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Love Magnet Tools?

Love magnet tools? Paul shows how to apply FastCap’s PowerMags for Screw Gun and also the Tip Magnet.

Need to get in and out of boxes with ease?

FastCap’s Box Stand holds boxes at an ergonomic angle and reduces motion to get parts in and out. It is easy to store and quick to set up!

Best Fence at Job Site

You never know how FastCap’s Best Fence will come in handy. Paul Comi @ Spectacular Trim shows how he uses it on the job site.

Need a hook magnet that holds 15lbs?

FastCap’s Mag Hook is a tool that helps you organize your work, office or home space. A 2″ magnet with an adjustable threaded hook, makes it easy to use and snap into any area you need. Never in your way, and always in place. Holds up to 15lbs!

Showroom Reopening!

As of June 8, our showroom/retail space will re-opened to the public! Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm. Please follow social distancing!

Want to easily keep your joist hangers in place during installation?

The Joist Clip allows you to keep your joist hangers in place during installation while keeping your fingers away from the business end of your hammer. Simply clip the Joist Clip over the joist hanger for easy, one-handed installation.

Lean Drill Station

Ryan Wichman organized his drill station with FastCap tools.

3rd Hand Stud Finder

Roger Marc Aussant gets creative with FastCap’s 3rd Hand Magnetic Strip3rd Hand Magnetic Strip.

Want a custom bench for your SawStop?

Want a custom bench for your SawStop? Check out FastCap’s Flex Bench System.

Want a tape measure right where you need it?

FastCap’s Peel & Stick Tape Measures puts a tape rule right where you need it. The flat 16′ long tape measure is printed on both sides allowing for left or right read. Simply adhere the included SpeedTape to one side of the tape and stick it on! Width of the tape measure is 7/8”. Comes in Standard and Standard/Metric.

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