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Speed Divider Introduction

FastCap’s Speed Divider organize all types of material from lumber, plywood, metal, tubing, PVC piping, garden tools, ladders, scaffolding, & folding tables. The sky’s the limit! They hold up to 25lbs per pair. Simply cut a 1/2”x 1/2” dado into a 1×4 or 2×4 and slide the divider into place. The Speed Divider is extremely versatile because you can slide it to fit any size material. There are pre-drilled 1/4” holes to secure material from tipping out with a chain, rope, or bungee cord.

What’s your creative use for FastCap’s Screw Gun Holder?

Paul uses FastCap’s Screw Gun Holders to store his camera equipment out of the way.

Straining your back trying to lift heavy stuff?

Stop straining your back trying to lift heavy stuff. Suck it up with our Handle on Demand (HOD). Comes in single or double. Just fasten the suction pads to any nonporous surface and move it, lift it, place it, & transport it with ease.

Filler Jig Tip

Matt Gilliland came up with this ingenious filler jig.

Introducing FastCap’s Track Rack

Want a great way to store track guide systems? Ryan Wichman (the inventor) and Tyler, introduce FastCap’s Track Rack.

How do you use Kaizen Foam?

David Minor sent this video showing how he used Kaizen Foam to organize his drill case.

Amazing Miter Saw Station

Oscar Loza shows his amazing miter saw station. Make sure that you subscribe to Oscar’s channel. He does some great builds and it’s a great place to learn.

For more information on FastCap’s Oscar Square, visit our website.

Template Routing Tips

Ron Paulk’s shop tip will improve your template routing and other shop tasks that require double stick tape. Instead, try FastCap’s 2P-10 Products

Did you know you can use 1″ EMT Pipe​ with FastPipe connectors?

Paul Akers discusses how to use 1″ EMT Pipe with FastPipe Connectors and accessories. He also discusses the new Table Top Connector (which works with both pipes), and the new EMT Canister bushing to fit EMT Pipe (Please note that you need to request the bushing when you order the canister).

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe products, go to this link.

Need a easy panel fastener?

FastCap’s BeauClip invented by Dominic Beaulieu is an easy fastener system for panels. The system is a secure, reusable, durable and effective way to prevent panels from slipping, falling and constantly being repaired.

For more information on FastCap’s BeauClip, visit our website.

How BeauClip’s Work

Up Close

Wall Panel Demo

Hidden Fastener

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