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Little Lipper – Miter Saw Guide

Lukas demonstrates FastCap’s Little Lipper. It is a guide that mounts to your router and keeps the router from dipping.

Speed Divider Caps

FastCap’s Speed Dividers Caps come with Lean Labels, slide the Cap securely into the front of our Speed Divider for added organization and labeling.

Lean Woodworking Cart

Adam shares his customized woodworking cart.

Need a washer that allows your screw to sit flush?

Paul Akers demonstrate FastCap’s Wood Washer which now comes in the 18mm and 9/16″. The original is still available and comes in 1″. For more information on this product, visit our website.

Anthony’s Hinge Jig Intro

Anthony’s Hinge Jig is a great tool that helps install hinge hardware to Euro Style cabinets. The Hinge Jig locates the centerline for a hinge. It mounts easily into the 5mm holes and using the cursor to draw a centerline. If cabinets don’t have a 5mm holes, use pins and align them along the edge of the cabinet, drill with a 5mm driver bit in the drill guides, and repeat the steps for finding the centerline. Another great product developed by cabinet maker, on the shop floor.

PowerHead Screws for Pathway

Tim uses FastCap’s PowerHead Screws to install bender board on his pathway.

What does Koyie Hill, MLB catcher think about My Grip?

Speed Grip (smaller) and My Grip (larger) are innovative tools that give you the ultimate comfort grip on your hand tools, sports equipment, or anything else with a handle. The unique material enables it to be remolded over and over again. Imagine having your custom formed grip! For more information on FastCap’s My Grip, visit our website.

Do you have a drawer full of cords needing organized?

Secure loose wires and cables quickly using Holey FastWrap. Made with durable, indestructible VELCRO® brand fasteners, FastWrap can be used over and over again. The holes allowing you to pass the material through, creating loops to attach to your cables. Works on nearly any cable from USB chargers up to heavy-duty extension cords.

Want to customize your cover caps?

You need one cap and not 1,000? The Custom Color Punch Kit is the tool for you. Take any standard edgebanding or veneer, apply SpeedTape, punch your cap out and you are done.

How Far out Level Gauge Installation

Michael Schuler, inventor of the How Far Out” Universal Add-On Level Gauge, explains how to install it to most levels, and demonstrates how it snaps on and off magnetically.

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