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Quickie Mounts are easy to adjust

The Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System has the same precision and quality as our Best Fence Bench Mount System. The difference? The Quickie Mounts are much less expensive and perfect for a small workshop. The Quickie Mounts are easy to adjust vertically and laterally for perfect setup every time.

Want a one handed Sharpie?

The Sharpie Holster is a nifty little tool designed to make using a Sharpie on the job easier and more efficient. Fitted with a belt/pocket clip and bench and table mounting options, your Sharpie can now easily be capped and uncapped with one hand, saving you time. The cap simply clips into the holster and then to your pocket, wall, or table, keeping your sharpie right where you need it.

Kaizen Foam for Aircraft Mechanic

Mike Turner posted these pics and said “Thanks for a great product. Love this foam and it holds up well under the demand of an aircraft mechanic.”

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What’s In a World Cup Mechanic’s Toolbox?

“It’s not easy being a World Cup bike mechanic. In addition to the pressure that comes with being in charge of maintaining the bikes of some of the fastest (and most particular) riders in the world, you also need fly around the globe with a toolbox that can handle any situation, whether that’s a quick brake bleed or completely rebuilding a bike after a muddy run…” ~John Hall, Aaron Gwin’s mechanic

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For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

Easy Picture Frames at Low Cost

Paul Ricalde, of Paul’s Tool Box, shared this video showing how to make easy picture frames at low cost.

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We’re not screwing around this time!

The folks at South Side Hackerspace: Chicago shared this post…love it!!!

“We’re not screwing around this time! Thanks FastCap!”

Why a cleaner jobsite is a better jobsite

Jason Mollak, president of JPM Construction, wrote this great post discussing why keeping a clean jobsite is important.

“A year ago I started investing in equipment to keep our site cleaner, more organized, and safer. It started with three items: an Oneida Dust Deputy, a FastCap Saw Hood, and an iVac Switch. Since purchasing these items, not only have I changed my mindset about the value of providing a cleaner environment for our employees, but now I also keep an even sharper eye on how our site looks at all times.” Press here to read the entire article.

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Want to see FastCap’s version of a Utility Knife?

The TriBlade Utility Knife unique design allows for additional storage of 2 extra blades. The rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold and the retractable self-locking blade makes the it safe to use.

Roof Safety

Nick Glasser sent use this video showing his creative use of FastCap’s SpeedTape to stay safe on the roof.

What is your reason for wearing it?

The ProHold will help you keep everything together! it features nine neodymium high performance magnets attached to a comfortable adjustable wrist strap. #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle #magnetictools #loseyourscrews