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Cyber Monday Sale

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Need a chin-up bar at home?

Need a chin-up bar at home 😆 FastCap’s 3rd Hand Hook and Hang sure does come in handy.

Do you need a Dually Grommet?

FastCap’s Dually Grommet is what cabinet makers have been asking for. It is a dual-sided interference locking grommet that finishes both sides of your hole. Works with depths from 3/4” to 2 1/2”. It snaps together to give holes a finished look in seconds! There is also a one-sided flush grommet (comes in white only).

Kanban Andon Intro

FastCap’s Kanban Andon system allows team members to know when a Kanban Card is placed in its slot. The specially designed housing has a built-in sensor that turns the light on when a Kanban card is placed into its slot. It can be run off a standard 110V wall socket or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Want to prevent nail gun blow outs?

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, demonstrates FastCap’s Shoot Straight which helps prevents nail gun blow outs!

Want a fast way to flattening your Kaizen Foam cutouts?

FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Spinner is an innovative tool to flatten the cutouts in Kaizen Foam. Simply click it into any impact gun or drill and spin until the cutout is smooth and flat. The two sizes allow you to work within small or large cutouts quickly and easily. Sold as a set.

Need a safe way to break utility knife blades?

FastCap’s Blade Breaker is the safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades. Simply insert the dull blade through the steel slot and break it off. The dull blade drops into the Blade Breaker and a removable magnet holds the blades until disposal, keeping you safe and your job site clean.

Tired of pricking your fingers?

Roger Marc Aussant uses FastCap’s ProHold to stop the struggle! it features nine neodymium high-performance magnets attached to a comfortable adjustable wrist strap.

3rd Hand Rack Intro

FastCap’s 3rd Hand Rack is a mountable holder for any of our 3rd Hand systems. The Rack helps you better organize and store your 3rd Hands and removable 6×6 Feet in a safe way. Easily mount to walls, ceilings, trucks, and garage doors. Works great with our 3rd Hand Systems: 3rd Hand HD, Upper Hand Systems, Little Hand Systems, and 3rd Hand EMT Kit.

Want to move granite with ease?

The Clip N Roll was designed to move sheets of #granite in tight quarters and narrow hallways with ease. Heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels allow you to move up to 500lbs slabs without any struggle.

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