have loved working for family and my co-workers feel like family as we spend so much time together and work together as a team. I have admired the way my relatives have built this business from a small operation in their garage to the large warehouse we are currently in. Their desire to put customers first and make sure they are fully taken care of regardless of cost is beyond the norm in the industry. They are the same in taking care of their employees. They really go above and beyond. I started out working full time at FastCap but with raising 3 young children my hours over the years have fluctuated but I am thankful that I have been able to continue in a part-time role and stay connected to my co-workers, our vendors, and our customers.

Need a New Tip for your Caulking Tube?

Paul Akers walks us through the process replacing a caulk tube tip with FastCap’s NewTip (comes in a 5 pack).

Want a better grip?

Lukas discusses the latest version of the Skins Glove: 13-gram nylon with a sandy Nitrile coating…better grip and fully water and oil proof on the palm. This coating is only on our Skins Gloves, not our Skins HD Gloves.

For more information on FastCap’s Skins Gloves, visit our website.

Keep your jobsite clean and your customers happy!

Paul Akers and John show just how easy it is to protect yourself from dust when on a job site/home remodel. Use FastCap’s 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System! For more information on this product, visit our website.

What’s 2P-10?

What’s 2P-10 Products? It’s is a 2-part 10-second adhesive! Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together for a strong, permanent bond. Its greatest benefits are its speed and strength. Comes in thin, medium, thick, jel and in regular or rubber toughened.

Want to make your own shims with scrap wood?

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Fast Shim. This product allows you to safely create your own custom shims…fast!

For more information on FastCap’s Fast Shim, visit our website.

Need heavy duty storage bins that collapse for easy storage?

Lukas discusses FastCap’s Blue Bins, made of a sturdy corrugated plastic. For more information on FastCap’s Blue Bins, visit our website.

Little Lipper – Miter Saw Guide

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Little Lipper. It is a guide that mounts to your router and keeps the router from dipping.

For more information on this product, visit our website.

Installing 5-piece shaker drawer fronts?

The 15° Drawer Drilling Jig (DDJ) will increase the speed and quality when attaching 5 piece shaker drawer fronts. The DDJ allows you to drill a pilot hole at PRECISELY a 15° angle through the corner of the drawer. The screw is now perfectly positioned in the center of the stile for maximum holding power. You no longer need washers or oversized screw heads to get the drawer front attached or adjusted. This allows the built-in adjustability of under mount slides to easily fine-tune the drawer front to the cabinet.>.

Want to keep your laptop cords organized?

Paul Akers discuss the latest tool to keep your laptop cords organized. The PIYN Stickers help you avoid a pain in your neck when figuring out where to plug a cord into your laptop.

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