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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean X Box

Aaron talks about using lean principles to help him organize his X Box (love the shout out to Paul at the end of the video!)

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Piano

Emma demonstrates her knowledge of lean principles and strong visual controls has she organizes the piano music.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Dog Food Container

Huck uses lean principles to cut out the waste in feeding his dog.

Stealth iPole

Paul Akers demonstrates how to use FastCap’s Stealth iPole (with the SuperMount). For more information on this product, visit our website:

Paul Akers interview on RV News Network

Paul Akers is interviewed on RV News Network regarding the iPole, Mini iPole and iDangle. For more information on these products, press here.

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Installing Ball Joint On 3rd Hand HD UniversalFOOT

Paul Akers and Sandy demonstrate how to Install the Ball Joint On FastCap’s 3rd Hand HD UniversalFOOT. For more information on this product, visit our website.

iPole / Mini iPole / SuperMount

Paul Akers shows off a his travel videos using FastCap’s iPole, Mini iPole and SuperMount. For more information on these products, visit our website.

Tile Boss Demo by Inventor

Aaron Smith, the inventor of FastCap’s Tile Boss, show how easy it is to use. For more information on this product, visit our website.

Making Videos with the iPhone 4s and Editing in iMovie

Paul Akers discusses to tools he uses to make and edit videos.  For more information on FastCap, visit our website.

Lean Survival Skills

My friend Harvey sent me this video. I have never heard six sigma so well described and defined as by this hunter (Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School). Bravo! Paul Akers

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