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Frustrated marking out the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets​?

FastCap’s Outlet Stamp removes all the frustration of accurately marking out the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets. This innovative design plugs into the outlet receptacle and marks four precise marks, identifying the four corners of the cutout. Marks both single and double gang boxes. Includes five specially designed marking pins.

Introducing FastCap’s Shoot Straight

FastCap’s Shoot Straight prevents blow out! There is nothing worse than seeing a nail blow out of the side of your material. To set up the Shoot Straight, cut it to the same height as the contact tip, and place it at the butt end of the magazine. The Shoot Straight helps keep the nail gun square to the substrate. The strong neodymium magnet easily attaches to any metal magazine and can be removed if the nail gun needs to be at an angle. Another great product, developed by a cabinet maker on the shop floor.

Check out our Pocket Tool Kit

FastCap’s Pocket Tool Kit from FastCap includes the Pocket Awl, Putty Knife, File/Rasp, Diamond Sharpener, Combo Putty Knife, Pull Saw, and Laminate Knife. All the tools fit neatly into the green case for easy organization.

Want a easy way to square and hold panels during assembly?

FastCap’s Oscar Square is a quick and easy way to square and hold panels during assembly. The Oscar Square has multiple openings to allow almost any style or size clamp to hold it into place. Its unique and simple design is just another great example that the best ideas always come from the shop floor.

The Mondo Grout Gun gets the grout where you want it every time.

The Mondo Grout Gun gets the grout where you want it every time. It eliminates clogged grout bags, wrist strain, excessive mess, and the need to replace endless grout bags.

Need a cut list holder?

Paul Comi uses FastCaps Super Mag, Power Mag for Screw Gun, and Screw Gun Holder for the perfect way to hold his cut list and his coffee!

Trying to scribe in a tight space?

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s Mini Scribe (the baby brother of the AccuScribe Pro). The design is amazing.

Want to clean up your electrical outlet?

FastCap’s Electric Trim Ring (ETR) is designed to clean up electrical cutouts in the back of cabinets. It comes in two sizes for single and double gang boxes and can be trimmed to specific return depths. ETRs are also paintable for your custom application.

The harder you pull, the tighter it gets!

On FastCap’s Taper Lock bit holder, the harder you pull, the tighter it gets! This unique patented design uses a tapered spindle to firmly hold any bit in place. It also features a one-touch auto-lock for easy release of the bit with one hand. Works with any bit.

Need a New Tip for your Caulking Tube?

Paul Akers walks us through the process replacing a caulk tube tip with FastCap’s NewTip (comes in a 5 pack).

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