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iPole Snow Shoeing

Paul Akers demonstrates the FastCap’s iPole at Heather Meadows on Mt. Baker. To order this product, press here.

Mini iPole Unleashed

Paul Akers demonstrates how the new Mini iPole works from Bellingham to Shanghai, China. For more information on this product, visit our website.

iPole Snowshoeing

Paul Akers demonstrates the FastCap’s iPole at Heather Meadows on Mt. Baker.

For more information on FastCap’s iPole Trekking Pole, visit our website.

Amazing Bonsai in China

I visited a Bonsai Farm in China 2011. For more information on FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount, visit our website.

Attorney General Rob McKenna on Lean in Government

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna speaks on lean in government.

Paul Akers Live on HomeTalkUSA.net

Paul was featured as a guest on Home Talk USA radio show with Michael King the Cajun Contractor. Michael King is Host/State Licensed General Contractor with Michael King General Contractors. Michael King has been in the home improvement business for many years and is considered by his peers to be the foremost authority on all phases of general construction. Michael’s entertainment background, mixed with his funny, keened personality allows the listening audience to understand basic construction knowledge. “If you got the question, he’ll get you the answer.”


Best Cameras and How to Make a Video

Paul Akers shares how to make a great video and what cameras to use.

Quality of Our ProCarpenter Tape Measures

One of the frequent topics of questions and comments we get is about ProCarpenter Tape Measures. Today I made a video that explains the quality that goes into our tape measures, but also addresses some tips for working with tape measures.

Field of Completion

– Modern deer first wooding project, jewelry box, my degree from Biola
– My bed and a sample of some of the furniture I made, and 5 of over 2000 guitars
– The Victorian and bungalow homes I restored in Pasadena
– Building FastCap the company
– The plane and my pilots license
– Radio tower, The American Innovator radio show
– House in the background is my house that built
– The large sign is my run for the US senate
– Climbing the great wall of China and playing my guitar on it

Lexus Tour Day 1

FastCap tour Japan for the 3rd time with Brad Schmidt of Gemba Research.

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