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Keeping the Rope Tight

This video is an example of keeping the rope tight or keeping your facility and work environment in perfect repair. That way, if anything denigrates, whether it be the work area, the work station or the process area, it is easily observable because the facility is in such excellent condition.

Lean Poka Yoke Device for the Laserjamb System

FastCap team members discuss creating a poka yoke device they made for an improvement of the LJ3 system.

Don’t Miss This Video

Checkout this video to learn the state of America in 4 minutes.

Lean Injection Molding – Level Mirror

Paul walks us through a Lean, simple and effective improvement for injection molding setup.

Lean Batchwork vs. One Pieceflow

FastCap team members demonstrate a Lean process to improve in the injection molding area.

Lean Dust Control

FastCap team members walk us through a simple yet effective Lean improvement using our own Fastedge!

Lean SpeedBrace Table Improvement

FastCap Team members walks us through many Lean improvements on the SpeedBrace packaging table. For more information on the SpeedBrace, visit our website. SpeedBraces are perfect as Work Station Brackets, Countertop Braces / Hidden Countertop Supports and comes in stainless steel option.

Lean Visual Controls – Pocket Chisel

Paul shows us how to take a good station and make it even better with Lean using strong visual controls.

Lean Sign Scanner Improvement

Andrey walks us through a Lean inventory system improvement.

Lean Garden Tools

FastCap Team members take a messy garden corner and make it lean!

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