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Want to keep your bits organized?

The Flex Bit Bag features clear pockets that fasten with hook & loop, allowing you to protect, separate, and organize your bits easily. Stores wrenches too! Includes 6 small pockets, 2 large pockets and wrench pocket.

Want a perfect flush edge every time?

The Little Lipper is great for getting that flush edge to any cabinet, countertop, or any woodworking project. The movable delrin guide, with a flat edge, gets that perfect flush edge every time. It mounts easily to any router!

Need a custom screw hole cover?



Need a custom cap? The Custom Color Punch Kit is the tool for you. Take any standard edgebanding or veneer, apply SpeedTape, punch your cap out and you’re done.

Need to cut edgebanding?

The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers will help stop the struggle, saving you time and money. They are the first tool you will pull out of your bag every time! The Macro Flush Cut Trimmers work great with wood and PVC edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018″-.025”.

Want a clean jobsite?

saw-hood-proThe ChopShop Saw Hood saves you valuable time, by helping you keep your work area clean. This innovative product is easy to set up and eliminates billowing dust throughout your customer’s home. And the Saw Hood Pro takes all the features of the Saw Hood to the next level. The integrated dust cover and cornerless design ensures 95% of dust is contained. Spring frame construction allows you to compact the entire hood into the 22″ carrying bag.

Need a safe way to break blades?

blade-breaker-1050x1050The Blade Breaker is the safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades. Simply insert the dull blade through the steel slot and break it off. The dull blade drops into the Blade Breaker keeping you safe and your jobsite clean.

Get 40% off our LED Saw Hood Light

The LED Saw Hood Light allows you to illuminate your saw or work area. It can easily be attached to either the Saw Hood or Saw Hood Pro using the two S-hooks provided. The light can hang vertically or horizontally, making it perfect for any situation. And now is the perfect time to get them since the price has been reduced from $99 to $60 (while supplies last).

Need a rugged, self-healing apron?

Paul Akers discusses the Ballistic family. All of our aprons are made out of rugged ballistic nylon with self-healing hook & loop pockets.

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Keep your fingers safe!

Keep your fingers safely away from the saw blade with the 11th Finger. The durable polyethylene push stick was constructed to prevent damage to your saw blade.

Moving Granite?

The Clip N Roll was designed to move sheets of granite in tight quarters and narrow hallways with ease. Heavy duty ball bearing wheels allow you to move up to 500lbs slabs without any struggle.