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Want to easily prevent caulking tubes from drying out?

FastCap’s Sealant Saver was developed by a cabinet maker to prevent caulking tubes from drying out. Simply fill the tube with water or mineral oil and place open caulking tube down into the Sealant Saver tube. The Sealant Saver creates an airtight seal that prevents caulk or silicones from drying out. It easily mounts with screws to any surface.

Need to mark 6 Feet for social distancing?

Paul demonstrates how FastCap’s EZ Stripe tape can be used to mark social distancing. For more information on FastCap’s EZ-Stripe, visit our website.

Round vs Square Flex Screw Bag

Paul Akers discusses how new Square Flex Screw Bag helps with organizing your screws. For more information about this product visit our website.

Can’t Find a Stud?

FastCap’s RocLoc is designed to work with 1/2″ or 5/8″ drywall. It resists shear & does not allow the load to slide. Easy to install and NO fumbling with toggles or multiple steps.

Want to squeeze with ease?

Want to squeeze with ease? Brian Kliss’ kids show us how with FastCap’s 2P-10 Easy Squeeze!

Sharpie Holster in Action

Roger shows a creative use of FastCap’s Sharpie Holster.

Want to install drawer fronts accurate every time?

FastCap’s Drawer Front Clamp will give you an accurate drawer front install every time. These well-engineered clamps make it quick and easy to align and install with no struggle. The dual clamping allows any user to easily adjust a drawer front in seconds. Simply place the Drawer Front Clamps on the drawers, clamp, and adjust for the perfect alignment.

Best Fence Quickie at Job Site

Paul Comi of Spectacular Trim demonstrates the Best Fence Quickie at a job site.

Installing Crown Molding by Yourself?

Installing crown molding by yourself is easier then you think with FastCap’s Crown Control.

Need to look up?

FastCap’s CatEyes Glasses are lightweight, anti-fog coated, and have shatterproof wraparound lenses. Adult sizes come in clear, tinted, mirrored, amber, blue, or red, and with Diopter Magnification. We also have youth sizes. Also check out our Hipster, Super Seal, or Goggle CatEyes.

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