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Quality of Our ProCarpenter Tape Measures

One of the frequent topics of questions and comments we get is about ProCarpenter Tape Measures. Today I made a video that explains the quality that goes into our tape measures, but also addresses some tips for working with tape measures.

Field of Completion

– Modern deer first wooding project, jewelry box, my degree from Biola
– My bed and a sample of some of the furniture I made, and 5 of over 2000 guitars
– The Victorian and bungalow homes I restored in Pasadena
– Building FastCap the company
– The plane and my pilots license
– Radio tower, The American Innovator radio show
– House in the background is my house that built
– The large sign is my run for the US senate
– Climbing the great wall of China and playing my guitar on it

Lexus Tour Day 1

FastCap tour Japan for the 3rd time with Brad Schmidt of Gemba Research.

Lean: Using Your Head

Doug created an innovative way, a lean way, for attaching a clip to our 3rd Hand Dust Door.

Paul’s Adventures in Germany 2011

Follow along with Paul as he ventures through Germany. First stop, the Interzum 2011 Fair in Cologne Germany and some sites along the way.

Lean in the Church Invitation

Paul Akers invites you to hear about taking lean to the church. Join Paul at the StandingTogether.org event June 15, 2011 in Salt lake City.

2P 10 for Rocks?

Paul presents 2P 10 to a Rock Club. For more information about this product visit our website.

Lean: Use Your Head Not Your Wallet

Doug created an innovative way, a Lean way, for attaching a clip to FastCap’s 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door.

For more information on FastCap’s 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System, visit our website.

Video Review of the Flex Tool Bag

Thanks, Kreg. Super job on the video review. Remember, when you put a pocket on the Flex Tool Bag you what to fold the upper flap over the top edge of the belt and they will never come off. After you place your pockets on the Flex Tool Bag, a quick rub on the pockets and they stick like glue. Thanks again it is fun working with you.

Video Testimonial for 3rd Hand HD

While I was at the JLC Trade Show I had the opportunity to ask one of our customers about his experience with the FastCap 3rd Hand HD for creating dust barriers. He has 10-12 3rd Hands. How cool is that? If you have a testimonial for a FastCap product please send it it us or post it on Facebook and send us a link. Help spread the love for FastCap’s innovative products.

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