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Stealth SpeedBrace for Kitchen Island Installation

Paul Akers discussed FastCap’s Stealth SpeedBrace that is designed specifically for an island install. For more information on FastCap’s Stealth SpeedBrace, visit our website.

Want to make the perfect cut for edge banding seams every time?

Refacing cabinets can be a real pain, particularly when it comes to making a perfect seam. FastCap’s FAST (Fastedge Accurate Seaming Tool) lines up right where you need to make a seam for the perfect cut every time.

Tired of a dull chisel?

Tired of a dull chisel? Our Pocket Chisels are made of precision tool steel and have a heavy-duty nylon handle that locks when opened and will stay locked so that you can hammer the hell out of it. Pocket Chisel Kit includes four pocket chisels in 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ blades, one diamond sharpener, one putty knife, and one combo putty knife.

Want to stop making simple math mistakes when measuring?

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Burn One Tape Measure. It was designed to prevent you from making simple math mistakes when measuring.

Want a fast, hands-free installation system for any drawer slide?

FastCap’s Slide Pro is a fast, hands-free installation system for any drawer slide. Install a whole set of slides at once, instead of one at a time! Use the adjustment shelves to align with the cabinet railings, then tighten the tension knobs to hold in place, and install the drawer slides to the perfect height every time. It’s durability and accurate measurements make it great in the shop and out on the job for any cabinet drawer installations.

Want to easily keep your joist hangers in place during installation?

The Joist Clip allows you to keep your joist hangers in place during installation while keeping your fingers away from the business end of your hammer. Simply clip the Joist Clip over the joist hanger for easy, one-handed installation.

Cyber Monday Sale

Get our most popular product, the 3rd Hand Contractor Pack. This pack is the help you’ve been looking for. If you ever wished you had an extra hand, look no further. It is rugged, built to last a lifetime, and it’s never late for work! Brace, jack, or support whatever you need. Limit one per purchase per customer. Use discount code CYBER20 (good on 11/30/20).

Cyber Monday Sale

Want to save BIG on one of our most popular products? Check back on Cyber Monday!

Need a chin-up bar at home?

Need a chin-up bar at home 😆 FastCap’s 3rd Hand Hook and Hang sure does come in handy.

Do you need a Dually Grommet?

FastCap’s Dually Grommet is what cabinet makers have been asking for. It is a dual-sided interference locking grommet that finishes both sides of your hole. Works with depths from 3/4” to 2 1/2”. It snaps together to give holes a finished look in seconds! There is also a one-sided flush grommet (comes in white only).

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