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Adjustable Shelf Spacer Intro

Tom Gafgen (inventor) discusses how easy it is to set a shelf with the Adjustable Shelf Spacer. For more information on FastCap’s Adjustable Shelf Spacer, visit our website.

Fastcap Shim?

Fastcap Cover Caps are the finishing touch to a professional job! They are self-adhesive cover caps, made with ultra-bond high-performance PSA adhesive which increases in strength as it cures. Thousands of shapes, sizes and material types available! For more information on Fastcap Cover Caps, visit our website.

Fastcap Showroom is Temporarily Closed

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our showroom/retail space is closed to the public until further notice. We are still fulfilling online orders. So please go to our website (where you will find many videos to learn more about our products), or contact customer service at +1-888-443-3748 or +1-360-752-2138 or info@fastcap.com.

Did you know our My Grip now available in a 4-pack?

FastCap’s Speed Grip (smaller) and My Grip (larger) are innovative tools that give you the ultimate comfort grip on your hand tools, sports equipment, or anything else with a handle. The unique material enables it to be remolded over and over again. Imagine having your custom formed grip! For more information on FastCap’s Grip products, visit our website.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at FastCap…particularly Mabel and Mai Lien!

Want to cut Kaizen Foam with ease?

FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Knife Sled holds FastCap’s TriBlade at the perfect angle to get a perpendicular cut through FastCap’s Kaizen Foam. The wide edges easily slide against any straight-edge. The 1½” off-set makes it easy to measure and the notches located at the front and back of the sled help get straight cuts every time. Another great product developed by a cabinetmaker.

Want to eliminate jobsite or workshop dust?

The ChopShop Saw Hood saves you valuable time, by helping you keep your work area clean. This innovative product is easy to set up and eliminates billowing dust throughout your customer’s home. And the Saw Hood Pro takes all the features of the Saw Hood to the next level. The integrated dust cover and cornerless design ensures 95% of dust is contained. Spring frame construction allows you to compact the entire hood into the 22″ carrying bag.

Do you want to know how far out you are?

Want to really know how far out of level or plumb things are? With the How Far Out Level Gauge you can quit guessing! Installs quickly onto almost any level, snaps on and off magnetically.

For more information on FastCap’s “How Far Out” Universal Add-On Level Gauge, visit our website.

Looking for a saw hood for your shop?

FastCap’s Shop Saw Hood is our rigid hood that fits on any miter box saw in a fixed location.

Want to take some of the pain out of edge banding?

Applying edge banding to 3/4″ shelves can be a real pain. Stop the struggle with theFastedge Clamps. It securely holds your shelf in place allowing you to use both hands to install your peel and stick Fastedge edge banding.

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