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Screw Wax is a must in every shop!

Screw Wax is a must in every shop, household, toolbox, and tool pouch. Also works great on threading bolts, squeaky hinge pins, squeaky wheels, and drill bit lubricant. Makes screwing into wood quieter, easier, and faster. Turn screws with less torque. Great for cabinet installation.

Quick and Easy Assembly Help

The Oscar Square is a quick and easy way to square and hold panels during assembly. The Oscar Square has multiple openings to allow most styles or sizes of clamps to hold it into place. Its unique and simple design is just another great example that the best ideas always come from the shop floor.

Get a Flush Edge on Any Woodworking Project

The Little Lipper is great for getting that flush edge to any cabinet, countertop, or any woodworking project. The movable Delrin guide, with a flat edge, gets that perfect flush edge every time. It mounts easily to any router. Now with a new built-in handguard!

Need a customizable backpacks?

Our Flex Backpacks are the ultimate packs for traveling, hiking, photography, work, or anything else you can think of!  The Flex Backpack is the perfect overnight bag, it is loaded with built-in pockets for perfect organization, and a large compartment for clothes. The Flex Backpack 2 has built-in pockets and opens to reveal a fully customizable Kaizen Foam interior to hold anything perfectly.

Want a tape measure right where you need it?

FastCap’s Peel & Stick Tape Measures puts a tape rule right where you need it. The flat 16′ long tape measure is printed on both sides allowing for left or right read. Simply adhere the included SpeedTape to one side of the tape and stick it on! Width of the tape measure is 7/8”. Comes in Standard and Standard/Metric.

Square One Tape Measure

The Square One Tape Measure was designed to quickly help you find the hypotenuse (square) of anything. It has a dual scale; one side is a standard scale, the other side is an exaggerated hypotenuse scale. Zero math, zero mistakes.

Want to easily mount drawer fronts?

The Kolbe Korner is a mounting bracket for shaker style drawer fronts.  They are available in metal or nylon and allows for the drawer face to be mounted to the box easily, quickly and without hassle.

Looking for a saw hood for your shop?

FastCap’s Shop Saw Hood is our rigid hood that fits on any miter box saw in a fixed location.

Introducing our Fret Pullers

Want to hear what Bob Taylor, of Taylor Guitars, says about our new Fret Pullers? For more information on FastCap’s Flush Cut Trimmer Products, visit our website.

Get the lead out!

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s FatBoy Pencil. Did you know it has a built in pencil sharpener? It also comes with a red crayon and white soapstone lead.

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