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Want a perfect seam?

Refacing cabinets can be a real pain, particularly when it comes to making a perfect seam. The  FAST (fastedge Accurate Seaming Tool) lines up right where you need to make a seam for the perfect cut every time.

Quickly Apply Tape to Edge Banding

Paul Akers demonstrates how to quickly apply FastCap’s SpeedTape to edge banding using FastCap’s new SpeedTape Applicator. For more information on this product, visit our website. For more information on the other edge banding tools mentioned in the video, go to the following links:
Flush Cut Trimmers
Fastedge Clamps
Quad Trimmer

Lean FastCap Style

Want to see one of our most popular Lean videos from the archives?

Marking the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets?

The Outlet Stamp removes all the frustration of accurately marking out the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets. This innovative design plugs into the outlet receptacle and marks four precise marks, identifying the four corners of the cutout. Marks both single and double gang boxes. Includes five specially designed marking pins.

No More Uneven Bottoms!

The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife allows you to easily smooth the bottom of your cut out, no longer do you have to deal with any uneven bottoms. Simply turn the dial on the thermostat in between the two yellow colors and gently tap the hot knife down and all your cut outs will be smooth. Need some finger holes? Roll the hot knife at an angle and get the perfect finger hole every time!

Need a 1/4-20 adapter for your camera?

The 1/4-20 Adapter features a standard 1/4-20 mount on both sides so you can mount any camera, SuperMount, or iBall Mount directly to your iPole Trekking. Works great for heavy DSLR cameras or when you need absolute stability.

CatEyes Safety Glasses Overview

Paul Akers provides and overview of FastCap’s safety glasses product line (youth, magnifying, goggles, featherweight, etc.).

For more information on FastCap’s ChopShop CatEyes Glasses, visit our website.

Get 60% off our LED Saw Hood Light

The LED Saw Hood Light allows you to illuminate your saw or work area. It can easily be attached to either the Saw Hood or Saw Hood Pro using the two S-hooks provided. The light can hang vertically or horizontally, making it perfect for any situation. And now is the perfect time to get them since the price has been reduced from $99 to $40 (while supplies last).

Are you constantly losing your ear plugs?

EyeBudz combines a retainer for safety glasses and removable ear plugs in one piece. Simply unsnap the fastener and remove either glasses or ear plugs. It is great for woodworking, construction, and anywhere else eye and ear protection is needed. Never use one without the other!

Need help moving granite?

ClipNRollThe Clip N Roll was designed to move sheets of #granite in tight quarters and narrow hallways with ease. Heavy duty ball bearing wheels allow you to move up to 500lbs slabs without any struggle.