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Want a clamp that works great for edge trim with screw in holding power?

Edge trim isn’t always easy to install and taping trim doesn’t always provide the pressure needed for bonding edging. FastCap’s solution is the 3 Way Clamp. FastCap’s solution is the 3 Way Clamp. We’ve combined the usual spring clamp with an additional spring that applies a third direction of pressure. With approximately 30 lbs of clamping pressure, the 3 Way Clamp can provide a better bond. And with the addition of the 3 Way Clamp Lock, it now has the ease of a spring clamp and the holding power of a screw clamp.

Erasable Fastpad

FastCap’s Erasable FastPad Labels are made with a smooth, durable PVC finish that perfectly fit our Tape Measures. They are easy to modify and tailor specifically to your needs. Use a Sharpie™, grease pencil, or water-soluble pen.

Want our 2P-10 Adhesive in a formula that is rubber toughened?

Need to move heavy stuff?

Brian Kliss takes FastCap’s Speed Skate out for a spin! it allows you to move large & heavy materials (500lb capacity) around the job or shop by yourself.

Kaizen Foam Tips

Dave Lelonek sent us this video showing tips and tricks he uses to cut out FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

3rd Hand Product Overview

Need an extra hand on the jobsite? Learn about all our 3rd Hand Products.

Meet Christian Willis

My name is Christian and I’ve been with Fastcap since 2012. I started working part-time in production for the first 6 years while going to school. I switched to full time in 2017 as inventory manager, handling all inbound containers and shipments. I worked as inventory manager for 1 year before moving into the office last September as purchaser and international orders manager. I love working for a company that values customer service and quality above all else. We have a great open facility for very easy communication lines and a team that is a real joy to work with. Outside of Fastcap, I am a hobbyist landscape photographer and love spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Liberty Helps Out!

Liberty decided to pitch in and help Baker with Customer Service!

Do you struggle hanging pictures?

The Pocket Pegs mount panels, signs, pictures, and more to any wall. First use a Kreg Jig to drill 1/2 inch hole into the panel, insert the pocket peg, remove the adhesive backing, place traction dots, position on a wall and press to secure Pocket Pegs to the wall. For added support, simply fasten a Kolbe Korner screw into the Pocket Peg holes.

Want to keep your vacuum hose nice and neat?

Finally, you never have to wrestle with your vacuum hose or shop vacuum again! The Super Reel is adaptable to any shop and can manage 10ft to 50ft of 2.5 inches vacuum hose. The smooth bearing design unwinds and rewinds in seconds. You provide one 2×4 and the 2.5 inches hose. Everything else is included for a quick and easy (20 minute or less) assembly and installation.

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