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Using Lean to improve work bench area

FastCap Team members discuss using Lean improvements to change the work bench area.

Lean: Every Person, Everything, Every Day

FastCap Team member Preet discusses Lean methods of improving his work space using FastCap’s Power Magnet and other Lean Principles. For more information about FastCap visit our website. For more information on FastCap’s Power Magnets, visit our website.

FLEX Screw Bag – Solve the Frustration!

FastCap Team members discuss the advantages of using the FLEX Screw Bag at the work site. For more information about this product visit our website.

Restoring America Rally in Washington, D.C.

On Saturday, August 28 I had the privilege of attending the “Restoring America Rally” that took place in Washington, D.C. I was amazed at the shear volume and passion of the people present. This video shows the magnitude of those present.

Carina uses Lean ideas to improve her work area

Carina uses Lean ideas to improve her work area.

Long Nose Marker

Paul discusses the FastCap Long Nose Pattern Marker for tracing. For more information on FastCap’s Long Nose Maker, visit our website.

Troubleshooting Fastedge

Paul Akers discusses troubleshooting FastCap’s FastEdge. For more information about this product visit our website.

Kade, Our Youngest Beta Tester

You’re never too young to become a Process Engineer. Kade is checking our FastCap’s Rake N’ Hoe. The Rake N’ Hoe has combined both tools in one to allow for a continuous workflow. For more information on this product, visit our website.

[Please note, the Rake N Hoe has been discontinued, but the Rake N Hoe English Garden Mini is still available. ]

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Paul Akers demonstrated how to reface your cabinets. For more information on the tools used in the video go to these links:
FAST (Fast Accurate Seaming Tool)
Quad Trimmer
Heavy Duty Flush Cut Trimmer
TriBlade Utility Knife
Pocket Chisel Kit
Power Shears
FastBreak Sander

FastCap Butt Burner Project

Paul uses as many FastCap products to create the Butt Burner…a matchbook holder.

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