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Need a vertical job site workstation?

The Super Mag is great for anytime you want to hold something to a metal surface. It is powered by 6 high-performance neodymium magnets encased in soft non-marring EVA. An extra long knob allows for quick placement and removal.

Want an Artisan Hammer like those used in the past?

artisan-hammer-1000x1333A rough-hewn hammer like those used by past artisans, FastCap’s Artisan Hammer is invaluable to have on hand for quick little projects on the job, at the shop, and in the house.

Yep, 2P-10 is this strong!

Yep, 2P-10 is this strong! 2P-10 is a two-part ten-second adhesive. Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together for a strong, permanent bond. Its greatest benefits are its speed and strength. Comes in thin, medium, thick, jel and in regular or rubber toughened.

Want a better grip?

Lukas discusses the new version of the Skins Glove: 13 gram nylon with a sandy Nitrile coating…better grip and fully water and oil proof on the palm. This coating is only on our Skins Gloves, not our Skins HD Gloves.

For more information on FastCap’s Skins Gloves, visit our website.

Get a Grip!

My Grip gives you the ultimate comfort grip on your hand tools. The unique material of the My Grip enables it to be remolded over and over again. Imagine having your custom formed grip!

Super Reel Introduction

Paul Akers introduces FastCaps Super Reel, a product that will keep your vacuum hose nice and neat. It just takes seconds to roll or unroll your hose.

For more information on FastCap’s Super Reel, visit our website.

Need a rack for your kayak?

Jeff Wiebe sent us this video showing how he used FastCap’s FastPipe Connectors to make a custom kayak rack! Fantastic!

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe, visit our website.

Want an easy way to set your fence spacing?

Mag Shims are the easiest way to set your blade height and fence spacing on your table saw. Simply stick the magnetic shims together to get a perfect setup in seconds! Also great for setting depth on drill presses.

Square up you table saw with ease

manetic-micro-squareThe Magnetic Micro Square makes squaring up your table saw, band saw or any piece of equipment, effortless! The square sticks firmly to the cast iron table and allows hands free adjustment of spindles, blades and fences.

Ron Paulk’s New Miter Stand

Ron Paulk, of The Paulk Homes Store, uses FastCap’s Kapex Table Mount for Best Fence and Best Fence Bench Mount System to prepare for a project.